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Hi! The group is active again, but most of the Gallery folder descriptions need to be updated. I'll try to do it ASAP, but in the meanwhile I wanted to inform you that I opened the Featured Favourites folder: please use it for commission journals and promotions, and not the Featured Gallery folder.
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To celebrate the new year,
To celebrate the new year, I'm offering 10% off my Ko-fi commissions till January 7 or until I fill all my 5 slots! ^^ To receive the discount, enter this code: MAJORANEWYEAR24
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NEWS (August 2023)
Only 2 slots left! Please read this journal for all the info but do not hesitate to contact me if you've questions.
For cheap, sketchy digital commissions I'm also on Ko-Fi!  ^^

- My and The-Replicant's Whitebeard sculpture + Ace illustration combo is still available, please send me a note if you would like to purchase it:

Literature commissions

Creative & non-creative writing.
- Fixed fee (only for creative writing, to be paid up front): 10 EUR (it covers research, a general plot and character study, and the outline/draft); fiction commissions will always include a thorough preliminary discussion about the plot, script, characters, themes, and writing style (I won'
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Check this out! Some of
Check this out!,Open for Commissions!June 23, 2011NEWS I'm BACK! \('0')/ Opening commissions againSome of my old artworks and commissions:,
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Open for Commissions!
I'm BACK! \('0')/
Opening commissions again after so much time!
I should update my gallery for my more recent artworks... definitely. So, here we go...

To start a commission the full costs are asked in advance.
Only for traditional artworks like sculptures, shipping costs are calculated and paid later.
Drawing commissions slots:
:bulletgreen: OPEN
:bulletgreen: OPEN
Sculpture commissions slot:
:bulletgreen: OPEN
:star::star-empty::star-empty: -> pose/sketch finalized
:star::star::star-empty: -> modelling/lineart done
:star:[Star!][Star!] -> finished commission
You can find a good site with a currency converter here.

What I do:
Model sheets, stor
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The Featured Favourite folder is used for commissions journals and promotions, including YCH templates/bases.

(For other promotions like Kickstarter campaigns, Patreon, Ko-Fi, etc. instead, please submit to the Featured Gallery folder.)

Gallery Folders

Pirate Egg by JeMiChi
Letter from the author,Involvement (BIG WORD)—that’s what I set out to achieve when I started writing iCORE. Actually, the project had a different name originally, but I’ll reveal it only once the world has read the last volume and/or watched the last animated episode. (Yes, in my frivolous mind there is no doubt it will happen—GARGANTUAN CONFIDENCE) Who is Takeshi? Why write about yet another Japanese student reborn in another world? Anyone would think that, since most anime, manga, and (last but not least) light novels talk about Japanese main characters, it’s normal to pick a Japanese name for your hero. But iCORE, contrary to how it may appear, is specially connected with this choice. Of course, I won’t spoil its plot—which is terrific (EVIL LAUGHTER), but I can tell you that there’s much more to the story than what appears on the surface. iCORE is a classic isekai apparently but structured to strongly engage the reader–or the watcher (GARGANTUAN CONFIDENCE IS BACK: ANIME IS THE WAY!) In an intimate manner, so to speak: I want the reader to truly get into Takeshi’s skin. It’s really hard to achieve that, but I believe I came close—or even succeeded. Although my editor Majora read this first volume dozens of times, I still feel her genuine involvement. But it could be madness, as she is helplessly caught up in another world—iCORE world—without me noticing. Someone fetch the editor! The development of iCORE also required me to draw the characters’ model sheets that you can see here and in all my galleries. Why did the author devote themselves to drawing them? (WHY WHY WHY!!! Self-pity…) The reason is that there are future story and character developments I can’t reveal yet (every little detail has its weight and is bonded with others). About the book’s actual illustrations (some of which you can admire on my DA gallery), I have relied upon Habanagi Tak, who instantly understood the main character’s mood. That said, communicating with an artist isn’t easy, especially when you expect painstaking attention to detail from them… You don’t hate me, Tak-san, do you? (Yes, I do) (Yes, just a bit) (Definitely)If you read this far without yawning, you won one virtual chocolate and my gratitude—speaking of gratitude (EVIL LAUGHTER is back), this project needs support. Even by just sharing this with friends who love isekai and fantasy stories, you’ll help iCORE take off. Editing is expensive, so I would be really happy to achieve the Ko-fi goal. Time for me to go back to writing the second book, which I hope to launch by the end of this year. (self-pity is the way…)Isekai TempoIf you want check the Italian version, it's already available on Amazon.,
[SOLD] Adoptable No 1 Sword Mage by miasahina
(SOLD) AUCTION Vampire Siren(I)-Lord of West by LisaBlack89-Adopt
(sold)-FLAT SALE- ARMY HARPY  Set Price (0/2) by LisaBlack89-Adopt
(SOLD) -FLAT SALE-BROTHERS MONSTER (0/2) by LisaBlack89-Adopt
Adopt auction - Hellhounds (OPEN 4\4) by RRRBLL
[OPEN] Adoptable auction - Fluffy fox by Adoptick
[OPEN] Adopt auction - Husky by Adoptick
[OPEN] Azure Dragon Adoptable by eliswaspish28
Anthro - Traditional Media
Mystic Anubis Auction Starting Bid $75.00 by lady-cybercat

