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CONTEST: Petit Picnic (CLOSED!!)

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 20, 2011, 9:15 AM

The contest is now CLOSED. A poll will be up soon with the Group Members' Favorite and the winners will be announced soon.


We have decided to change the rules of this group, which also means that this contest is affected to. ALL TYPES OF CLAY ARE NOW ALLOWED!!! Polymer, Air Dry, whatever. Because of this sudden change, we have decided to extend the contest by two whole weeks. The new deadline is March 21st 2011. Awesome!


:party: Semi Sweeties' third contest is here!! YAY! Our previous two, "Dream Food Contest" and "Speedy Halloween Contest"  were great successes, and we're excited to present to you, in celebration of the new year, a new, even more exciting contest - hopefully this time it'll come with bigger prizes too!!

This contest was originally planned to welcome the group's two new admins: myself Zhoira and AyameMatsu - aka the Chocolate Chips, by the lovely maytel and Talty. We would just like to thank these two hardworking ladies on behalf of our members for the wonderful job they have done for this group, and how they have made it so much more exciting and fun since they took over. We're very priviledged and grateful for being chosen to be part of the team - so far it has been so much fun! :hug:

So, you're thinking, get to it then and announce the theme already!! :la:


The summer's long gone, its harsh and cold outside, but it doesn't stop us from having our own miniature picnics! As the title says, our theme for you this time is “Petit Picnic”. We want to see all the must-have foods that you would bring along - to your noisy family picnic in the park, your ideal picnic date with the person you love by the seaside, or even a fantasy tea party with the Mad Hatter - use your imagination! Of course, a picnic isn't complete without its sandwich baskets, floral napkins and checkered blanket, so props are also important! :la:


-The deadline for this contest is two months. Starting on January 7th, and closing on March 7th 21st.


  • Participants must be members of semi-sweeties
  • Submissions must be made by YOU! They can't be bought or made with commercial molds, everything must be handmade! This includes canes.
  • The ENTRIES MUST BE made SPECIFICALLY for this contest (no old or revised deviation and also, the entry cannot be submitted to another contest!)
  • Your submission can consist of many photos stuck together to show closer details of your submission, but every single one of them must be NEW and specifically for this contest! Again, no old deviations or no new photos of old deviations.
  • The maximum entry limit is 2 per person (you can only win once).
  • Submit the entries into the "Petit Picnic Contest" folder instead of the "featured" folder.
  • Materials Accepted
  • Entries must be made with ANY TYPE OF CLAY. Which means that using air dry clay is allowed.
  • Props (plates, cutlery, tables, etc) can be bought/made from any other material.
  • Decoden (silicone) is NOT allowed.
  • One thing that we absolutely need to see in the comment section:
  • Please explain why the foods are part of your ideal picnic!! We'd also like to know where it would take place. :meow: This part will be judged along with your entry, so make sure you put some thought into it!


Donations/features will be hugely appreciated!! Please let us know via a note, if you wish to donate a prize :) we will be accepting prize donations until the contest closes, and of course we will feature all the kind donators once we have our winners. :cookie:


The entries can be found here:…

The top 2 winners will be chosen by the club's leaders. To make it fair, we will not only be judging on the quality and technique, but also the time and effort put into the making of your entry, the setting of your entry (props, layout, photography etc), creativity, and the explanation given with each entry.

As seen above, a “Group Members' Favourite” prize will also be chosen!! We will pick a number of runners up entries (so the first and second prize winners will not be included), and use the poll to let our members chose the third prize!! This was how we chose the winner for our Halloween contest, and it was a success, so we thought we'd do it again :D

So why are you still here? Get to it!! We're so excited to see what you talented lot can do this time, and hopefully you'll enjoy this contest!!


~ The semi-sweeties Team

Please Donate :points: to semi-sweeties, the points will be used for giveaways, contests and random draws.

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