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Old Rockstar [Age Regression Story]
Chapter 1
           One morning at an old and messy apartment, an elderly woman, with long silvery-gray butt-length hair, wearing a gray oversized t-shirt tucked in her blue baggy shorts, was barely playing her old guitar as she gazed on photos of when was younger. Remembering the good old days of when she was apart of a band, then her doorbell rang. She put away her guitar, and grabbed her cane to slowly lift herself up as her skinny and wobbly legs shook. “*hips cracking* [moans]” The old woman muttered in a raspy voice as she grabbed her hip. The doorbell kept ranging as she shuffled her slippers to the door, “I’m coming, I’m coming! [inhales, coughs, pant]” The old woman wheezed as she reaches the door. She slowly reached the doorknob with her shaky hand, she grabs it, and opens the door to reveal a young woman, with buzz cut hair, wearing a lab coat. The old woman slowly lifts her shaky hand, and moves her glasses
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Old Elise
I did this one from Dan Vs because I used watch it when I was younger and it gave me a thought.
UPDATE: I added overalls on her because why not?
Fun fact: Elise’s outfit was loosely an inspiration for Elderly Aquila’s outfit.
Epilogue, Part 2

           As Danny helped the pink nonagenarian, Aquila, by letting her left arm hold on to his left shoulder, Sharc taps on the left side of his head to call Aquila’s mom, Piper. “Yellow?” Piper answered, “Miss Piper, got some good news and some bad news.” Sharc said, “Oh god, what the bad news.” Piper said with an annoyed expression. “Bad news is your daughter got by one of those Chrono-Bees, and now she’s old.” Sharc said, “Wait, as in ‘grandma old’ or ‘great grandma old’?” Piper said, “Uhh . . . great grandma old.” Sharc said as he looked at the wheezing Aquila. “Ah man, I already work too much for taking care of my pops before he passed away, I don’t want to go through that again!” Piper said, “Don’t worry, we destroyed the queen and the spell will wear off in the next 47.5 hours.” Sharc said. “Phew, thank god! I mean, I’ll get the senior pack ready when your home.” Piper said, “Alright, we’ll see you there. Over and out.” Sharc said as he deactivates the communication. “Dude, that’s not how end a call!” Danny said, “But, isn’t that how you do it?” Shark said, “On missions, yeah! But, not on phone calls!” Danny said, “Okay, I’ll remember that next time.” Shark said. “[inhales] Are we home yet?” The elderly Aquila muttered in a raspy voice, “Don’t worry, we’re almost there.” Danny said.

           Moments later, the team made it into the house. When Danny let’s go of Aquila, he & Sharc go into the kitchen to get the supplies as Aquila shuffles inside, wheezing as she does so. “[inhales] I’m home [coughs]!” Aquila rattled before she pants down from exhaustion from the walk, and coughed out her dentures again as she did so. Danny, Sharc, and Piper come out of the kitchen, and they put her dentures back on, put glasses on her face, a hearing aid on her ear, and a small blanket around her shoulders, replaced her shoes with slippers, then replaced her cane with walkers. “Ooo, thanks kiddies.” Aquila muttered, “And, we also have an inhaler to help with your breathing!” Danny said as he gave an inhaler to Aquila. “Thank you, sonny [pant].” Aquila muttered before she moves her new walkers & shuffles her feet toward the living room. The pink nonagenarian kept wheezing as she shuffled to the living room, she put her walkers aside and slowly sat down onto a couch as she put her dentures into a cup of water, she watches TV for 5-10 minutes before falling asleep.

