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Rules for Stock pictures by Selunia


Since a lot of you asked about making book covers with my stock and I'm not online that often there is a new rule:

You can use my stock for commercial book covers

  • Send me a note with the finished version
  • I want to know the name of the author and book
  • If you sell more than one book cover using my stock you should consider donating some points to me

For other commercial use please contact me

  • It's most likely that I will say yes, but I really want to know what my Stock is used for first!

Since I'm not reading my notes that often please contact:

  • Please use this Email only for urgent messages or regarding commercial usage of my stock! Thank you.

I don't want to earn big money with my stock, but I think it's fair to give something back if you earn money using my stock.
Just think about it :hug:


My stock is free to use for any deviantART member - just follow this simple rules:


  • Credit me and link back to my stock or to my deviantART site 
  • Note me with a link to your work or comment on the stock you used. 
    I want to have a look and +fav it.
  • Faving my stock picture is not a must but it's highly appreciated Heart
  • Free use for dA contests and prints
    If you sell a lot of prints you could think about a little 'thank you' ;) (Wink)
  • You may use it on other websites for non-commercial purposes.
    If you post your works on other sites you have to credit me and link back to my deviantART site 
    If crediting is not possible for any reason, please contact me first.
  • You don't have to ask for permission to post your work on:
    • other art galleries
    • personal websites
    • myspace
    • facebook and other social communities.
  • Again - don't forget to credit and link back!
  • However this does not mean that you are allowed to upload my Stock Picutres anywhere! 
    This are my works and I am the only one to upload them anywhere!
  • Use for premade Backgrounds is allowed, but don't just change the colour and call it a premade!


  • Do NOT use my stock if you're only going to do minor changes like 
    • changing hue/saturation
    • texture overlay
    • only put a border around the picture
    • etc.

  • Improper use is forbidden. Don't use my stock for 
    • pornographic (artistic nudity is allowed)
    • illegal 
    • racism
    • excessive violence
    • violence or cruelty against animals or children
  • You are not allowed to post my stock on any other website.

Any questions? Please contact me.
msfowle Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2015  Professional Interface Designer
:clap: Thank you for this! :love:
Selunia Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome :hug:

I'm always so happy to see what people can do with my stock :rose:
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July 22, 2015


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