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Female Sexy Poses - 2020

Well hello there, it's sure been a while Demoman's Crazy Eyebrows (TF2 Chat Icon) 

La la la la Please note that you can reference the poses, but you can't trace unless you buy them or support me on patreon. Please, credit me!

If you want full access to all my tutorials (over 80 poses and references) support me on  P A T R E O N
Or you can get the specific pose packs on my T U T O R I A L    S T O R E

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Love it 😊❤💋

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oh, stop it you're making me blush~

u could really do henti but u choose to help others instead

i applaud u for that

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I mean, I do have a NSFW account :D

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Could I use some these poses and post my finished drawings here in DA and also outside DA? I will give you credits for the poses :)

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Yep, just don't trace.

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Thanks :3

I will give credit to you after I use any poses of yours, and I won't trace them at all :)

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You're welcome! ^^

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This is an incredibly useful reference- thank you so much! I am going to attempt to draw my own (I have had a request with this theme), I will tag and credit you in it as the reference. I always struggle with depth, wish me luck! :)

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So nice to hear! I hope it's gonna turn out well!

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Okayy- finished piece!

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anon lookin FINE!~
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Sorry if this seems like a stupid question or if you already explained it somewhere else, but what do you mean by "reference" and "trace" within the description ? I am not a native english, and I fail to grasp the full meaning of your explanation on your rules.

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Reference - look at and draw with your own hand
trace- draw on top of the existing lineart

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