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Classic red book cover

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Please notify me and give credit if you use!

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Hi. I'm a graphic design student and I'm using this cover for my final assignments, thanks man.

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Hi semireal, I'v been looking for a cover for a free cookbook i'm working on.

I think this one will work with my image and text.

It's for a private web site and to be shared with it members.

I'll make sure the cover is given credit to you here at deviantart.:|

If it works I'll be back and post the cover.

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I'm using it! Thank you for such a lovely image :) what would you like me to write in order to give you credit?
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how do I buy this cover
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Hi! I used this beautiful book cover here ➡︎…
Thank you ❀.(*´◡`*)❀.
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Hello!! im using your book cover in a board game design... Awesome job ty
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I posted a colorized (green) version here: [link]

And the final version, a book cover for HP fanfiction: [link]

Here's the fic it's for: [link]

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Used twice more for the same reasons. Thanks again!

FFnet: [link]

DA: [link]
FFnet: [link]
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Classic need for an HP fic I write: [link]

Also used for [link] [link] and [link].

Simple but classic... :)
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I used this texture in this cover [link] Thank you.
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Hey there! I used this in a school project, so I dont have a picture of it, but Im just letting you know!
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great cover...
using it temporarily in my website.. thanks

including link to deviant now...
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Hi... great cover...
using it temporarily in my website

will add this link:
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I used this for a project for school. It is perfect for what I needed
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I used this as a post for my blog. (:
Amazing Stock
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