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please watch FF7ACC :D

By semokan
hey guys!!!
here are the newest trailer for Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete!!!
(then press "Trailer")
OMG!!!! really looking forward to watch this movie!!! >A<
ZACK!!!! ;A;........
and is BLEEDING! D8........
my heart hurts!...;A;.. poor cloud...;A;...
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Mama Bear Zack is worrying !

Naruto is sexy
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Me: um Cloud, if you're watching the 334th episode of Gintama where the mc cosplays as you, what is your reaction?

Cloud: hmm... Not interested but good cosplaying
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Very funny ! ^^
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Tifa: uh Zack I could have handle that you know 
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Takahiro Sakurai, who did Cloud Strife, takes the role as Shimaru Saitou in Gintama and has a rivalry with Elizabeth.
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AWWW Zack you over-worry and over-protective bro!! :3 :3 :3

But that's what made him such cute and charming :D

Wait! Did I see Elizabeth badge on Cloud? LOL
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wow, over protective......
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Zack.....Daisy Face Palm calm your tits
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*dies laughing* :icondragonlaughplz:

Sigh~ Zack, ever with the Dramatics. But that's why we love him. I need to find ACC. I bought the original one, but...I needs the Complete version. So much more awesomeness added to it! Not just better fight scenes, but how Cloud meets Denzel, (omg that was so awesome I melted) What Marlene says to him when he drops her off at the 7th Heaven. The part where Zack appears towards the end of the fight to lend his buddy a hand (or at least moral support) and more laughs with Reno.
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Hilarious in Hindsight: Gintoki Sakata cosplayed as Cloud Strife at Chapter 426 with his BFS known as Alien Slayer which is a parody of Dragon Slayer in Berserk. Heck, Elizabeth is here
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Instead of a lone wolf, Elizabeth's on this picture.
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Lol, this was hilarious. xD
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This is just great! XD The movie was amazing too :D
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:))) He is the one who is panic
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