           The next morning, Aquila wakes up and puts her shaky hands on her walker to lift herself up, and shuffles toward the kitchen. “[inhales] Morming!” Aquila wheezed before she used her inhaler when she entered the kitchen, Danny’s the only one inside making breakfast. “Morning!” Danny said, “Where’s mum & Sharc?” Aquila muttered as she put her walkers aside to slowly sit down, “Playing tennis outside, we already have breakfast before you.” Danny said before he gives Aquila a bowl of prince juice, “Oh right, it’s Spunday.” Aquila muttered. Her shaky arm tries to put the spoon of prune juice into her mouth, but she keeps making a mess on the table before it finally got into her mouth. After breakfast, Aquila pushes her walkers and shuffles into the living room, she grabs her dentures, and kept shuffling toward the stairs, “Okay, you might need help with that!” Danny said, “I don’t need help with that, whippersnapper! It’s just stairs!” Aquila muttered. As the pink nonagenarian slowly walked upstairs, she moans as she felt her back & joints ache as she held onto the stair handle. After making it up, she pants down and wheezes louder from exhaustion as Danny carries her walkers, “Need [inhales] help!” Aquila wheezed as she used her inhaler while she grabbed her back, Danny gives her walkers back before she shuffles to her room. Once she’s in her room, she slowly sits onto a chair and opens her laptop that’s part of a makeup table to go on the internet.

           During the afternoon on the computer as Aquila was asleep, Danny notices that Aquila is starting to look younger. “Hey, looks like the effects are finally wearing off!” Danny said, Aquila picks up a mirror after she woke up, and gasps as she saw that her hair is growing longer and less whiter, but she has less wrinkles as she regressed into her 70s, “Yes! Yahoo! *back cracks* Ooh, my back!” Aquila yelled in excitement as she jumped up in the air before she stopped to grab her back. “Well, guess I feel more middle-aged than old-aged!” Aquila chuckled in a husky voice before she took off her glasses & her hearing aid, “[sighs] Great!” Danny said feeling exhausted, realizing that he still has to take care of her until she’s 17 again.

The End?
Chapter One

           Some time after ‘The Galactic Origins’, Sharc starts working on Aquila’s shed to make it his new home. Danny comes in with a tray with different cans of oil, “Hey Shark, I know you’ve working on her shed ever since we stopped Lord Grill, but Aquila’s mom thought you could have some oil.” Danny said. “Thanks, but I don’t need to get charged yet. You should get home now, it’s starting to rain in this location.” Sharc said, “I could, but . . . I don’t have a home.” Danny said as he puts the tray on a table before he walked away, which left Sharc to be shocked and curious. He follows Danny to the woods where he sees him looking sad, and cold, while trying to keep warm by a small campfire. “Wait, Danny! What do you mean you don’t have a home, do you have family issues?” Sharc said, Danny nodded and pulled out an old photo of his himself when he was younger and his parents which caused him to shed tears. “Oh, I-I’m so sorry . . . I didn’t know.” Sharc said said as he too understands loss, he sits next to Danny as he turns his arm into an umbrella. “Danny, you can live with me if you want.” says Sharc, “Really . . . thank you!” Danny said as he hugs him.

           Then, Danny notices a spot of sunlight in the rainy sky with a curious look, “That’s weird, the news said there wasn’t gonna be any sunlight for 12 hours?” Sharc said curiously after he turned his head around. Shark and Danny run to wherever the skylight is, only to found out that Aquila is using her stone to get a tan. “Ahem?” Danny said before Aquila took off her shades, “Oh hey guys, what’s up?” Aquila said, “The Stones of Argo chose us to be heroes, and you want to use your Stone for personal gain?” Sharc nodded with a disappointed look. “Come on, we defeated Lord Grill with ease, shouldn’t we take a break for saving the day.” Aquila said, “Yeah, but not like this!” says Danny, “Besides, Lord Grill is still out there somewhere! So, who knows what could his plan be right now?” Shark said.

           “I have the perfect plan to gain the Stones of Argo and destroy New Star City!” Professor Phibian said as he discusses with Lord Grill, “Wow, I am getting soo hyped up.” Lord a Grill said sarcastically. “You won’t be so sarcastic now once I show you this!” Professor Phibian said as opens his curtain revealing a small alien hive, “Aw, I’ve heard about these before, is this a Pendulmian Chrono-Bee hive?” Lord Grill said with his eyes showing an impressive look. “Yes! You are correct, my lord!” Professor Phibian giggled. “Excellent!” Lord Grill said as he starts to grab, but Professor Phibian blocks him in panic. “Wait! Only I know how to control these incests, please allow me steal the stones myself!” Professor Phibian shouted in fear, “Hmm, very well . . . but do not fail or double-cross me!” Lord Grill said in a calm tone then a dark tone with his hand igniting fire. “I promise! I won’t do any of those things, my lord!” Professor Phibian said panically, he later starts attaching hive-like backpacks with vacuum-like blasters to three of his Henchmen-Bots. “Why are we going to school?” The Henchmen-Bot in the middle said, “You’re not going to school, it’s just something for my evil plan, okay?” Professor Phibian said as his Henchmen-Bots nod yes, “Now, MARCH ROBOTS!!! MARCH!!!” Professor Phibian shouted with a maniacal laugh before his Henchmen-Bots marched outside.

