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Conky - Mira

By sen7
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Here's a conky theme that I've created to match my Mira gtk-theme.
It's heavily based on Lyrae's stylish Conky Box. [link]
In the package are 6 color-shemes. I've included all the scripts (2 of them by me) and the fonts as well.
The "cure" font is in the artwiz-fonts package.
© 2008 - 2020 sen7
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When I try to run conky_start i get "2: syntax error near 'yes') while reading config file" for every config file in the theme.

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Hola, conky_weather no carga correctamente, he configurado tal como indicas en el README pero sigue sin funcionar.
El problema es que la caja se ve, pero el tiempo no
Gracias por cualquier ayuda.

Hi, conky_weather doesn't load correctly, i've configured like you wrote at README file but don't work anymore.
The problem is the box is visible, but weather don't
Thanks for any help
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Beautiful Conky but i seem to get a lot of errors when running it now. Would love an update and I think it would be a good idea to keep this working as a high exposure top conky result in google
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Ok, it seems the black box was another conky script that decided to run along with this script. When I checked the terminal, after it tried to execute each file, I got an error message stating "invalid configuration file"
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Downloaded your conky scripts and set it up per the README. When I start the script a black box with information in white letters appears on my screen instead of this one. Then, when I click somewhere else the black box disappears. I checked  the task manager and it is showing all the scripts running but for some reason the boxes are not showing up on my screen. Any thoughts or ideas? I'm running Xubuntu 12.04 64-bit.
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No me funciona conkyForecast :(, lo configuré bien y no carga nada ._.

¿A alguien más le pasa?
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sugoooi... jaja es muy bueno lo probare aver que tal
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ou en trouve les racine
!! [link]
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Awesome theme, just can't get the music player to work.
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Really nice.
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Hi sen7
I've Ubuntu 10.04 and I've installed conky from terminal - sudo apt-get install conky
My problem is that:

- I don't have a .fonts in my home/username
- I don't have a .scripts in the above folder
- The folder /home/username/.conky also doesn't exists...

conky runs fine, and my search showed that it is located in
and has two files, conky.conf and conky_no_x11.conf
and conky is run from /usr/bin: ./conky

How should I install your theme?
PS: conky runs fine
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You can simply create these folders.

Open a terminal for example and run:
mkdir ~/scripts
mkdir ~/.fonts
mkdir ~/.conky

Then copy the corresponding files into these folders. (instructions in the Readme)
After that you can set up the email and weather scripts (like described in the Readme).

To create the start script (in ubuntu for example) open up a terminal and run:
sudo gedit /usr/bin/conky_start

Paste this into the file and save it (replace "Mira_green" with the color-scheme you want):
conky -c ~/.conky/Mira_green/.conkyrc_clock &
conky -c ~/.conky/Mira_green/.conkyrc_weather &
conky -c ~/.conky/Mira_green/.conkyrc_sys &
conky -c ~/.conky/Mira_green/.conkyrc_net &
conky -c ~/.conky/Mira_green/.conkyrc_disk &
conky -c ~/.conky/Mira_green/.conkyrc_mpd

Then run:
sudo chmod a+x /usr/bin/conky_start

You can add the "conky_start" script to the autostart of your gnome-session if you want.
I should mention that this conky theme is from 2008 and not up to date. It works but conky has more features now that make some scripts obsolete... I'll release and update after the exam period that will be easier to install! ;)
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It worked! (the vast majority of stuff). Weather didn't run because conky seems not to take proxy settings, etc. but most of things showed fine.

You're right with:
"I should mention that this conky theme is from 2008 and not up to date. It works but conky has more features now that make some scripts obsolete"

So, I'll follow u and wait until you update these great conky themes

Thanks !!
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I really like this. When I made the script executable it runs fine, but the spacing of the conky windows isn't as uniform as I like. Is there a way to change this?
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Hi, you can position the windows with the "gap_x" and "gap_y" settings in the conkyrcs.
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i figured it out: /bin/awk -f changed to /usr/bin/awk -f
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hey dude, love your conky themes, but mpd does not show play, pause or stop animations. i'm using ubuntu 9.10, the mpd.awk file is in the right place. could u help me with that?
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I think we need a guide for this, I have a week tryng to figure this out in my new karmic install and still cant get now playing/weather or email to work and I already installed mpd and follow diffrent guides around the net, Im exhausted. Thanks for the great theme tho.
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I really like this conky theme. I do have a few questions as my python-fu is weak:

1. How would i change the sunrise sunset times to a 24-hour format?

2. Did you ever find a moon font to go with this?

Thanks for a great theme!

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lol - i got it, thanks!
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sorry for double posting, but am i supposed to have a .conkyrc file in my home directory? if so what do i put in it? maybe thats the problem?
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i am so confused! whenever i open conky all i get is a bunck of clocks that open ontop of eachother. whats supposed to be on the .conkyrc file in the home folder?
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