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Lord and Lady


hehe- I was so close to finishing this for like... 3 months, and I just got around to it >>;;
Freaking college keeping me busy...

At any rate: This is My Duelist Character, a YuGiOh OC. Her name is Lark, and with her is her staple monster: Vampire Lord. Mind you, they're not a "couple" her Vampier Lord is just uber possessive >u<

Lark runs a Zombie deck~

Thanks again to :iconxwing-of-firex: for his ever helpful critiques and help along the way.

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Thank you!! : D
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Your back!!!! This is absolutely stunning, and I totally know how to use Vampire Lord decks in Yu-gi-oh! Oh damn you nostalgia, only the best from Rashari as well.
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Yes!! I'm most definitely back!! I'm working on getting some new stuff up soon.
I'm still working on my Vampire deck. Sadly, I've had no progress on it :(

Good to hear from you though!! :D
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Hi Bev. You're an owl now!!! What game are you working on, we're curious!
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Heh~ I have an undying love for owls <3
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OMG what kind of game is it?
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Its a tactical fantasy RPG.
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So how's life going?
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Its honestly so busy! I feel like I don't have any 'me' time anymore 8P
I'm having a great time though. Between school, work, interning and partying I've got a full plate lol. I'm also about to go on a 5 day trip to San Diego Comic-Con. So excited!! ^__^
How's everything with you?
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nice work, Vampire lord is one of my favourite cards of all time, well on my top ten anyway, and i like the fact he looks alot more predatory in this pic, and the fact he looks like he's going to say "Mine!" at any second
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Mm, Thanks so much!
Yeah, he's definitely on my top ten list as well. And I'm not exactly a fan of making 'nice' vampires. I think if they did exist, they would be predatory and without a doubt possessive of what they believe to be theirs.
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Oh, that's Lark, so that must be - wait, that's not Rosethorn! (*Tamora Pierce reference that 3 ppl will get*)

This is awesome.
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I totally forgot about Rosethorn. You let me borrow the books a looooonnnng time ago, 'member?

Thannnnk you~
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Ohhh~ thank you.
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Psh, you geek, you would play Yu-Gi-Oh
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You would too.



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Too late, consider yourself judged.
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just judge me silently, plz.

I can't handle the pressure.
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What did you use to edit this? IT IS THE COOLEST YUIOH PIC I HAVE EVER SEENQ
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This was drawn traditionally, then scanned and digitally colored in Photoshop CS2

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This is god. Please, help us to continue communing with the godlike art, oh Pope-ess o.o.

The detail is so.... DETAILED! The stars look real. I can't even speak, there's too much to comment on ;_;
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