Mature Content

Eve by SpiderMilkshake
Vengeance..? by SpiderMilkshake
Woodland Vixen Painting by lady-cybercat
Artisan Crafts - Anthro
Artisan Crafts - Basketry + Weavery
An Assortment of Vine Baskets (For Sale) by SpiderMilkshake
Creepy dream catcher. by RONNIE-S
Fire Starter by ShiroKitsuna
Keeper of Keys by ShiroKitsuna
Artisan Crafts - Ceramics, Pottery + Clay
Mini Baby Sirrush and Dragon Sculpts (On Etsy!) by SpiderMilkshake
Griffin Crow - SOLD by Bittythings
Zayn bust by Drerika
Key Chain - Flower Ceramic Charm by StephaniePride
Artisan Crafts - Costumery
[Naruto] Tobi's mask (custom ver.1) | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks
Gin's mask - Hotarubi no Mori e | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks
Custom Kakashi ANBU mask (alter. v.3) | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks
Diamond Domino - Cosplay Leather Mask by nondecaf
Artisan Crafts - Dolls, Plushies + Custom Toys
Animal Crossing: Flick Plushie by Wela-Inomae
Ginger the adorable crochet fox by YANKA-arts-n-crafts
Pearl Plushie Rag Doll by ColorfulCupcakez
FOR SALE Lemon Bat art toy by Mach1nk4
Artisan Crafts - Folding + Papercraft
Cinderella's Dream Hand Cut Papercut by ladysilver2267
[Okami] Oki's bookmark | COMMISSION by MajorasMasks
White Flower Pearl Blank Book - Handmade by GoldCoinComics
Artisan Crafts - Glass
Festive Christmas Candle Holder by BonnieLeeman
Artisan Crafts - Jewelry
Witch's Cauldron Polymer Clay Earrings by ColorfulCupcakez
Artisan Crafts - Leatherwork
Inquisition leather passport cover by Arnakhat
Artisan Crafts - Metal Work
Antiqued High Speed T10 Steel Japanese Tachi 2 by swordsofnorthshire
Artisan Crafts - Miniatures
Steampunk Modron Dice minion by TheWizardsVault
Artisan Crafts - Miscellaneous
A pile of BNHA charms by JeMiChi
Artisan Crafts - Needlework
Large Water Magic Blanket by KittySib
Artisan Crafts - Other
Adoptable owlet! by Alexa-Knight
Artisan Crafts - Textiles
Handmade Red Pikmin Beanie- For Sale! by Mage-Madisaur
Artisan Crafts - Woodworking
African Wild Dog Charm by Moonyzier
Cartoons + Comics - Traditional Media