           Meanwhile at Aquila’s house, the team come inside still discussing Aquila misusing her new powers. “Okay guys, I get it.” Aquila said in an annoyed tone before Shark’s eyes starts flashing red, “Oh no, not again!” Danny shouted in panic. “Don’t worry, my Attack Sequence isn’t malfunctioning this time, it’s just my new Crime Alert System.” Shark said before he projects a screen of the city map, “The New Star City Mall is under attack, let’s go!” Shark said before he and Danny run to the door, “Wait, I’ll be right there, just let me change!” Aquila shouted as she doesn’t fight in her bikini. “Well?” Danny asked to Shark, “She’ll only slow us down while she’s like this, hop on!” Shark groaned before Danny hopped onto his back to fly to the mall. Shark & Danny make it, only to see the Henchmen-Bots are aiming at Professor Phibian. “Please, don’t kill me! I am your creator! Have mercy!” Professor Phibian screamed in fear, “We’re not taking orders from you anymore!” The Henchmen-Bot on the left said. “Hey, that’s Professor Phibian!” Danny said excitedly, “You know him?” Shark said in confusion. “Yeah! He’s the one who helped invent Earth’s first hover cars! We gotta save him!” Danny said. Back at Aquila’s house, she’s trying to find her clothes only to found out they’ve been accidentally put in the washer, “I’m so gonna yell at you later, Mom!” Aquila groaned. Then, she finds in her closet a white t-shirt with red trims & blue overalls, “[sighs] These will do.” She said.

Chapter Two

           As the Henchmen-Bots are about to shoot Professor Phibian, “Hey! You three are now giving robots a bad name!” Shark shouted “Yeah, and your proton-packs too!” Danny shouted. “Well well well, if it isn’t the Mystic Animals! Let’s get him!” The Henchmen-Bot in the right said as the rest run toward Shark & Danny. “These aren’t proton-packs, but when there’s something strange in your neighborhood, you shouldn’t call us!” the Henchmen-Bot on the right said before they shot at Shark & Danny, releasing the Chrono-Bees. They swarm Shark & Danny, so the Henchmen-Bots can steal Danny’s Stone, “What’s going on? It’s hard to see!” Danny yelled in panic, “It’s Chrono-Bees! Lord Grill must’ve somehow found them, so he can destroy us!” Shark yelled.

           Then Aquila, wearing the t-shirt & overalls, finally arrived to help save the day, “Never fear, Aquila is here!” Aquila shouted. “What are you supposed to be, a farmer?” the Henchmen-Bot in the middle said before all his members laughed at her, “No, but my mother is!” Aquila said in a serious tone. She flies up, uses her wind power to blow off the bugs and the Henchmen-Bots, but she gets stung by one of the bugs before she crashes down in faint. The Henchmen-Bots uses this opportunity to steal her Stone as well, Shark and Danny runs toward Aquila to help her up but she looks taller than before, “Are you Okay?” Danny said, “Aquila, you shouldn’t do stunts like that!” Shark said. “I wasn’t! Something bit me!” Aquila said angrily. But he nods in disbelief, and Danny looks at him with a sad look as he walks away to help the professor. “Are you okay?” Sharc said, “Yeah I’m okay, thanks to you!” Professor Phibian said, “It’s what the good guys do.” Aquila said before Danny let go of her and says in excitement as he pulls out his journal “It is such an honor to meet you! Can I have your autograph!”. Professor Phibian signs Danny’s journal and leaves, “You three have a great day!” Professor Phibian said, “You too!” Danny said. Professor Phibian silently giggles in an evil tone, which made Shark look curious. “Is it just me or do you look taller?” Danny said as she helped Aquila up again, “I think I do? Those robots must’ve stretched me good!” Aquila said not realizing she turned 27 later 37, leaving Shark with a facepalm because of what she just said.

