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Marceline's axe bass - WIP and HOW TO



This was a project which didn't end so good. I finished the base of guitar and tried to transport it back to my home country before the con and guess what- while doing that it got shredded into small pieces, while it was in the van. Oh well... At least I've made a proper Marshall guitar afterwards.. Dango-sweatdrop 
So here are the materielas and tools I used:
Foam board I found on the street, some metal pins, cardboard, sandpaper, knifes and pens, fimo clay, got glue gun.
Okay, this is how I made it:
1. First of all I made rough patterns out of cardboard I had. Green Check Mark (Customization)
2. I cut out pieces of foam and shaped them with the knife to look more like an axe, made sharp edhes, after that, I sanded the pieces with sandpaper. Green Check Mark (Customization)
3. I made some details out of that same foam board, buttons out of bottle caps, metal pins and bass handles out of fimo clay. Green Check Mark (Customization)
4. Finishing touches and that's it :) Green Check Mark (Customization) 

Here you can see Marshall Lee's finished piece:

Series: Adventure Time
Character: Marceline
Prop: Marceline's Axe Bass
Prop made by me

I also made Marshal Lee's bass and it is more proper, so stay tuned for more- gonna upload it soon enough
ALso- always feel free to ask, I am more than happy to help ya out. CHEERS
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How did you attach the strings