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The Death of The Great Grey Wolf

Guarding the grave of his companion.
5464x3125px 300dpi

close-up pic here >[link]
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beautiful.. touching..

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I'm so glad I could find you, the author/artist. Google image-search doing good.
I just wanted to tell you, that for this piece, my deepest congratulations are yours.
In my next, 2nd playthrough I'm [Spoiler] looking forward to save him instead :') <3
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i have one thing to say...but...i can't contain it no longer. i am saddened both outside and inside. Cry forever 
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Found this randomly in google,was going to keep scrolling but then the feels kicked in.
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Just for this you get a watch, sir!
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Welll... what can i say?
Dark Souls:  Prepare to Cry Edition
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Awesome concept but u can download more HD Wallpapers and Backgrounds…
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"Thou shall not stand aside and hand over the Covenant of Atorias then...very well Sif...The Great Grey Wolf, Companion of Atorias. Thou shall not hinder thy quest of the Chosen Undead. Thou be slain like all others that faced me. Friend I be no more to enemies, and thee I shall not mourn for thou passing. I am now...friend and foe and killer."

*Readies Silv. Kght Longsword and Dark hand

"Prepare yourself Sif! For I shall be the last thing you shall see with thou eyes! One will will die under this moonlit sky. Whose blood shalt be spilt first? Yours? Or mine? Only the dead will answer that."

*Initiates combat

*After a grueling battle...

"Farewell...foolish yet so proud wolf. Join your master in death's cold embrace. Thy did not wish blood yet it must be...for I must make my my goal. Farewell I bring the end to the gods..."

A beautiful art of the climax between the Chosen and Sif, with Atorias's ghost next to his companion. 
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*dies internally*
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Dark Souls... All these bosses that you wish you didn't have to kill :saddummy:
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oh god the feels.........
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Now I feel like I can't kill Sif, damn you Four Kings for making such half minded decisions and moving to a demanding domain.
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;-; I would've love this to be a cut scene after the fight where your character looks back and sees this
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It makes me want to cry :(
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Is that Artorias's spirit?
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great!!! the battle on dark souls is so epic!!! nice fan art
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Hey, look, its raining.
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Ah, finally found the source. Great work.
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