           As Shark goes back to working on Aquila’s shed this time with Danny’s help, Aquila shows up, but she’s look older than her mother. Fine lines were around her mouth and eyes, her hair was shorter with grey streaks, and her breasts & stomach sagged a little if she were 47 now, “Need some help?” Aquila said in a husky voice. “You okay?” Shark said after he noticed her advanced age, “Yeah why?” Aquila said, “Oh nothing, you just look a little older, that’s all.” Shark said, “Maybe I’m just a little tired, [yawns] see you tomorrow.” Aquila said before she walks away.

           She gets inside her house, and walks upstairs as she grabbed hip. “*hip cracks* Ah man, my hip is killing me! It’s like I am getting older.” Aquila moaned as she walked up to her bedroom. Once she looked at a mirror, she gasped. “Oh my Zar! I do look older!” Aquila screamed as she put her boney hands around her wrinkly face, all the way down to her stomach as it gained pounds, “But, how!? How did I get so old? Like, older than mom?” she muttered as her voice started to sound raspy, turning 57. Then her eyes stared wider as her hair turns whiter & shorter, her face & hands get wrinklier and shakier, and her belly getting fatter. She slowly ran out of her room, “Guys! *back cracks* Ooh, smething’s wrong to me!” Aquila shouted as she felt her body age & ache as she hobbled down stairs, her breasts started to jiggle as they sagged down even more. She grabbed her back and pants down after making it down, turning 67 as her back gets hunched. The doors opens quickly, revealing Shark and Danny came in to helped. “Aquila?” Sharc said, “Is that you?” Danny said. She lifted her shaky head up, to reveal crow’s feet around her eyes & a white streak on her bright pink hair as she turned 77. “Oh my gosh!” Danny shockingly said, They run up to her to help the aging Aquila onto a chair in the living room as her hair turned silverish-white in the form of a pixie cut, her skin became paler & more wrinklier, and her breasts sagged down to her fat stomach, turning 87 now. “Guys, [inhales, coughs] what’s happening to me?” Aquila wheezed in a full raspy voice as she’s now short of breath, “I . . . don’t know?” Sharc said. “It’s okay guys, it’s just part of the organic life cycle. Everyone ages, but not much. Like in those age progression stories that’s been told like a bajillion times on TV.” Danny said. “You’re not helping, sonny! [inhales, coughs]” Aquila muttered as she raised a shaky fist, while the aging stopped at 97.

           “My lord, I was only able to get two of the Stones of Argo, I promise I’ll get the third one at onc-!” Professor Phibian said before he gets interrupted, “No, the robot will come for other stone. With it, I’ll finally be able to destroy the stones, once & for all!” Lord Grill said. Meanwhile, Aquila was asleep, while Shark projects holographic screens of his memory files, so he can figure out how Aquila gotten so old so fast, “Thank god Aquila’s mother isn’t here, she would’ve been heartbrokeeen . . . Aha! I got it!” Sharc said as he figured it out. “Listen, I’m sorry for not believing you, but I found out you really were stung, by a Pendulmian Chrono-Bee!” Sharc explained, “They have the power to drain youth, aging it’s victim up to 80 years. Which means, a 17-year-old girl + 80 more years = a 97-year-old woman!” Sharc said, which made Danny fall asleep. “Can you speak up sonny, [inhales] I can’t hear you?” Aquila rattled as she slowly raised her head and put her shaky hand by her ear, “I SAID, A YOUTH-SUCKING BUG DID THIS TO YOU!!!” Sharc yelled angrily, waking Danny up. “[inhales] Alright!” Aquila muttered while Danny cleans his ears after Shark’s scream.

