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Ghoul Feeding

Another from my HP Lovecraft series of work.

This is more stylized, probably as close to "comic book" as I'd ever get. This is intended to depict the more horrific spectacle it must be to watch a ghoul going to town at chow time under the right circumstances.

I was really more interested in the green/red combination.

Thanks for viewing.
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holy shit this is so fucking good!
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Ha. Thanks. Illustration is a nice vacation.
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Reminded me of marriage. =p Actually, most imagery you tend to just look at but your works are an experience. You are a true artist.
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Ha, thanks. Glad the image holds an interest for ya.
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very interesting, I like it
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Thanks - glad you stopped by to check it out.
Hello Senecal, I featured your image on my article about ghouls. It is a blog about the Filipino Culture and the Philippines. Here is the link to my article: [link]
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There have been a number of attempts to portray the fictional Pickman's paintings. What some artists forget is that Pickman was supposed to be a REALIST. This comes closer than most for me, and captures the true monstrosity of the situation. Bravo!
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Thanks, this particular one was by far among the more stylized in the series I made. I remember researching corpses and crime scene photos for reference and wow... there are some amazing moments in nature. And of course some things that we are hard-wired to find repulsive.
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Oh my...and here's me thinking ghouls were harmless, just scary...
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Ha, well everything in Nature plays its role.
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And somehow it's
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Bloody brilliant.
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I love it!!!
awesome job!
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Nice style, was it created in painter? :)
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No, just photoshop. I've heard great things about Painter and know it's made leaps and bounds in progress, but back when verson 1 came out, the interface was so convoluted that I never really got into it. One day maybe. But it really is good for emulating wet media.
I think now I am more interested in work that is more overtly digital...but I always will love zombies and ghouls! It's like vacation.

Thanks for checking it out!
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VERY nice indeed. I love the blood in this pic, so cool :)
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Very good. The hands ARE really good. I wish I could draw hands. I suck. NICE WORK!
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The green and red contrast you wanted to get is a very strong point right away so congratulations on achieving what you wanted. You also captured the 'horror' of what it would be like to encounter a ghoul in the act of devouring it's victim by the gore focused on that single area of the victim's body, followed by all the red depicting the mess it must have made.
It came out very grainy; not sure if that's what you wanted but a very cool piece nonetheless.
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The heavy texture is inteded but I think there is something happenining with the compression of the JPEG.

There are impressionist textures for sure--when you look at the full size on canvas you can see the elemetns break apart into lines and segments--this is true of most all of my work--but yeah that really is a good description of what I wanted to do here!

Also it is closer to a "comic book" style for me.
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