Camping with Jade - Part 01

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By: SellCon2762

So perhaps I should tell you about the cool Saturday night deep in the California woods where I found myself buried in the folds of a giant girl with apocalyptic flatulence. My name’s Mike and the giant girl…perhaps you’ve heard of her, a teenager named Jade Lee.

You remember that video on YouTube a few months ago about the volleyball player letting out nasty wet farts during a match? Maybe, ring a bell? Well, that was me. Anyway, for those who didn’t see it I’ll fill you in. There was this high school volleyball match in which one of the star players of the team was letting out uncontrollable farts. They kept on coming out, rattling against the walls of the gym to the disgust and laughter of all those watching. The girl’s farts were sickening her teammates, as well as the teammates of the other team. The farts continued in earnest, wet and bubbly. The girl was a non-stop fart machine, until she sharted and ran off the court embarrassed, using a bathroom and humiliating herself in front of her fellow team. Oh, and I captured most of it on my phone and posted it online.

That girl from the volleyball match, with the blond ponytail and tight flatulent ass in those black volleyball shorts, that’s my sister Cassie. You see, I poured a whole bottle of laxative in her water bottle when she wasn’t looking and watched the match waiting for the fireworks. And boy was she letting them off, it was actually much more than I was even expecting. The video was a hit on the internet and I was laughing my ass off.

Until they found out that I was behind the whole thing. I won’t go into the details but they found out that I had done the whole thing to prank Cassie. I wanted a good laugh out of the whole thing. Was it a shitty thing to do, undoubtedly, but brothers do prank their sisters so is it all that different? To say my parents were furious with me was understating it. This camping trip…three months after the volleyball match…was the first time I was allowed to do anything social since they grounded me for it.

Now in the intervening time I have felt bad for what I did. My sister’s social reputation dropped for a while but it has recovered since the school found out that the whole thing was set up. My sister’s teammates rallied behind her and I was forbidden from attending any more matches. My sister didn’t say a word to me for weeks. It was only last week when she opened up the door to my bedroom and invited me to come along with her on her youth group’s camping trip. I knew a few of the kids in the group and this was a good chance of getting out. I begged for forgiveness for the whole thing and we worked out a way of me repaying my sister for what happened. Long story short my parents allowed me to attend the camping trip. My sister’s personality changed on a dime, she was actually nice to me as we were driven up there, even laughing off the whole incident. She warned me that the group might have beans on the trip and knowing how bad she can get after eating beans I might want to keep some distance from her.

Our mother drove us a couple of hours away from our city deep into the backcountry. Tall evergreen trees lined the highway for as far as the eye could see as the two-lane asphalt highway winded its way further and further into the woods. I had done a stint in the Boy Scouts when I was younger so camping was nothing new for me. A chance to get some fresh air was not a bad idea. We finally arrived at the trailhead, a large dirt parking lot at the end of a bumpy gravel road. There were over a dozen cars already sitting there with various boys and girls, all high schoolers like ourselves standing outside carrying camping packs on their backs. Our mom parked in one of the few remaining spots and we opened up the trunk to unload our camping gear. When that was done I mom lowered her drivers’ side window and spoke with me and my sister.

“Now Mike, if you do anything stupid…ANYTHING…you’ll be grounded until the end of time! Understood?”


“Don’t worry mom…Mike’s going to have a WONDERFUL time with us!” Cassie extended her left arm around my back and hugged the two of us together.

“Good. Have fun guys!” My mom kissed us goodbye and drove off, leaving us standing there with the camping gear.

“You carry this stuff for us. It’s only a five mile hike, with luck we’ll be there before dinner.”

“How bad’s the hike?”

“Hmm…don’t know. But it’s the least you could do for me letting you out of the house.” So, I picked up the backpack and strapped it to my back. It carried both my sister’s gear and my own, including two tents, one for each of us. We then met up with the rest of my sister’s group, largely a collection of high school kids, about half of them boys and half girls. I recognized a few of them, who all were giving me dirty looks, a little peeved from my prank. However there was one particular person who was not like the others.

“Who’s that?” I pointed up in the air as everyone felt the ground shake beneath them, walking across the parking lot, coming out of what appeared to be a makeshift moving van was the biggest person I had ever seen.