           “So, how do we change her back?” says Danny, “According to my calculations, the only way to undo the effects is to kill the queen” says Shark, “How does that work?” Danny questioned. “Well, Chrono-Bees share a hive-mind with it’s queen as a primary mind, so destroying the primary mind destroys the rest of the minds.” Shark explained, “Oh, I get it now!” says Danny. “Wait, I’m coming too!” Aquila moaned as her shaky wrinkly arms tried to lift herself up from her chair, only to collapse back into her seat, due to her weak joints. “No, you’re way too old now, an-” Sharc said before Danny interrupts and says “And, we don’t have our Stones!”, “Thank you Captain Obvious, now come on!” Sharc said before they leave to find the hive. Aquila gets grumpy about it until she saw a blurry cane on the other side of the living room, due to poor eyesight. So she slowly rises from her chair again, she succeeds this time. But the moment she let go of the chair, her legs were so weak & wobbly she fell down as she moaned. “Can’t . . . give . . . up [inhales] *back cracks* [moans]!” Aquila muttered as she tries to use her wings to fly, but to no prevail. “I can’t do it [inhales] . . . I’m way too old [inhales] . . . and . . . [inhales] I can hardly breathe!” Aquila wheezed as she gave up and broke into tears, feeling helpless.

Chapter Three

           She looks up at a shelf with photos of she & her mother when she was a kid and of Sharc & Danny with Aquila being in the middle, realizing now that her family and friends really were trying to help her. “No! [sniff] I can’t! Not yet, my friends . . . need me!” Aquila thought in her head as she grabbed onto a tv trey to lift herself up, she moaned as felt her joints ache while trying to do so. Once she was up, she shuffles to where the cane is, holding onto other furniture for support as she kept wheezing. Once she started to see clearer of the cane, she bends down a little as she grabbed her hip, to grab the cane and slowly raise it in the air in a shaky way. “Finally [inhales, coughs]! Now . . . to help my . . . frien . . . z z z.” Aquila wheezed from exhaustment as she put her new cane down, and fell asleep.

           Sharc uses a tracking device in his arm to find the hive, “Are we there yet?” Danny said every five minutes, until he snapped when Danny said it the third time, “NO! WE ARE NOT THERE— Oh wait, yes we are!” Sharc shouted until his arm started beeping faster as he realizes that they found it. They find an old abandoned factory, “Shouldn’t there be any guards around?” Danny said curiously, “Yeah, it might be a trap.” Sharc said before he uses his thermo vision and discovers that Lord Grill is inside, and an army of Henchmen-Bots. “Lord Grill is in there, with an army of robots, possibly hundreds!” Sharc said as he starts to look scared. “Hey! We can’t let an army scare us, that’s just like you but different!” Danny said. “Uh, your right . . . I think? Anyway, here’s the plan. I’m gonna use my grabbling hand to send you down slowly. Once you’re inside, you grab the hive, so I can invent an antidote.” Shark said. Right after Shark and Danny flew off to the ceiling, Aquila hobbles behind them, “Guys, [inhales, coughs] wait for me!” Aquila wheezed, but they couldn’t hear her as she coughed her dentures out of her mouth. She bends down, slowly and painfully, to grab them while her other hand shaked so fast as it gripped on the cane. “Why? *hips crack* [moans] why can’t Featherlings be born [inhales] . . . with real teeth!?” Aquila groaned, feeling the pain in her back & joints as she slowly grabbed & put her dentures back in her mouth. Then, she slowly bends up as her back slowly cracked, moaning as she grabbed onto it.

           As Shark and Danny sneak on top of the ceiling, they barely hear Lord Grill’s speech about how they’ll destroy the Mystic Animals until they found the hive which is behind the room Lord Grill is in. Shark grabs Danny and activates his grabbling hand, but before Danny was able to grab the hive when he made it to the floor, rocks friend around Danny capturing. “Danny, NO!” shouted Shark before strong wind blows him onto the floor, getting him surrounded by moving rocks. The doors open to reveal Lord Grill, “Nice try, Mystic Animals!” He said, “How do know our team name?” Danny questioned, “News-pad, duh. You kids really need to watch the news.” Lord Grill said as he throws a tablet that says ‘New ‘Mystic Animal’ team saves the day’ at them. Sharc notices that he’s not wearing the stones, “Wait, if you didn’t set the trap, then who-?” He questioned before he gets interrupted, “Me!” Professor Ohibian said as crawls out behind Lord Grill, revealing that he’s wearing the stolen stones like a bracelet. “I knew it!” Shark yelled, “What? But, how could you work with an evil space king like him!?” Danny shouted as he feels the sting of betrayal, “There are some things that kids like you won’t understand!” Professor Phibian said before he pulls out Danny’s journals and tears it apart! Danny breaks into tears. Lord Grill ignites his fire powers to deliver the final blow, until he gets hit by the cane in the head and returns back where the cane first swang like it was a boomerang to reveal that Aquila, who grabbed her shaky cane back, has arrived to save the day. “Aquila, get out of here!” Sharc shouted, “It’s too dangerous for you now!” shouted Danny. “Sonnies, I maybe old [coughs], but that doesn’t mean I’m not [inhales] powerless, you whippersnappers!” Aquila chuckled as she points her shaky cane at Shark & Danny, her legs wobbled to each other as she did it. “ATTACK!!!” Professor Phibian shouted as the Henchmen-Bots Charge prepare to attack her, but she slowly swang her cane around, she felt her old body ache as she moaned by every swing, damaging most of the Henchmen-Bots while some were flung away into the air with one of them saying “Man, that is one strong stick!”

