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Jeffrey Mylett - off-Broadway

:heart: I've had this for a while but I kept adding little shades and stuff so I never loaded it.
This was drawn from a black and white photo ... I don't have the link, because I had drawn it from the program ... but it was pretty dark so if the ear looks bad it's because I created it.
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I love you for making this, I love Jeffrey Mylett, thank you so much :)
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How Dare they think he's a girl!!!!!
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Wow, excellent work with the shading and texture! :iconhappybouncerplz:
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How'd I miss this? You did an amazing job. *envies your skills*
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I love Godspell, and am so sad that the production I just finished working of it is over.

Jeffrey is definitly my favorite cast member, hands down. Rest in Peace, Jeffrey.
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I love his eyes too. He looks like an adorable little boy :heart:
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"pervy-minded" lol XD
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lmfao. people are idiots.
i'd go on and on about how much i love this doodle, but i'll decline, seeing that i just sent you an email of me going on and on about how much i LOVE this drawing!
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Wasn't it Mrs. Biunno who though it was a girl? lol
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Yes indeedy. :dead:
I hate it when people make assumptions, 'cause it's usually wrong. =P lol
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