This woman was an exquisite beauty, as close to physical perfection as a woman could be. She had the body of an Amazon, standing every bit of eight feet and four inches in height. She wore a purple T-shirt with some what looked like Asian characters on it, Japanese or Chinese, I wasn’t sure. Her breasts swelled beneath her shirt as she walked toward us, full and very firm. Underneath that shirt were two medicine ball-sized tits buried in them. Her torso tapered off to a small waist, tight stomach, curving back out again into lovely, feminine hips and round, hard buttocks. The girl wore a tight pair of khaki shorts that barely covered an ass that was breathtaking to believe. It as wide as the upper part of my body, each buttock was the size of some of the boulders on the edges of the parking lot. I could get my head lost in her butt crack with ease. She had long, lovely, thick black hair, which she wore tied in the back. Her beautiful Asian face featured bronze skin, pale green eyes, high cheekbones, and soft pink lips. And she was so tall that the top of my head reached her belly button. This placed that gigantic rear of her’s right in my line of view as she turned around to greet my sister. All of that said, she was just as massive to my sister as she was to me.

“Cassie! What’s up? Nice to see you here.” The giant Asian teen greeted my sister, lowering her head, sticking her butt even further out. I had been catching a quick glance of it as my teenage hormones were going off like crazy over the sight of such a divine rear end. It was then I caught a strong whiff of something…something strong.

“Yeah, I brought my brother. He’s camping with us.” My sister pointed over in my direction. The giant girl turned around and looked at me with a smirk. Jesus Christ her boobs! She practically smothered me with them as she took a closer look at me. Her shirt was nothing against the cavernous depths of cleavage she had created between her giant melons. Who was this girl?

“Oh look at your brother…just like mine, very tiny. What’s your name?”


“Well hey there little Mikey…BBBBUUURRRPPPP!!!” The giant, out of nowhere, belted out this short but very powerful sounding burp. I could smell a lot of digested dairy and meat in that release. She quickly stood back up and laughed as she apologized for her act.

“Excuse me…must have been something I ate earlier.”

“That doesn’t surprise me much Jade. You’re always eating something.”

“Well. I’m eating for a dozen this evening, you guys can have your hot dogs and beans…I brought my chili. Can’t go camping without it!” Jade said laughing as she burped once more, echoing around the surrounding parking lot. A couple of girls looked up at her and complained, prompting Jade to laugh back at them.

“Bet you’ve never seen anything like her before?” My sister elbowed me as I looked in at admiration at the immense size of Jade. I have to admit the obvious, no I haven’t.

“And to think, she’s only 15 years old.” My mouth dropped upon hearing that. My sister was 18 and I was 17 and Jade was two years younger than us and way bigger too.

“Only 15?”

“Yeah, she had her birthday party a few weeks ago. Pretty big gathering I hear, you need the space for a girl her size. She’s got some sort of medical condition, gigantism. She’s a fast growing girl…and she’s getting bigger too.” My sister winked her eye as I picked up the backpack with our stuff and got ready to head out onto the trail.

Finally the group began hiking out, one of Cassie’s friends served as the leader in the front of the pack as she guided us through a wooded landscape. I carried on rather well with my sister in tow as I carried both of our gear along the dirt path. Jade was right in front of us, I could feel the ground shift every time she took a step, God that girl was freaking massive! I had seen some big people in school but none compared to Jade. And the view of her ass from my vantage point, I had never seen something so spectacular before like her fat ass wobbling in front of my face. Her big ass wobbled with each rotation slowly making a wedge out of her shorts. They must have been a custom-sized pair of shorts because I didn’t see any brand name on them. Still they had a hard time filling her cheeks at their voluptuous size.

It must have been half an hour into the trek when I started to smell something, something beyond belief in terms of its nastiness. It smelled like shit, it smelled like something out of a garbage dump. I first thought that we had passed some decaying carcass of an animal but I didn’t see one around. It wasn’t long before I heard others in the group cough and gag from the wave of stench blowing back our way.

“What is that smell?” I asked my sister as she shrugged her shoulders. It was becoming obvious at this point that someone had let one rip, a nasty one too. The smell that was hovering around me took a turn for the diabolical. Second by second, the smell of hot sulfur continued to increase as the entire trail was filled with the strongest shitty aroma that I had ever encountered. The smell grew worse and worse and worse. Even skunks were keeping away from it; it was a nasty silent fart that had stunk up a wide region. Finally, one of the girls in our group had spoken out.

“Jade? Can’t you keep it to yourself?” She shouted out. Jade began laughing as she fanned the backside of her ass, giving me an even stronger whiff of her gaseous creation. I nearly fainted on the spot; my sister had to hold me back from falling down.

“It’s not my fault my parents stopped for McDonalds earlier.” Jade started laughing as I looked straight ahead her fat and plushy ass. I found myself standing right behind it as my sister had moved me in front of her. It was only a few seconds later when I heard a hissing sound come from in front of me. And out from that vast behind was another wave of the eggiest gas to have ever entered my nostrils.

