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Pictures and Paintings

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 31, 2010, 1:10 AM

It's been a while since I've updated here in any capacity other than posting paintings or drawings. I have to say this about Deviantart, there's a lot of images on it. And a lot of them that float through my inbox, I have no idea now who they're from or why I'm watching the submitter. So I'll be culling my watchlist soon. You won't be offended, I reason, because I likely haven't commented on your work in about two years or so.

Website Update

I've updated my website at with a different structure and new paintings. I've been learning how to do a website by simply using whatever I can to make it work, so if you find an error, please let me know.

Works in Progress at Four Days A Week

If you're interested in seeing any of the paintings I'm working on, please click on this picture to go to my blog. I try to update it as often as I make any progress, which is sometimes really often, and other times can sit for weeks.
Here's a current project:


I received two Awards of Merit from the California State Fair.  I'm pretty happy about it, and the ribbons are very nice, (they blow my old first place pickled okra ribbons out of the water.) Overall it's been a pleasant experience and I'm looking to compete in other fine art competitions.

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Go for Broke

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 30, 2009, 10:29 PM

I've been making: Paintings

This started as an experiment in using only five tubes of paint. And one of them was pthalo blue, which I consider to be one of the hardest blues to include on a palette. But it perfectly suits the shadowed blue of the concrete walls so I'm sort of in love with the color. Our love is possibly an abusive relationship.

A Forgotten Leaning Stack by seneschal

I'm very busy with drafting plans for a business in teaching art. If only I could find a nice retail space in this area for under a dollar a square foot. And then find the money to actually get the business up and running.

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The Object of Your Desire.

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 26, 2009, 1:37 PM

Oil Painting Commissions OPEN. Commission me and I will paint whatever you desire.

If you would like to get someone an extra-awesome Christmas gift, reserve a commission as soon as possible!

Examples of My Work:

Margarita by seneschal Cheesecake by seneschal
Two 8x10 inch examples, painted from life.

Shoes by seneschal
A 9x12 inch example, painted from life.

Horse by seneschal
A 12x12 inch example, painted from my photo.

Benji's Kitchen by seneschal
A 11x14 inch example, painted from my photo.

The Fan by seneschal
A 12x16 inch example, painted from my photo.

Here is the Pricing:

5x7 inches: $40.00
8x8 inches: $75.00
8x10 inches: $90.00
10x10 inches: $115.00
9x12 inches: $125.00
11x14 inches: $175.00
12x12 inches: $160.00
12x16 inches: $215.00
16x20 inches: $360.00

I use high-quality oil paint on primed panel or canvas.

These prices are firm and include priority USPS shipping with insurance and delivery confirmation.

Pick Your Object:

If you would like a painting of an easily obtainable object- for example, a painting of a tube of lipstick or a favorite brand of soda- I will obtain the object myself and paint it in my studio. However, if you want to have a painting of something a little more rare, like a baby skull, it is up to you to find a photo of a resource or send me a goddamn baby skull. I will also paint landscapes and interiors, but the same rules apply.

A small hint regarding photography: Photos where a flash was used often look flat and strange. Natural light is best and will help me to make you a great painting.

Disclaimers and Limitations:

I will not paint portraits of people at these prices. Pets and animals are okay, and probably really fun.
I respect he copyrights of photographers. I will not use a photo that you do not own the rights to. An image in the public domain is entirely okay.

Reserve Your Slot!:

Respond to this Post with the size you would like to reserve, and a brief summary of what you would like me to paint. Each listed size has only ONE slot open for a commission. If three people try to reserve the same slot, I will only accept the first person to post for that size.

Also, be sure to send me an e-mail, so we can hammer out specifics.
My email is

At this time, I can guarantee that the first four commission slots reserved will be finished by November 20th, no matter the size.

Commission slots are as follows:
5x7 inches: OPEN
8x8 inches: OPEN
8x10 inches: OPEN
10x10 inches: OPEN
9x12 inches: OPEN
11x14 inches: for Heyniceperro
12x12 inches: OPEN
12x16 inches: OPEN
16x20 inches: OPEN


You will not be asked for one red cent until I email you with an image of the completed painting. Until you have received a digital image of your completed commission, I will not accept your money.

I accept Paypal or money Order. I will ship the completed painting as soon as I receive a money order. In the case of a Paypal transfer, I will wait until the payment clears before shipping but I promise that it will be shipped promptly.

I will ship USPS priority with insurance and delivery confirmation. The cost of shipping is included in the price of the painting.

If you have any questions, please ask!

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Don't Eat Your Paint.

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 26, 2009, 2:32 AM

I broke down and bought a subscription to this site. I suppose I did it to see if the site would look anything like it did back in 2003 when I joined- you know, before ads and all the really awesome features that social hermits like me never use.

