Ascension Rejection...
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"Ascension Rejection by the Cyanic Messengers of the Northern Gate"
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Fuck yea this is awesome!
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truewill|Hobbyist Photographer
Almost Gigerian, but unique.
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DSil|Student General Artist
Cool. It looks almost anatomical.
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moving. it feels like it's not stagnant from some view.
beautiful, i tell ya. :)
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The critique pretty much hit the nail on the head... although i would say that to me the sharper squares represent a form of clarity to the picture... almost like, through all of blurry misconceptions and misplaced emotions, there are still moments of clarity. i do like the feeling of being in a great hall looking at this... something about the arches gives that quality, a little beauty with the ugly. anyways, really great work.
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I enjoy the relationship between the textured mapped to the surface of the bodies and the flat textures that feel more like they are on the picture plane. And enjoy the tones
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You want critique, well....I like human bodies mixing with a milky way reality....concerning digital I rather dislike repetion because copypaste becomes so evident, if you know what I mean...
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Senecal|Professional Digital Artist
You bring up a good point about the ease of repetition. For the past year now or so, I have been actively studying traditional printmaking techniques. I think a bit of that aesthetic --the repetition of making prints and creating the master plate structure has helped me to:

1. Realize that quest for repetition of imagery is much older than digital work.

2. Appreciate how digital tools can make that a reality.

Through chemicals and physical etching I've come to view new ways to use repetition as a tool, an element of design for a purpose and less accidentally.I truly approach my digital work now in a composite plate fashion.

I think it was necessary for me to spend some time away from it to understand how all of the visual forms are connected.

Thanks for checking it out!
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This is actually really interesting, I think you're totally right. And I mean digital tools were originally created to emulate most of the traditional ways of art making. I agree with Anita that sometimes the digital repetition gets annoying because it is so much easier than even in printmaking, it feels like cheating, but in the end is just another way to find a good result.
I'm surprised how much traditional printmaking is still part of contemporary art. I like it. I need to get my hands on it too! hehe
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I mean the repetition of the same motif, the same-same arm, leg in a single work...that. I don' care much how many times the whole work is repeated, as a piece....
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cloistering|Professional General Artist
Wonderful ethereal quality!
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gromyko|Professional Traditional Artist
i miss these works
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