“Thanks for staying in front of me Mike; she’s been letting them off ever since we started on the trail.” My sister was giggling behind me. Sure enough my nose was constantly assaulted by passing waves of gas out of Jade’s ass for the duration of the hike. I was winded by the time we had gotten to the campsite with a lung full of Jade’s nasty post-McDonalds gas.

We finally had arrived at the campsite, deep in the woods and not far from a small stream. There was a crude latrine facility set up nearby along with a campfire pit and space for the individual tents. As I brought our things down on the ground I started looking through the camping gear, enough stuff for just that one night, this would be a rather simple campout. There was a small thud as Jade sat her fat ass down on the ground to go through her own gear. I saw her licking her finger and holding it out to gage the wind around the campsite, it seemed that she was trying to figure out the wind circulation around the area before positioning her tent, which was a bit of a distance between the rest of the tents being set up.

“Sis? I don’t see a tent in here?”

“What? That can’t be. There has to be a tent somewhere in that gear, check again.” She replied. I looked through the stuff again and sure enough, there was no tent. There was everything else, probably a bunch of stuff we weren’t going to use, but no tent. I had my sister look through it herself; she looked “perplexed.”

“Well…damn. I guess we’ll have to share someone else’s tent.” That’s when she looked over toward Jade’s direction, a smile formed on her face. She then looked over at one of the other girls setting their tent up, a girl named Marta who she knew from the group.

“I’ll see if I can camp with Marta over there…how about you go with Jade, I think she’s sharing a tent by herself.” My heart started racing upon hearing that, Jade was freaking massive, but then again, so was her tent. My sister walked me over to Jade’s tent where something that resembled more of a dining fly was being constructed. I could actually walk inside her thick green canvas tent; it looked like something that the military would use to house several soldiers in. Jade’s massive body was hammering in some long metal stakes as she saw us approach.

“I was wondering when you’d arrive.”

“Could my brother share your tent with you?” My sister asked. Jade was smirking as she looked down on me. I was practically shaking in my knees; you just couldn’t get enough for how massive this girl was. I mean, just looking at the serious tracts of real estate behind her shorts was humbling.

“Well, I don’t know how much room I’ll have in here. But if your brother will be able to handle me, I can keep him company for the night.”

“Great. Well, see you later.” My sister left, almost immediately as she ran back toward the rest of our camping gear. I looked back at Jade, who stood as massive as ever.

“You look like my brother. He’s a little twerp as well. I usually have him come along with me on camping trips, but the doctors insisted that I had to give him a break this time. So maybe you’ll help me when the time comes.”

“Help you?”

“Yeah. But we’ll get to that later. Bring your stuff over hear and we’ll get it moved into the tent. We’ll go over details after dinner.” I then brought up Jade holding her fingers up in the air, she giggled as she looked down at me.

“Oh, I was seeing what the wind flow is around here….I just want to make sure that I’m downwind from everyone else. Believe me…it’s vital that I am.” After another minute she was satisfied with her location. She was bending over to drive stakes into the ground for the tent. Right in my face were her giant ass cheeks, hard and muscular and thick, a small wind blew out blowing a hot-air blast right in my face. I began smelling it again, that same smell from earlier, it put any overused bathroom to shame, rotten and eggy, it was a silent fart that could kill you. She laughed to herself and kept hammering.

"Fucking fast food does it every time," she said. I nearly gagged on the spot, the idea of sharing a tent with Jade was looking worse than ever. My heart started racing, I was already putting it together.

“Well come on runt…you’re going to help me put up this thing.” Jade instructed as I pulled the metal poles out of her tent. It was an A-frame tent that stood to nearly seven feet in height, not even tall enough for Jade to stand in, but length-wise it was good enough for her size. I helped get the poles set up as she finished staking the stakes in. She had put in twice the number of stakes into the tent to seal in the air inside the tent, along with two heavy-duty zippers she had that tent designed to keep air sealed in tightly. She threw her camping gear into the tent and her sleeping back, which took up the majority of the space.

“I normally don’t share my tent with others, but I’m sure we can make it work.” She said giggling as I looked over the ground next to a log. There were three family-sized Tupperware containers with a mushy brown chili inside of them. The chili by itself must have weighed almost 40 pounds, but to Jade was only modestly heavy. There were also two gallons of milk sitting there.

“What’s that?”

