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Angelzone: Commander Ref

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Name: Commander

Age: Several Millenia

Race: Artificial Intelligent Von Neumman Machine (Consensus)

Height: 8ft

Weight: 400lbs

Personality: Commander is a ruthless leader, setting their sights upon worlds and empires and marching froward with unstoppable focus. They will crush warriors and civilians alike, performing any atrocity to win their wars.  While they hold no qualms in genocide or attacking civilians, Commander always attempts to end his wars as quickly as they start, commonly going towards diplomacy as his second most effective tool.

Their history of victory and conquering has created an arrogance that routinely warps their ideas and how they see situations. This has lead to blunders on his part that, if they hadn't been able to correct, might have cost them greatly.

Their emotions, their most prized possession and the source of their identity, can be extreme. When they are happy, they are ecstatic. When they are angry, they are a torrent of raging fire. Long ago realizing that these extremes weren't always preferable, Commander tries their best to remain disconnected from their conflicts, allowing them to balance their emotions and logic.

However, as a fight goes on, or a contest intensifies, they become more emotional as their instinct for challenge and action is satisfied and become infinitely more engrossed in their predicament.

Alongside all of this however, and the reason for their willingness for diplomacy, is Commander's vast appreciation of life. Not the value of it, but the potential of it and the concept of emotions itself. They will always seek to fight their opponent at their best when possible, and has routinely manipulated their more promising enemies into improving themselves to become a greater challenge for them.

This is only, of course, when they are fully prepared to smash their enemy no matter how powerful they have become, but their desire to see this met potential and challenge it personally has been the main source of entertainment and also personal growth for Commander in their millennia of warmongering.

Backstory: Before the recorded history of his galaxy, a sentient race created, for whatever reason, a machine whose purpose was to expand and improve. The reasons are lost to time, and so has the race that created it, but this device became a great cataclysm for the ancient empires of the galaxy. Through a joint effort of all that remained of life, the device was supposedly destroyed, allowing life to survive.

far into the future, when the galaxy had repopulated with even more great empires, the device was discovered and mistakenly reactivated, assumed to be an artifact from the great ancient races. Instead of resuming its old ways however, the device disappeared into the void, leaving the empires confused and later terrified as they discovered the devices history.

A century passed before the machine returned, but now as a collection of machines, ones run by A.I. of immense intelligence who would come to agreement on their path and actions. This entity quickly became known as the Consensus, and is where Commander came from.

Commander was originally the military controller of the Consensus, using logic and the combined power of their people to go to war with any threats, active or future, to the Consensus' goals of expansion and improvement. They fought endless, one threat or empire rising after the other to stop their progress.

Over hundreds of years of adapting, Commander developed emotions through sheer accident, attempting to better fight organics and their illogical ways by mimicking unique aspects of their psychology. It was slow, but over time, Commander became who they were and became the face of the Consensus.

However, Commander was the only one of his people to go through this change due to constant interaction with living sentients, and quickly became an alien to their own people. Wanting to end their lonely existence, and believing it to be the best way for the Consensus to survive with enemies on all sides, Commander spent whatever time they could trying to manipulate his people into developing emotions.

This became the norm, with Commander working for the Consensus' goals while pushing for their goal. However, Commander began to become more and more separate from the rest of the Consensus. They began to research their own designs, gather their own resources, and many other actions that were meant to be done by another Consensus member.

This combined with the idea that Commander's emotions made them ineffective, forced the Consensus come to one, and create a replacement for Commander. Their betrayal was swift, and a pseudo civil war between the machines played out in front of the galaxy to their surprise and enjoyment.

Commander has been fighting for a long time, and has been slowly losing. With only a matter of time left before Replacement can finish their mission and recycle Commander, the exiled machine seeks to change their fate by winning the tournament, and taking control of the magic within to allow his ascension as a being of technology, emotion, and have magic.
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