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The Winners!!! (dream food contest)

Journal Entry: Sat May 29, 2010, 10:47 AM

What took us so long...

I can hear you say "come on, give us the winners already"... well of course, before announcing them, I have to write the obligatory super long introduction of death! :noes:

Since it was the first contest held at semi-sweeties since the mods changed, it was really important to Talty and I to have a methodical way of judging by arranging chats and exchanging various notes.

I think we realized along the way that it was not going to be an easy task to accomplish, because you guys are JUST TOO TALENTED!!!

Finally after almost three weeks of discussing and considering entries, today is the day that the winners for the "dream food contest" are announced. :eager:

Our judging strategy

Here are the five points that we considered and applied to our strategy:
  • Explanation of the Dream Food
  • What you like about semi-sweeties
  • Originality of the piece
  • Technique/Quality of the piece
  • Picture Quality/Setup

Give us the winners already!!

First Place: :trophy:
Dream Food Entry by Snowfern
Dream Food Entry by Snowfern

This deviation is truly amazing, the quality of the art is astounding. It is absolutely perfect in every way and look at those wafers!!!

The description of what you like about semi-sweeties is an important factor in judging. By reading your description, we realize that it pretty much sums up the way we all feel about semi-sweeties. It allows us to gain confidence, encouragement and  provides a friendly environment to nurture whatever hidden talents one has.. I am pretty sure that is how chat-noir felt when she created the club back in 2007.

Also, the nostalgia portrayed in the story of why you chose to make this as your dream food gave us flashbacks of when we were younger (with different food memories of course).

Second Place: :trophy:
Dream Food Contest Entry by 3timesC
Dream Food Contest Entry by 3timesC

While being completely honest with you guys, this deviation threw us off at first because it didn't seem like food at all, but when we read the description, we realized it was a cake. This is exactly the kind of thinking outside of the box and this merits recognition.

Also, even though the Picture setup is simple, it shows that time went into it, by even twirling the chain at the end.

Furthermore, the quality of the piece is so insane that not even a speck of dust can be seen on it.

Third Place: :trophy:
You like cake, don't you? by QueEnOfNights
You like cake, don't you? by QueEnOfNights

I think it's safe to say that the colour and craziness of the piece is what caught our attention and didn't let go.

The concept behind the idea is exactly like something you would expect to see in a fantasy movie or in a strange dream. This screams "dream food" with all it's different flavors and colours. It is so original that it could be in a Tim Burton movie.

The simple white backdrop is much needed for this piece because there is so much going on. Also, it is very smart to feature different sides of the cake in the same image, so that we can see every split personalities of the cake.

Honorable Mentions: :la:

These two entries came so very close to third place.

Dream Food Comp Entry by superawesomemonkey
Dream Food Comp Entry by superawesomemonkey
We absolutely loved the jelly bean cake with the translucent jelly beans~

SemiSweeties DFC: Nature Cake by Petite-Treats
SemiSweeties DFC: Nature Cake by Petite-Treats
The different layers of the cake are a really nice idea~

So what now...

The winners will be contacted by the gift donors shortly.

We've decided that the next contest held at semi-sweeties would be judged by you guys!! We want to let you do the hard work now! hahah <3

Thanks so much for your participation.
It is thanks to you that this place is so great!

Talty and maytel

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