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Sendy Lie
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I don't always need money to draw. I prefer to be proud of doing it.


FREIA STORY cast (2019)
Main characters of FREIA STORY so far from left to right, top to bottom:



Aeon♂ (エーオン) 18 y/o: Freia's "shadow" and Flynn's biological clone created by a mysterious organization Los Divinos as Project Aeon's ultimate creation, codenamed "Omega", whose original purpose is to serve as the organization's WMD. The trauma he experienced after witnessing Sofia's death makes him a lone wolf. Wields the Buster Edge sword. Debuts since ARC 4 (FREIA STORY RISING).

Ilia♀ (ア) 16 y/o: Freia's long time friend during his five years of absence and one-of-a-kind Gaian. The woman whom he swore to save after she held captive by Los Divinos. Debuts since ARC 4.

Reinhardt (ラインハート) 25 y/o: Ilia's older brother who joined Los Divinos since his capture as one of its finest generals. Known of his strength and his charisma makes him feared and respected by many. Wields the pair of Rai and Den swords. Debuts since ARC 4.


Tetra♀ (テトラ) 21 y/o: A dragon knight with a will of steel and one of Layla's two trusty guardians, who succeeds her deceased father. She has a pet wyvern named Arthur whom she rode since her childhood. Wields lance. Debuts since ARC 3 (Around the World in 80 Shards) as a 16 year-old.

Wysler♂ (ウイスラー) 23 y/o: Brave but cocky, bad mouthed knight and the other of Layla's two trusty guardians, once lived among the poor. Uses broadswoard to fight and magics on second. Debuts since ARC 3 as an 18 year-old.

Layla♀ (レイラ) 20 y/o: Queen of Roa Kingdom. Polite, wise, kind-hearted and video game loving ruler treating her people as a part of her family. Wields a staff with 70:30 of white and black magic proficiency. Debuts since ARC 3 as a 15 year-old princess, focusing her use of only white magics.

Elena♀ (エレナ) 22 y/o: Melissa's childhood friend. A sassy, hot-blooded karateka prefers her own fists over weapons. Debuts since ARC 2 (A New Adventure) as a 17 year-old.

Melissa♀ (メリッサ) 22 y/o: A genius in many science fields and a skilled marksman, Wields a pair of guns with white and black magic proficiency of 30:70. Debuts since ARC 2 as a 17 year-old schoolgirl, who once wield a bow, focusing her use of only white magics.

Rocky♂ (ロッキー) 25 y/o: Freia's adoptive brother whose father took Freia in his friend's stead. A calm, cool-headed mercenary wielding an armor breaking axe-club hybrid weapon with brute strength. Debuts since ARC 2 as a 20 year-old.

Budgy♂ (バドジ) 18 y/o: Ramona's childhood friend, a goof-ball Wolfen, resulted from a forbidden bond between a human mother and a Wolfen father, causing them to be exiled from their kind. Able to partially or completely transform into the Were-Wolfen on many ways to fight. Debuts since ARC 1 as a 13 year-old.

Ramona♀ (ラモナ) 16 y/o: Freia's love interest. A sweet, cheerful girl, living a decent life with a simple, happy family. The boomerang wielding and champion of scouting, relies on white magics (like healing spells) often. Debuts since ARC 1 as an 11 year-old tomboy.

Chad♂ (チヤド) 15 y/o: Freia's best friend and sidekick, studied at Staria Town's Academy of Magics. He with Ramona and Budgy were with Freia since their childhood. Uses tomes and is best with black magics (like elemental spells) alone. Debuts since ARC 1 as a 10 year-old.


Rivelle♂ (リヴェル) 23 y/o: Freia's former rival, a cool mannered bounty hunter with allies of monsters. Does anything to play rough with Freia while standing onto his path. Wields guns and trickery. Debuts since ARC 1 as an 18 year-old.

♀ (エアリタ) 15 y/o: A catgirl of the Felini race, who is said to be close with Budgy. Using her acrobatic skills to attack. Debuts since ARC 1.5 (FREIA STORY CONTINUES).

Pandora♀ (パンドラ) 6 y/o: A wondering ghost under Lucyver's curse, unable to return to the Aboveworld (equivalent of Heaven) and being living in her mansion for over 63 years. Desires for friendship after her death, Flynn and later Freia helps her to fulfill it. Relies on her ghastly teddy bear to attack. Debuts since ARC 0 (FREIA STORY ZERO).

Silky♀ (シルキー) 128 y/o: Freia's jolly fairy companion, requests his party to save the Fairy Kingdom and to stop Gurgurant's ambition to destroy humans so the fairies can take over planet Gaia. Debuts since ARC 1.5.

Freia♂ (フレイア) 17 y/o: The main protagonist of most ARCs. Cool, heroic youth, being the only surviving Gaian ever lived, and is destined to be a Gaia warrior and to destroy Lucyver, the parasite of planet Gaia who threatens to destroy the world. Wields a lightweight sword and later the ancient sword Masamune, forged by the planet's creator, Deios. Debuts since ARC 1 as a 12 year-old who at first wishes to become a hero like Flynn.