           Professor Phibian refuses to accept defeat and charges up in the air toward Aquila, only for her to use her cane to surround his hand where he’s wearing the Stones of Argo, as she punches him in the stomach, breaking the straps that carry the Stones as Professor Phibian lies in defeat. Danny was able to break free and runs up to Aquila, wheezing as she grabbed her shaky cane tightly and grabbed her back as she pants down from the battle, “Aquila, you did it!” Danny shouted in excitement as Sharc walks up to them, “And you did it without your powers, you’ve become a true hero today!” He said. Aquila blushes until she sees Professor Phibian press a button, “[inhales] It looks like the game’s [coughs] not over yet!” Aquila muttered as she points her shaky cane at the hive as it transforms into a bee monster with the Chrono-Bees coming out of six spores around it’s wings. “The queen isn’t in the hive, but the queen is the hive!?” Danny gagged in disgust, “Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that, my bad.” Shark said before Danny looks at him in disappointment. Sharc turns and aims his missile arm at the queen, “FIRE!” He shouted, the missiles shoot out and combined together to destroy the queen, once and for all! “NO! My bees! My babies! My . . . Uh oh?” Professor Phibian shouted until realizing that the team has surrounded him. “My lord! My robots! Help me!” Professor Phibian shouted, only for them to not appear, realizing that Lord Grill must’ve stolen his robots during the battle. “THAT SON OF A—!” Professor Phibian said before Aquila knocks him out cold with her cane, “Language!” She muttered before everyone, including herself, laugh together until she coughed again.


           After Aquila’s legs started wobbling again, she put her cane down as she moaned when her hips cracked again. Once she looked at her wrinkly and shaky arms, she realized that she still isn’t 17 again. “Hey sonny, why aren’t I young again?” Aquila asked Sharc, “Oh yeah, I also forgot to mention that it’ll take 48 hours for the spell to wear off after the queen was destroyed, my bad.” He said before Danny & Aquila both give him disappointed looks. “Next time we face another situation like this, please give us all of the information!” Danny said angrily, “Anyway, sorry for being a nincompoop. Finally realized that everything isn’t easy, especially being [inhales] this old!” Aquila muttered while she raised her shaky arms, using herself as an example. “Well, with age comes wisdo-!” Sharc said before realizing she wouldn’t have like that. “Why you little!” Aquila barely shouted before he starts to runs away, she tries shuffling faster to catch up to him while raising her shaky cane in the air, “*back cracks* Ooh, my back!” Aquila wheezed as she grabbed her back. “Come on! Slow down! I’m not as young . . . as I . . . [inhales] used to be! [cough cough]” Aquila wheezed as she started shuffling normally, but she puts her cane down to stop as she wheezed louder to catch her breath. But once he stopped running, Aquila started shuffling quickly & raised her shaky cane again as she kept wheezing. “Come on, guys!” Danny said annoyingly as they are almost out of the factory, “Respect your elders!” Aquila wheezed as she & Sharc are almost out of the factory. “Ah well!” Danny said as he gave up and walked toward where Shark & Aquila went, so they can go home.

