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It was actually kind of fun to do this again because it showed how much my art's changed since I did Pinkie months ago.
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Would it be cool if I used this for my fimfiction story cover art?
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I wanna fart on her
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I love Rainbow's expression here. It just says "You mad, bro?"

Lol, anyway? Nice drawing. :)
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I finally found this

I've been searching for this for a while

it's fantabulous 👌
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It's a SWAG Dash :D
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She looks tomboyish
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Its because she is.... 😔
How do I shot sonic rainboom?
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Nah I think it's supposed to go as "H0W D0 1 50N1C R41N800M?"
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Very very swaggy
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So... much... swag...
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Rainbow be like " It's a G thang."
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someone trying to sell your art, RainbowDash Worlize Avatar For Sale by MiniTaylor88
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[insert MLG stuff here]
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Shes A boss ass bitch Sorry Not Sorry
Holy mother of SWAG!!! 

she has so much SWAGGER that i bet she wakes up every morning covered in Bitches.
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