Mature Content

Try-Outs by DonnaBarr
Comic Books - Hard Copy + Digital Download
Vindico - Out Now! by Danilofanzineiro
Diamond Background 3 by ViktorGjokaj
Designs + Interfaces
Church Prayer Night Flyer by n2n44
Fanarts - Fanzines - Doujinshi
World's End Dance Hall by lurrkingly
Film and Animation
Commission: Pillars of Eternity OC (Process GiF) by vyafay
Literature and Books
In House Coloring Book (B) by Airborne71
Manga + Anime - Traditional Media
Lest The Rain Falls by miscanthusroyalty
Prints or Download of Digital
Kitsune by Tsukiyominomikoto
Prints or Download of Photography
Town bench near South Street in Litchfield, CT by gscuriouseye
Prints or Download of Traditional
New Formations by KAWesly
Resources + Stock Images
9IN 1 Background Textures Bundle by ViktorGjokaj
Traditional Art - Assemblage
Tree Octopus by lupagreenwolf
Traditional Art - Body Art
Celtic Cuff by ArdenEllenNixon
Traditional Art - Collage
Maleficent Mixed Media Collage by ange-etrange
Traditional Art - Drawings
lana del rey  (I CAN DRAW YOU IN THIS STYLE) by diveamerva
Traditional Art - Miscellaneous
BNHA acrylic charms by JeMiChi
Traditional Art - Mixed Media
zoolander meme (open) by diveamerva
Traditional Art - Paintings
Schnauzers by JoshByer
Traditional Art - Printing
White-Faced Scops Owl by Oksana007
Traditional Art - Scratchboard
Cat and Dog Scraper Foil by LullabyHamsters
Traditional Art - Sculpture
Steampunk Spider Sculpture by TheWizardsVault
Traditional Art - Street Art
Bob Marley Laughing playing Ping Pong stencil art by TheStreetCanvas


The group is currently searching for new staff members, send us a note if you're interested!

A special thanks to the previous Founder, Terry-L-T-Kitto, for the overall organization of the group. :)


Welcome! Rules and Recommendations:

Welcome to #Sellers-Showcase!

We help sell your artwork! We are here to promote traditional work, artisan crafts, comics and cartoons, resources and stock images, adoptables and literature, as well as prints of Photography, Digital and Traditional work.
Even more, we feature artists looking to take commissions, to found a project, etc.

Want to buy any of the art here? Just contact the maker! :)

Joining Our Group

All member requests will be accepted automatically. Please be sure to read the Submission Rules before starting to submit your artworks.

Submission Rules

:bulletblue: All Traditional and Artisan submissions must have an indication of being available for sale mentioned in the title, artist's comment or on the deviation itself; Traditional and Artisan deviations should only be submitted if the artist intends to physically mail the original piece to the buyer.
:bulletblue: Submissions to the wrong folders will be declined; generally, the correct folder to submit to is the one that matches the DA category you uploaded the deviation in, but there are exceptions as for prints, as example; at any case, you can check the folders' descriptions or send us a note or comment for more info.
:bulletblue: Submissions may only show the completed piece; preliminary sketches or WIPs (works in progress) are not allowed.
:bulletblue: The group should be notified if a piece is sold, so the submission can be moved to the "SOLD" folder and get more exposure; this isn't mandatory but a great opportunity for sellers.
:bulletgreen: Please notice that submissions are currently limited to 4 a month per member.

We do not accept abuse, discrimination, art that could be considered pornographic in nature, art theft, submition of false work, or any other form of unacceptable behavior from the group's members. People that are seen to violate one or more of these rules will be banned permanently from the group.

Please note that we do not handle the actual selling of deviations: we purely promote the artwork that is for sale. It is up to the seller and buyer to contact each other about selling and negotiating prices.


:bulletblue:We recommend payment via Paypal, as it is safer than other methods of online transaction.
:bulletblue: Struggling to sell? Visit our Top Tips.
:bulletblue: Pricing Guide.


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[Commission colors] Crusaders: Red and Wanda by theovoncave
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[Commission Colors] Blue and Green tickling by theovoncave
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