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October 30, 2009
Already suggested by a few, My Portfolio by =SencerBugrahan is an interesting layout for a portfolio. Full of personality, this layout stands out for the colors, textures, details and the originality. Its worthy to watch carefully each detail and be inspired by this gem. Wonderful concept!
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My Portfolio Update



Title: My Portfolio Wordpress Theme (update)

Old Version : [link]

Time: 5 hours.

Icons - Iconfinder
Retro Wood Wall - [link]

Programs used: Adobe Photoshop CS3
Copyright © 2009 - sencerbugrahan

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A lot of people seem to be really digging this design, and while I agree that it's very vibrant and fun I also think it still needs quite a bit of work.

For one, you've got a TON of colors going on here. In my experience, good UI uses very few, very specific colors to indicate certain functions and elements. But in your case, you've chosen basically the whole visible spectrum as your "scheme" and it causes a very jumbled eye-path that is frankly undesirable.

I don't understand why you've elected to create "buttons" for Write Me/ Coffee?/About Me which do not at all resemble buttons. Because of your layout methodology, these elements more resemble headers and share no commonality to the "Read More" buttons (which are clearly defined as actual clickable buttons). You don't need to make these things look identical, but in order for something to look clickable (in this layout, at least) you've got to give it a button-like appearance.

The font you've chosen for most of your headers is clumsy. I get that this layout is intended to be fun, but this font selection feels entirely out of place when compared to the font you're using for the title of the page, "myportfolio."

There is superfluous gloss and texture on just about everything. Texture and gloss can be great when used sparingly, since the less you use an element the more special it becomes. But, on your layout here, everything is glossy or textured, meaning none of it is special. I would cut back on a lot of the areas so the few places you do embellish become more special.