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NMH Alice Twilight

Alice Twilight From No More Heroes 2 (Wii)

final pic [link]
Jeane [link]
Bad Girl [link]
Sylvia [link]
Shinobu [link]
Dr Naomi [link]
Holly Summers [link]
Margaret Moonlight [link]
Kimmy Howell [link]
Cloe Walsh [link]
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Candydoce's avatar
Oh my goooooooooood so gorgeous!! How can your anatomy be so good btw
Mforz's avatar
Hey, thought you might want to know I used your gorgeous art on one of my videos. Of course, I give you credit on the description. Here's the link:…
LeviathanTheGamer's avatar
She's like a fusion of General Grievous' Lightsaber collection, Doctor Octopus' robotic arms, Marluxia's hair, Black Rock Shooter's choice of wardrobe, and Chloe Walsh's honor.....
Silverzeldapeachy56's avatar
NeonMantisShrimp420's avatar
Goddamn that's a good picture. I just faved it.
NeonMantisShrimp420's avatar
Your welcome good sir!
WillieManga's avatar
I really hate the fact that I had to kill her.
James-Dark-Blue-Wolf's avatar
Wow very nice I like it!
Overlordflinx's avatar
Alice: The only girl that can't keep her hands off you... and the only one that you worry if she ever will.
Hallowrook's avatar
Love it! This is a rather beautiful, sexy rendition of Alice Twilight!
GreySidewinder's avatar
G'Damn, nice detail and art in general, man.
PekoeIsteaChan's avatar
Awh... It's really nice!
Love the position of her Spider Legs. It really shows them off.
OctoberHaywire's avatar
One of my favourtie NMH characters, absolutely amazing, really love it!
Katsumiyo's avatar
This pose was a fantastic idea, really shows off all that special hardware of hers!
trombonefellow's avatar
Dear god, how I've waited for this.
Very nice.
RogueForce's avatar
hmm it first looked like a cigarette but then i saw the picture she hold in her i guess she has a pic in her mouth and burning it w/ the beam katana? oO
anyways a RLLY good pic =)
TarodZ's avatar
Impressive drawing.
Is she lighting a cigarrete with her beam sword!?
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