“My dinner. Speaking of which, let’s join the others.” She picked up her dinner and walked over toward the other campers who were now seated around the campfire, fixing up the dinner for the rest of the campers, hot dogs and three large pots of baked beans. They were sitting on various logs that were scattered around the makeshift campfire ring. One of the guys had built a fire and started it with a lighter. Now it was beginning to burn through the more median-sized pieces. The smell of burning wood wafted through the air as the kids were talking with one another, interacting without their phones for once as there was no cell service this deep in the woods.

Everyone had a plate with some hot dogs on them and a spoonful of beans. I took one and ate next to my sister, quietly looking at the fire as I tried my best to interact with the other kids. Finally Jade had taken her place on a giant log that took up a quarter of the space around the fire. She began diving into her first container of chili, drinking straight out of her two gallon jug of milk. She spoke to me as I looked nervously at her eating all of that food.

“Yeah, I have a super high metabolism, so I must constantly eat. I could actually eat even more than this, that’s why I prepared another dish for me.” Jade said snickering as I looked up at her. She had looked pretty cool at first glance but as I saw her consume all that chili I began to wonder what this kind of food would do to her. She rattled out a loud, bellowing burp that echoed in the dusk-filled air.


“JADE?!” The others in the group all spoke at once in their disgust at the behemoth teen’s gassy output. There was a real stench to this burp too, not just a typical burp after soda but something with real power behind it. Jade giggled as she shrugged her shoulders and continued eating.

“I LOVE CHILI! It’s my all-time favorite food…ummm….just look at it!” She saw that I was looking inside one of her containers. It smelled good I must admit, a combination of food put together, with loads of ingredients and many more beans inside. It smelled kind of spicy as well. All of them. Never before had I seen someone eat as much as she did in that one setting. Everyone was looking at her with both amazement and fear. They couldn’t even comprehend all of that food going inside of her, but at her massive size I guess it was possible. She finally finished up the food and sat back, feeling full. I could hear it come out from her gut, a rumbling sound that was the beginning of what was going to be a historic digestive process. Then Jade spotted one of the pots of baked beans that had not yet been touched.

“Anyone finishing those?” She asked as the group looked at her. One of the guys said no.

“Then bring it here…I got some room for that!” Jade laughed as they carried the pot of beans her way. There was no freaking way that she had room for those beans, no way at all. I was wrong.

Jade picked up the pot by the handle and took the edge of the pot to her lips, she then began to chug the baked beans into her gullet. Everyone just looked at her, it took her a couple of minutes, but she ate all of the baked beans in that pot, a full-sized pot that could feed a family! What the hell was inside of this girl that could cause her to eat like this? She could demolish eating contests the way she was going.

After dominating the full pot of baked beans she finished chugging off the rest of her milk and placed the empty milk jug next to the three empty containers of chili resting beside her. There was suddenly a muffled gurgling sound come from her stomach. The girls all looked at her; they had heard this sound before. Jade held her right hand up, as if she was about to let loose…something. A few of the kids started backing away in their seats, they knew what was coming.



Jade belched like she had never belched before. This broke all records as far as burping was concerned; there was no way anyone could even compete with her in a burping contest if she wanted too. My ears were booming as this deep gluteal burp droned out blast of hot, digested wind all around us. I could taste everything that had gone inside this girl’s gauntlet. Beans, cheese, onions, meat…I could taste it all. Not just smell it, but taste it, Jade’s digested chili, this was one impressive belch. The fire was blowing back and getting bigger for what had to be a good 20 whole seconds of burping action. The sound echoed throughout the forest and sounded like a roaring thunder for several seconds after she was finished burping. I was fazed, completely dominated by a simple burp, smelling and tasting Jade’s digestion as the other kids waved their hands around in disgust. I got to tell you how bad this burp smelled. My sister farted a storm the day I put the laxative in her drink, she stunk up the entire gym (I was trying to embarrass her after all.) Jade’s burp easily outclassed anything my sister did and people evacuated the gym due to my sister’s gassiness.

“GODDAMN!” Jade pounded her chest with her right hand clutched in a fist. She laughed out loudly now, a bellowing laugh as she punctuated her excitement with one more burp.


“JADE?!” The kids all groaned out their complaining voices as they began smelling the air around them. Jade’s burp carried with it an impressive and acidic aroma that was very difficult taking down. Her laughter seemed to indicate that she actually loved it when people complained about her gas. She took pride in what she was doing.

“You girls have NO idea how gassy I’m gonna be tonight!” Jade laughed as she felt her stomach bubbling up within her. That’s when she grunted and out against the log came a sick and powerful sound.