♀ (ノアー) 19 y/o: The main protagonist of ARC 6. An edgy, amnesiac girl who wants to discover who she really was aside being a WMD. She is a product of Project Aeon, whose purpose is as Aeon's substitute, possessing Aeon's battle data and having her reprogrammed into Los Divinos' killing machine should he ever escaped from its crutches. Debuts since ARC 6 (Codename: Noire).

 (ラファエル) 24 y/o: A Robin Hood-esque thief, popular among the girls. He found Noire in the state of amnesia and with her allies he helps her finding her identity, no matter if she's a WMD. Wields a pair of daggers. Debuts since ARC 6.

 (ジュール) 10 y/o: Melissa's apprentice who shares the same IQ number 300. At the age of 5, he built the robot Phobos (フォボス), a robot with the ability to think and make his own decisions, while slowly developing his understanding of human emotions. They debutted since ARC 6.

 (べルべット) 20 y/o: Another edgy girl who swore vengeance to Noire, who is responsible for the destruction of Velvet's town and most of the townspeople's murder including her mother. Wields a scythe and magical prowess. Debuts since ARC 6.

 (ハンクック) 46 y/o: A former Los Divinos scientist and Velvet's father, wishing for forgiveness between the two. He works as a nomadic alchemist and a doctor to atone his sins for his failure to prevent the death of his friend Dr. Bridgegard and to stop Prof. Rivus' madness, the latter he hunts in an act of revenge. Uses healing mixtures and alchemy-made prosthetic arms in fights. Debuts since ARC 0 as a 24 year-old.

♀ (オフェリア) 17 y/o: A fortune teller, escaped from her boring luxurious life. Wields Tarot cards and uses black magics through them. Debuts since ARC 6.


 (セルヴァ) 32 y/o: The handsome, fearless, charismatic and wise heir of Alves Kingdom governs alongside with his oldest brother, King Armads. He was once a weak, cowardly prince waiting for the savior of Alves, which is suffered from years of tyranny under his older brother Kretzel. Reliable of his powerful magics. Debuts since ARC 0 as a 10 year-old.

Gareth♂ (ガレット) 38 y/o: A man suffered from Lucyver's curse during a Great Calamity that physically transformed him into a minotaur, fighting with his fists until his curse's end for his family he cared the most and his town that exiled him. Debuts since ARC 5 (The Silver Hero and the Golden Maiden).

Dahlia♀ (ダリア) 25 y/o: A beautiful lone sharpshooter and the only survivor of her homeland Oatsa, sworn vengeance to those who stole everything from her and Oatsa and burned the village and its people to the ground. Debuts since ARC 5.

Julio (ジュリオ) 24 y/o: The last Silver Hero descendant, overprotective towards his little sister and his adopted brother. He desired to kill Valdos, an evil vengeful sorcerer who destroyed his city and killed his father Alexander, another Silver Hero. He is fashioned after a samurai and wields the ancient Asura blade. Debuts since ARC 5.

Sven♂ (スヴエン) 16 y/o: The main protagonist of ARC 5. A student attended at Vanguardians Academy and a skilled swordsman, adopted and raised by the Silver Heroes Alexander and his son Julio when found alone in his house while Sven's parents were victims to Lucyver's brutality. He grows with Julia, who brought upon fate that binds Sven and his friends on a quest to save her from Zealot and to the Underworld (equivalent of Hell) to stop Valdos. Wields a lightsaber and later Asura blade, despite not a Silver Hero to begin with. Debuts since ARC 5.

Hibiki♀ (ヒビキ) 15 y/o: An energetic ninja hailed from the Clan of Lions helping Sven on his quest to save Julia while developing her attachment to him over time. Debuts since ARC 5.

Julia♀ (ジュリア) 16 y/o: A descendant of the Golden Maiden, Julio's younger sister and Sven's adoptive older sister. She is a damsel-in-distress, a main victim of Zealot and Valdos' plan to unleash Abbadon, Lucyver's equally strong hellspawn, for their own goals. She is fashioned after a miko. Debuts since ARC 5.


Flynn♂ (フリン) 22 y/o at ARC 0: The main protagonist of ARC 0. He is Freia's father, depicted as a naive swordsman who prefers peace over bloodshed. He's a wielder of Masamune before his son making him a chosen hero. He was later branded with Lucyver's curse, combined with his loss of Martha marking his rebirth as the ominous Dark Knight at 27 years old.

Martha♀ (マルサ) 21 y/o at ARC 0: Freia's mother and Flynn's lover. Depicted as a fearless, serene half-priestess half-magician. Her death leads to Flynn's despair and eventually transformed him into the Dark Knight. Debuts since ARC 1 arc as a wondering ghost waiting for her son at the end of the Sacred Forest. Died at the age of 26.

Brock♂ (ブロック) 26 y/o at ARC 0: Rocky's brash father, and Flynn and Martha's childhood friend. Debuts since ARC 2 as a 43 year-old.


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