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Another tribute for the STUNNING Avatar!!!

Avatar (c) 2009 James Cameron
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Hey, could I use this background as a base to make another background for a picture I am working on? Like just the trees and stuff.
If not that's cool :)
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I don't own these images so go for it.
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Thank you :) I can still credit back here though
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AVATASTIC!!! I love this. :D
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Wow, I love it. Best Avatar-wallpaper I've found by now. Searched for a new desktop and this will do it's job well. Thank you very much.

Hail James Cameron!:headbang:
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Hey, I'm happy to know you liked it. Thanks so much. And yeah, the movie was just pretty darn amazing!
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Yes, it was indeed!
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Was the best movie I've ever seen : D
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Correction...IS the best movie! :D
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YESH, AGREED! And, to those ppl who call them "oversized smurfs".. They Na'vi race is better than our own in almost anyway. They're beautiful.. and not destructive and just an amazing race. Their creation is one of beauty and brilliance and I would just love to be a Na'vi (or Na'ri) xDD
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I understand where you're coming from. :)
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I love this. Avatar is my favorite movie, now. So amazing....
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The atmosphere totally looks like "the lion king".
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Yeah, I could see that...totally.
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the movie is okay, John Cameron added some new 3D tech in there, might change future film animation.
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It already did change the face of animation. It blew my mind away.
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I love your wallpaper :D
and i love the moviie :D

And don't call them Smurfs x( I didn't even think of them as smurfs till i read those comments here :P
but that's ok, that movie is brilliant:D I think it's gonna be a hype as big (or even bigger) as when LOTR came out, remember?
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Well, nothing is bigger than Titanic (that's still one of my favourite movies of all-time) and well...I hope this one ends up being even BIGGER! :p
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I loved the movie! And I love the Na'vi, definitely aren't smurfs (they're taller than humans) lol. Wonderful job, I love it =)
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:) Glad you like it. Thanks, and I agree...the Na'vi rock!
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Def love the movie and def love this wallpaper. I encourage all to see this :)
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Thanks!!! Yeah, everyone should see it AT LEAST twice!
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*INSTANT FAVE* awesome wallpaper :D
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