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Interview with snowfern

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 24, 2011, 5:46 PM

Those who know of Snowfern's work respect her for her amazing creations. Those who don't will be pleasantly surprised to find this treasure of an artist! Here's a side of her that you might not see when you look at her clay work.

The Individual

  • Please tell us a little bit about yourself.
  • I'm a little kooky, and always feel slightly off-kilter. A mild hypochondriac, neurotic, socially inept, an optimistic pessimist. I love my dog, even though I -think- I prefer cats, but might not love cats all that much since I've never ever owned one. Oh, and I ramble. Alot. Could you tell? ;P St Honore Pastries by Snowfern
  • Can you tell us where the name Snowfern originates from?
  • I wanted something eco-friendly-sounding for a Ranger character when I started playing Everquest 'back in the day'. Snowfern came up with only 7 hits on Google back then, none of which were nickname related, so I stuck with it as it was easy to remember and pretty sounding.
  • What is your current obsession?
  • Miniature Crochet. I used to cross-stitch, knit, crochet, tat, sew,...and am now trying to take these skills to a miniature level :) 1-12 knitted bunny by Snowfern
  • Are you a righty or a lefty? and should it matter?
  • Righty. I don't think it matters unless you think it matters, and then I think it matters less then cos it means it's all in your head. :P

The Artist

  • When did you start making polymer clay art?
  • Early 2009. After spending about a month researching online.
  • What is the first item that you remember making?
  • Chocolate chip cookies.
  • Describe to us your creative process?
  • I have never considered myself very creative nor imaginative, as I am more of a technical/logical person. So I get inspired when I come across an item that poses somewhat of a challenge to duplicate in miniature, and focus on the technical aspects, rather than how the item should turn out aesthetically. Luckily, through the process, I am able to visualize what the item might wind up looking like, and it is usually nothing like I'd imagine. In short, I simply make whatever catches my fancy. 1-12 lemon cake by Snowfern
  • Do you listen to music or watch tv while working on your art?
  •       Always. I find it really hard to concentrate on anything without some 'white noise' in the background. Then I get into a 'zone' and the world fades away.
  • Fimo, Sculpey, Kato, Cernit or other?
  •        Fimo and Kato. I have not tried any other, and in this climate (Singapore), Sculpey turns into mush in my warm hands. 1-3 japanese foods by Snowfern
  • Where do you normally work on your art? (Do you have a picture of your work station?)
  • At my desk. It's always in a mess, with plenty of works-in-progress strewn about. I spend more time organizing than creating, really. I don't have a picture because I'm so mortified by the mess.
  • We've seen you make your own cutter on your Polymer Clay Eclair tutorial, do you use any other weird/uncommon tools for creating your pieces?
  • The cutter wasn't my idea. I came across a wonderful site, where there was a tutorial where the owner used a strip of aluminum from a drink can. I simply adapted it for my own use. 1-12 mixed berries by Snowfern Basically, I look around my room or table and pick up whatever I think would work, i.e. a toothbrush, sandpaper, towel, needle, pin, toothpick etc. I have made quite a number of cutters, always meaning to store them for future use, but since my table is always a mess, I wind up making new ones for each project, sometimes because I'd forgotten I'd made them before > < Therefore my work isn't always consistent, as I tend to look for newer and better ways to attain the effect I want to achieve. I'm working hard on the consistency bit though! > <


  • Your pieces are always so realistic looking. What's your secret?
  • I don't think it's a secret. Examine pictures of real food, and try to mimic it. Then PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. I spend waaay too much time than necessary on texturing and details. Have you seen my earlier pieces? They're horrendous!
  • You've made two tutorials in the past. Do you plan on making more in the future?
  • No, unless I publish a book (one of my aspirations), mainly because the sheer number of steps I take just to make one item would not make it a tutorial, more of a course. XD Also, there are so many excellent and free tutorials online that it seems rather redundant, because the basics are there, all that is required is putting in the work hours, and refining ones' techniques. Prawn Ebi Sushi Tutorial by Snowfern
  • Which piece is your most favored one? Can you tell us a little bit about it?
  • I thought hard about this question. I don't think I have any particular favourite, because I enjoy the process more than the result, as each time I make an item it feels like an interesting discovery. So one might say every piece is a pleasure to work on :P I do not play favourites! XD
  • Is there a piece in your gallery that just didn't live up to your expectation?
  • Every piece was a learning experience, and so I didn't have that much expectation to begin with, hence not that much disappointment. Of course there are many pieces I am dissatisfied with, but at the time, at that stage of my learning process, they are what they are. I knew that this was a craft, which means in order to improve, I would have to put in the hours! (I just looked through my gallery, and cringed at my earlier works, and think that the one disappointment I have throughout much of the pictures is that I took lousy pictures.)
  • Are you inspired by other polymer-clay artists? If so, can you tell us who?
  • Definitely! Petitplat aka Stephanie Kilgast Betsy Niederer Angie Scarr larger strawberry canes by Snowfern I always credit the above 3 as my main inspirations for getting into polymer clay, Stephanie, for opening my eyes to the world of D-I-Y miniature foods, Betsy for her beautiful works and generosity in sharing her techniques (check out her cake tutorial which I think most food miniaturists know about), and Angie for her cane tutorials. There are of course countless others, but these generous women helped me set up my basics in polymer clay, and for that I'm eternally thankful!


  • Cookies or Cakes?
  • ICECREAM. :P Almost any Ben and Jerry's flavour or Haagen Dazs' Macadamia Nut Brittle. Half-eaten icecream cones by Snowfern
  • Do you have a question for the members/watchers of semi-sweeties?
  • How much wood does a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?
  • Anything else?
  • I hate cilantro. 1-6 cookie house n dress cake by Snowfern Thank you for interviewing me! <3!

Thanks for your time~
semi-sweeties :heart:

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