Next, I need to figure out how to code journals and insert javascript items. All of this so that I can make a nice, orderly commission journal for people who want paintings of things.

I uploaded some paintings that aren't very old, just a little neglected because they're out of my current focus. Hope they're liked.

CSS Journal Coded by FleX177

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  • Watching: Venture Brothers Season 4
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I finally got my graduation letter today, over eight months after applying for the degree. Someday they'll get around to printing my diploma and sending it off.

Laziness has set in. I only paint these days, that's my work, but it still means I'm jobless and pretty much penniless. The good thing is that the paintings seem to be able to stand on their own. Getting together a body of work to present to a gallery is sort of a hard investment to make because when you start out a gallery isn't interested in promising a show based off of two or three paintings, they want dozens complete and whole before they'll invest in the art or the artist.

Did I mention that the worst part of being a full time artist is all the food you end up eating when you're stuck in the studio right next to a Pasta Pomodoro, a Starbucks, and a Mexico Lindo?  It's the trifecta of cholesterol.

I really wish one of those applications I sent in would call back.
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I entered a contest over at RYZ to have my art applied to a pair of their shoes- it's a Dungeons and Dragons thing sponsored by WOTC.

Anyway, the art I used is mine, but it's also older than most of the users on here. Even so, I think I've got a good chance at winning. The majority of people who entered cut and pasted the art from the books onto the shoe, which is apparently allowed.

--->… <---

If you feel like voting, go for it! I'd also suggest looking at their current contest, apropriately titled "You Can't Polish A Turd."  ... I'm not making that up.
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According to DA's annoying pop-up advertisement, in order to be a "Serious Artist" I need to buy a subscription.

Way to go, Ad team! Maybe it's because I joined this site back in the day, but somehow my impression has shifted. You think an Artist can actually make a serious career by paying Deviantart?

Stay classy, guys.
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Wow I'm inactive here.

It's a new semester and I'm about a month and a half in. Some parts okay, some parts make me wish I had a laptop so I could just pretend to listen like most of the class.

Lots of my work this semester is too large by far for a scanner bed. I'm hoping that a friend of mine from school can help me to take good, professional pictures of them with slides.

Anyway, let's fill this space up with a meme I've seen before but I'm not sure where.
8 things not commonly known about me:

1. I collect animal bones, most of which come from my family in the south.
2. I like fixing cars, machines, and mechanical objects in general. If it doesn't need to be fixed, I still might take it apart.
3. I am extremely competitive when it comes to things like musical chairs, etc. When it comes to team sports I am likely to not give the ball away once I have it.
4. Paper Fetishist.
5. My feet are size 12 narrow. If you're around me long enough you'll hear me bitch about this- nobody makes cute shoes for long feet like mine. It's nurse shoes or tennies, or $300 for customs.
6. I wish I had a clone, often.
7. I am capable of yelling really loudly. I keep this ability in reserve unless there's a 12-year-old where I work stealing comics.
8. I almost beat the Ravenholm level in Halflife 2 using only the gravity gun on my Xbox 360- then the HDMI output went bad and the screen went dark. I thought for a moment that I'd discovered some sort of secret level and was momentarily overjoyed.
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It's summer, and thus more than time that I updated my journal. I have new drawings to upload soon too, but it's so darn hot that I don't want to be in this computer room longer than I have to.

Every year I vow that I won't put up with more than 15 units ever again. This next semester I will be taking 16. At least they're all art.
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This semester is not so good.

Today I finished a really large drawing- I might work some more on it, at this stage I don't know how I feel well enough to be sure. As a small demonstration of just how well mentally I am doing; I tried to plug the DS charger into my digital camera to charge the poor dead thing. It didn't work. Thankfully, nothing is damaged. But I plugged the thing into the wall about four times and my stupidity could have fried it.  I'm amazed it fit- everything seems to have a different charger and different plug.

So I'm kind of a dumbass lately and need to back away from the internet and try not to drink any more.
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I sold a painting at a recent show, and this made me really, really happy.…

It's gone now, and I'm happy to report that I feel great about selling it.

Now I'm going to go spend the evening on ebay and etsy finding new things to spend money on.
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-for this?

"Wow!! :heart:
Your gallery is really FANTASTIC! :faint: I was so stunned when I was browsing your work- it blew my mind! :heart: Your angles are incredible and I love the atmospheres you manage to create! Keep up the amazing work!"

A friend of mine was banned this morning, because the same comment was left on a few different people's work. Since they're identical, AbstractDoctrine has been banned for spamming.

But what I don't get is that it's a well-thought out comment that's better than any of the one-word, sometimes spelled incorrectly, comments that I get. Should I go report those people too?

Would that be an appropriate reaction? Because hell, one word isn't productive, and they're probably farming for pageviews. There's no chance at all that they actually liked my work, they were clearly just whoring themselves.