The End
The Mystic Animals: Time Flies
If people liked my first fictional tale of the #MysticAnimals, here’s the second episode, but it’s a little longer than the first one. It’s one of those stories that’s been told before on many tv shows & movies, but I made it a little different. 💖🦋🧓🏼
Chapter 4.5

           As they’re walking home, Aquila pushes holographic buttons that projected out of her watch to her call her mother, then waits for a minute to answer. “Yellow?” Aquila’s mother answered, “Hey Mom, my new acquaintances and I just saved the day, and do you mind if they come over for dinner?” Aquila asked. “Sure, I just saw you on the news. You kids were very lucky to survive a fight against Lord Grill. Besides, the leftovers gotta go somehow!” Aquila’s mother said, “Oh, and one of our guests is a robot. So, your gonna need the motor oil ready.” Aquila said. “That’s cool, see you at seven. Love you!” Aquila’s mother said, “Love you too!” Aquila said before she hung up. “So, where is your home?” Danny asked, “Me and my mom live in a farm, sometimes we don’t get along. It used to be popular until she & my pop divorced. But, you’ll find it awesome once we get there.” Aquila said. “According to my planetary positioning system, we are only two more miles away.” Sharc said, “Sweet, I’m starving!” Danny said.

           Once they finally made to the top of a hill, Danny gasps as he sees that she lives in a futuristic farm with alien animals. “Woah, it’s like modern technology mixed with a ordinary farm and half of a zoo, and pumped it full of steroids!” Danny gasped in amazement. “Thanks! But to me, this is my home.” Aquila said as she blushed. Danny runs down the hill to see all of the alien animals. “Ooo, what’s that?” Danny asked as he points at a three-headed blue cow with glow-in-the-dark spots, “That’s a Cerberan Lunar Cow. Be careful around it, they’re violent to strangers.” Aquila said as she and Shark walk ahead of Danny. Danny starts to slowly poke at the Lunar Cow, until it was about to bite it off, but Danny was able to quickly get his finger away in time. “Ooo, what’s this?” Danny said as he points at a regular cow, “That’s just an Earth Cow.” Aquila said as she and Shark are almost near the door.

           “Wait a minute? Why couldn’t we just fly to your home instead of walking?” Sharc said as she unlocks the door, “Because I can’t fly.” Danny said, “And my wings get tired.” Aquila said, “Well, that’s idi . . . otic. That’s . . . That’s actually a good point.” Sharc said. “I’m home!” Aquila said as she opens the door, “I’m in the kitchen!” Aquila’s mother said in the background. As everyone sat together on the table, Aquila and her mother take off there dentures and swallow pieces of gelatin and burp out bone-like crunchy sticks that are inside the gelatin, Sharc is silent with an confused expression as he holds a piece of metal, he turns to Danny to see that he’s also enjoying the alien food too. “Oh yeah [crunch crunch] Featherlings don’t have real teeth [swallows]. So, they wear fake ones like how helps older humans [slurps] [swallows] understand them more.” Danny said. “Yeah, that’s gonna get some getting used to . . . [crunch]” Shark said before he starts eating his dinner. “Thanks for the dinner, and it’s nice to meet you.” Danny said, “Thanks,  and my name’s Piper, it’s nice to meet you too.” Aquila’s mother said after she her put her dentures back on, “You know for a mother & daughter, you two look more like cousins or sisters.” Shark said. “Dude!” Aquila said feeling a little embarrassed, “Yeah, we get that a lot.” Piper said as Aquila put her face on a table.

           Later, Shark and Danny are outside, saying there goodbyes to Aquila & her mother, “Mind if I charge in that shed?” Shark asked, “Sure, it’s old & barely used anyway.” Piper said. “I can fix it up in the morning, and i can make some modifications for make it my new home.” Shark said, Danny walks away and pulls out a burnt photo of his parents. Danny slighted as he walks to the forest.

The End?
The Mystic Animals EXTRA: The Galactic Oranges
An extra aftermath of the first story I came up with, after I re-edited ‘Time Flies’ so many times. It’s not as action-packed as the other ones, it just has some humor this time.
Anyone got a New Year’s resolution for 2019? Mine is to change my lifestyle, or as I like it ‘unlocking my full potential’ because now that I graduated high school, I want to do more stuff in 2019. That way, I’ll be like everyone else and not just an autistic guy who spends most of there day inside there house! But, I hope 2019 will be the best year ever to all of you!


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