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OLD Pernese Dragon COLOR ME

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Published: March 7, 2009
© 2009 - 2020 Senaru


This file is a free to color PSD! You can find the old lineart in my scraps if you still wish to use it. I have a couple rules, so here goes:

1. This lineart is FREE to use. You may use a transparent PNG version on forums and character bios, but you MUST credit me with a link to this post/deviation.

2. Do not repost this file or redistribute it. You can link people to this, though! You don't have to ask to use it but I love knowing where it's being used so please let me know!

3. Do not SELL my work, for money or points that can be traded for real currency, recolored or in its original psd form. You may color it for other users on a forum for fake points, though, as long as it is real money or transferable for said real currency. 
Artwork © Senaru (That's me!)

Pernese Dragons © whomever holds their copyright now.



LEGAL NOTICE: This artwork is NOT for anybody's free use for profit INCLUDING TATTOOS.Copyright of this artwork is owned by myself and cannot be reproduced without express permission from Senaru All materials displayed on this site are NOT public domain under US Copyright law. The unauthorized reproduction or distribution in any form of the copyrighted works on this site is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary (cash) gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by 5 years in federal prison PLUS a fine of up to $250,000 per offense. ANY unauthorized use is prosecutable in any country in which the Berne Convention applies.

*The above refers to using my art to obtain a profit of money or DA points, or points that can be transferred for money. This lineart is for free use, to be recolored for forums or character bios. Please do not sell adoptables!
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rowy16Hobbyist General Artist
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This image is perfect for the design of the wiki (! Although I did not use it for coloring, I had to move the tail a little so that it fit into the corner. The credit is supplied in the file description (…).
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hypebenderHobbyist Artist
I really look forward to color this badass dragon
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NoxrameHobbyist Digital Artist
hihi ^^ I'll be using this for a future site…?
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KaderyssHobbyist Writer
Co-admin of Southern Winds Weyr here! I've made a new DA account and just wanted to reiterate that I absolutely love this lineart. ^_^ I've used it for all the dragons I've made. Would you mind if I uploaded some of my colored versions to my gallery? Linking back to the original, of course! Heart 
Senaru's avatar
That's perfectly fine :D I don't mind what you do so long as credit is given ^_^
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KaderyssHobbyist Writer
Thank you! I've made sure that all my uploaded colorings link back to your account and the original lineart. ^_^
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Howdy! Would you mind if I used your lovely lineart for Xian Weyr? Here's the forum:
One of our members recommended your artwork and I agree with them. Gorgeous! I would also post a link back to your page for others to see, if that's alright with you.

Also, I'm not tech savvy, so would you be offended if I printed them off and colored them by hand for scan and upload? 
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I don't mind at all, all I require is credit for the lines :D and you can totally print them to color!
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Thank you so much for this! Using for Daylieth, a Blue I am RPing!
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You're very welcome :D
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MillitrixStudent General Artist
Is it okay if I change this just to be a "classic" dragon?

Don't think this one will be a "yes," but I figured I'd ask.
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as long as I still get credit and a link as the original I don't see why not!
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MillitrixStudent General Artist
Thank you! :D
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I love it! Love the way it looks, love to color it, would love to use it for a character image. Now want to re-read the books <3
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I, too, am using this on Southern Winds Weyr! I love the line art!
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Colouring! I, too, am using it on Southern Winds Weyr!
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This lineart is being used at Southern Winds Weyr ( for the bronze rider V'len and his dragon Redrenth (found at this topic:…). Thank you for creating it!
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You're welcome! :D Thanks for enjoying it!
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Adon23Hobbyist Photographer
Coloring will link back when I am Done, thanks for the pic!
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<3 you're welcome, enjoy~
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