Edit/Update: They're now only suspended. I can only continue to watch the situation with intense venom. What a responsible way to manage your gallery, folks.
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Franz Xaver Messerschmidt (1736 - 1783) was a German sculptor most famous for his "character heads", a collection of busts of faces contorted in extreme facial expressions.
Article found here:…

Yesterday I brought home the catalogue book of his works from the library, and I scanned most of them. The .zip is available for download here:

At 300 DPI, these are print quality, and all cropped for standard letter size. I recommend them for any artist interested in portraiture.
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I'm busy and still in school.

Carrying 16 units is a dumb idea, but I've got to get out of normal college and into Grad School before I hit the big 30.  Which will happen in 2011, and that seems like it's hanging right over my head.

In other news, my blog should update soon with some pictures of what I'm up to.

Sorry to basically update with a lot of nothing, but I haven't been doing a lot which is post-able here. Not that I've been the most active commenter on all your works.
I have close to 3000 deviations in my message inbox. It makes me scared to look.
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I started up a blog to keep my family and friends updated on my school semester activities, since because of how much sheer work I'm doing I don't always have a moment to call or drop a line on IM.

So if you're partial to art from art schools involving (mainly at this point in the semester) nude people, go on and click on over here.
Also, I talk about bookmaking, print art shows, procrastination, oil paint, and communicating to artists. (Which is sometimes a problem for even me..) In the future I plan to divulge such secrets as- how to pay too much for a degree, spend 8 years on a 4 year tour, and how to tolerate the awkward and tedious advances of your ham-handed and even older schoolmates.
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I haven't posted to the journal in quite some time, mostly because the header's no longer available.

Also, I've discovered that when I am busy, with life and school and work, that the internet falls by the wayside, and for the most part I cheerfully ignore it.

This last weekend I went to a RPG convention in San Ramon, and drew people's characters. Saw a lot of Wen-M's art for a card game called Anima that just came out, and I know at least two people who came by to show me how hot-damn pretty it is. And it is beautiful, I wish the cards showed all the details.

My next goal is to get a set of Copic liners, because apparently those don't bleed with my Pantone Trias. Then I can offer colored work in the artist's alley without worry.  Going to also get a way to display a bit better- as it was I had one standee and a print binder, then laid some drawings on the table so people could see.

I got very good compliments and not very many creepy hanging out guys. I think waving the ring around helps by leaps and bounds. Hurrah!
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Mass Upload

Mon Dec 11, 2006, 11:03 PM

I got a big old stack of slides back from the lab.

I am spamming your inbox with things I haven't been able to scan because of size. This is fun for me, but I apologize to you. Then again, if you're reading this, you probably deserve it.

I'm scrooging big-time over work related woes. I had a day off on the 5th, and my next day off is the 16th. At least I'll be rolling in dough for a little while. And working so much is supposed to keep you warm, right?

-------------------- launches in late uh.. December.
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So silly yet I can't help myself.

Mon Dec 4, 2006, 12:09 AM

I'm working on finding my mom's birthday present. I put it down somewhere in my room and can't find it, no matter what I do.

In the meanwhile, this is really amusing to me, since once this really hits the social butterflies it'll take off.

-------------------- launches in late October.
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Sharpen my Bones

Mon Nov 13, 2006, 10:53 PM

It looks as though my friend in Japan may not be in the best of health. He's got Mono!!! (I thought for years that this was a made-up disease) Though I really really hope it's just a bad flu.
(No, this isn't Julian.)
So he's going to be nursing his spleen and probably not building my website in his spare hours while he recovers or endures this. Which gives me a little more time to do the graphics, buttons, wallpapers, and written content for the site.
Caine's a REALLY good listener/rememberer for when you are in the middle of a lot of ideas. So he remembers things I have no idea about. Very convenient. He didn't even take notes.

At least this is a personal side project, and not something I must get done or ELSE. I've got plenty of those.

DA is getting less attention from me these days.  I've got friends with an ! next to their name and no way to figure the reason for it.
Also, I sit and look at photos all day in my current job, so looking at the screen too long at night is starting to bug me. I'd also like to kind of prevent carpal tunnel from setting in.

-------------------- launches in late October.
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Things Are Better.

Thu Oct 26, 2006, 2:49 PM

I've finally.. oh my gosh! Officially  launched my website's placeholder!

This doesn't sound so amazing to you, perhaps, but I just now figured out how to use ftp access on the darn thing. Yay me!

I still can't get my ICQ password. How frustrating. I really do prefer it, because you can leave people messages and they'll get them when they come on. It's useful because some friends are on the other side of the planet or have even dumber jobs than the one I do.

-------------------- launches in late October.
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  • Playing: tokidoki has a cute flash game.
  • Eating: pizza with artichoke hearts
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