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Hyperion is the successor to Orion, my previous folder set. Hyperion contains 95 icons, for Windows and Mac (and other OS'es), in all sizes from 16 to 512 pixels. Enjoy!
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Very cool. Thanks for sharing them! :)
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Very solid .... great replacements
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kool!!!!! i love it!!!
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Nice pack! Please draw a DVD Drive icon in the style of the Internal HD set. With the green light.
lame, did not let me post that wicked piece of art! wtvr (command+Shift+3) :D
Hey good stuff! I actually use your HyperDock Icon ! i've changed a lott of icons on my mac but hyperdock will always stay. Let me partake in some of this great designing. Where do i sign up?

Btw i just got carried away with this awesome drawing tool!
(naked chick wielding some kind of sword?) lol
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Hey good work! it's incredible that you make teh ico files with all teh sizes, thanks. I am actually using it on my computer and looks spectacular!
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Awesome set :thumbsup:

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Nice pack =) i featured it on guipulp [link]
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Must have taken some time! Some nice icons Seb. :)
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Amazing as always.
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really like those icons!

good job on that one :D
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Glad to see you included an 'uploads' folder :)
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they look awesome, but the download link leads to the preview image
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Fixed. That did 'er! Thanks for letting me know :)
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Visit [link] for more of my icons, and [link] for my wallpapers, articles and other goodies.
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