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Miniatura2 by senes

Witam wszystkich polskich obserwujących w tym pięknym dniu!

Chciałabym uroczyście ogłosić, że właśnie ruszyła pierwsza kampania na druk mojego pierwszego komiksu! 

Jeśli macie ochotę na EXISTa w wersji papierowej, to zapraszam na stronę i zachęcam do wsparcia projektu! <3

I think this is important.
Ererer by senes

I set up my own business! And start thinking about the commissions - would you be interested in simple portraits like those above? And what would you like me to do? Sketchy portraits or something more detailed? 
I'm not sure about the price but maybe from 200PLN/53$ up to 400PLN/106$ (with the tax).
Ja na pewno będę w sobotę. Także, jakby ktoś chciał przybić komiksową piątkę, to piszcie na fejsie, czy gdzie tam Wam wygodniej (◕‿◕✿)
I tried to record something for the first time. Enjoy!
I hope the next recordings will be better <3

Coffee by senes


I've just created my first fanpage on facebook (ok, maybe it's second but the first one is connected with my dance band and I share it with other members :D)!
You can find me here ^^
I am going to upload there some step-by-step movies, maybe tutorials, sketches and my other works connected with my job - graphic and web design.

Also you can find me on:
Buy me a coffee
Patronite [PL]
Tapas <3
Blogger [PL]

aaand on my personal page which I created (because I am also a front-end developer lel)