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few things i've spotted
Untitled by semsei  Untitled by semsei
  • Reading: Japanese Grammar
So i just moved to Tokyo for work, so i won't be updating or be available for a while - i need my intuos T_T ,hopefully next year. 
Happy Holidays!

  • Reading: Japanese Grammar
  • Watching: Jeff Green Dark Souls Run
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  • Eating: raw fish
Sorry for not updating very much, i've been very busy with work.
There's a little preview of some of my recent pieces on RoB (found on the web): 

copyright Cygames

I will post better versions later.
But the rest my work this past few months have been concepts (lots of), so no showing ^^;

See you around.


Late Happy New Year everyone, i promise this journal entry will stay on the front page for at least a month from now.
I've been studying a lot lately but i will be more available to answer to everybody.

See you next.. actually this year.

dark souls 2D

Thanks for all the comments, i wish i add the time to answer to everybody. Right now i mainly answering Commissions and PM.
/a/ request

I'm open for commissions, send me an email ( for more infos
Thanks to for the plug and the kind words,
here >…<

The article maybe a little overshadowed by the announcement of MGS Ground Zeroes, so i just want to be half naked wearing a trench coat and screaming in a snowstorm :" SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKEE"
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wohouw PSO2
will try to do some daily sketches
Dark Souls will eat my soul like Demon's souls did....
just finished "Michigan: Report from Hell" PS2 .... well that was "interesting" lol…
been a little busy lately (+xenoblade chronicles), i should update soon
"Lollipop Chainsaw" by Grasshopper ( = cheerleader + chainsaw
i see what i'm drawing next
Oh, i missed the Kojima Production Art Contest , could have draw some Beauty and Beast...
is there a way to be informed about all these contests?
i've been busy drawing NMH girls for a contest
you can find the final pics here
good work to everybody who participate, that was fun

so i'm gonna dump the pics not finished for the deadline or the unused ones in the next few days