What happened before our eyes was simply astounding. I have to piece it together by the sequence of events. First Jade began cutting out a thick and thunderous fart on top of the log. The sound of her big asscheeks flapping with the force or this tremendous cheese cut of hers was harrowing. And it went on for a good decent time. It just went on and on, everyone’s mouths were open in astonishment, until the smell of the fart began to hit us. Jesus Christ it was bad!

The foul smell of flatus floored its way into my dainty nose. It was a putrid dead smell, of the thousands of things that died in Jade’s gut. The revolting smell was only amplifying, growing stronger by the second as Jade continued cutting her vicious beast of a fart on the log. The kids started evacuating as the fire flared to a bigger size; it was almost like a slow-motion fireball taking place. Copious amounts of methane were floating around fueling the fire; at least there was space for it to consume the wood around it without blowing out of place. One of the girls was grabbing a water jug to quickly splash out the fire without catching too much of a whiff of Jade’s cooking.

But then things got even bigger. Jade’s fart reached its crescendo, it was so powerful of a rip it broke the log she was sitting on in half. She could feel the log giving way to the force of Jade’s fart. It broke up into a few smaller pieces as Jade’s ass hit the ground (it was only about half a foot from the ground) and shook the ground with a thud as the very full Chinese-American girl had fallen to the ground, having destroyed her seat. Jade was laughing as if this was the funniest thing in the world.

“Ahhhh….EXCUSE ME!” Jade proclaimed as she fanned the air around me. The entire campsite stunk, rotten to the core as the eggiest of stenches filled everyone’s lungs. There was thankfully a bit of an airflow but this smell was a scorcher, burning up my nostrils and the nostrils of everyone else. Jade had patted her stomach and I was getting woozy from staying there. I got up off my seat and ran to my sister, who had distanced herself from Jade.

“Sis, I can’t sleep with her. Not if she’s going to be doing THAT all night!” I protested with Cassie.

“But there’s nowhere else for you to sleep here and we’re miles away from anyone else.”

“But the smell…that’s just nasty.”

“Funny, you weren’t saying that when you were broadcasting me over the internet. I seem to recall you thought it was very funny.” Cassie crossed her arms. I didn’t have much of an answer to that.

“Alright, I’m sorry for that. Like I’ve said multiple times before, I was being a dickhead when I did that.”

“Yeah, well you sure didn’t feel any remorse when you did it, did ya?”

“Of course I didn’t feel any remorse.”

“Well maybe after tonight you will. If I give mom an unsatisfactory report from this camping trip she’ll keep you grounded for the rest of the summer. You won’t be able to do anything and go out with anyone. We’re trying to give you a chance. Now do you want to spoil it?”

“Yeah…but do you see her….” I was interrupted by the sound of yet another rattling belch coming from Jade’s direction.



Another terrifying belch came out from her mouth. I wasn’t in the line of fire for this one, but I was close enough to smell it. You’d think that there was no other way that the smell could get worse, but Jade was proving us all wrong. One of the girls once again yelled her name, asking her to stop.

“Sorry…I’m a little gassy!” Jade laughed knowing full well the irony of her statement. Hell it was just plain false. I protested one more time to my sister, begging for me to just sleep outdoors.

“No way, it’s getting cold out there tonight, you’ll need the warmth. It’s just one night in Jade’s tent, that’s all. Survive that and all is forgiven. You can resume your so-called social life and hang out with your friends.” I looked over and noticed the smell had grown on me, maybe a little. Perhaps it won’t be too bad…nah of course it will be. But I had no other option. My sister had planned this, she knew what would happen. Maybe Jade will fall asleep easily and pass out and I would just have to put up with the toxic fumes escaping her bloated behind as she slept. I could keep a towel over my nose and shield myself. And then there was the whole feeling bad for my sister. I did kind of put her through hell when I did that prank, and she wasn’t feeling better for a day or so afterwards. I guess I kind of deserved it.

Jade had gone off to her tent while the others resumed socializing and talking around the cold fire pit, it was soon time for bedtime, it was well after 11:00 in the evening and the different kids were starting to head to their tent. My sister entered her tent with Marta and after only a few seconds I could hear a long and thunderous fart erupt out of my sister’s behind. I knew from my prank that my sister could actually fart pretty good so it was no surprise that beans would do her in as well. Her tent mate laughed and then started complaining about the smell, but from the way they talked it sounded like she was already familiar with my sister’s emissions.

I shined a flashlight down on the ground and walked the path toward Jade’s giant tent. I could hear what sounded like thunder from inside of the tent. The ground all around me started shaking as this went on for what must have been almost a minute. A little shaken, I announced my arrival and zipped up the tent door to reveal something beyond sinister, beyond toxic, beyond profane. My heart was now racing as I could tell my worst fears were about to be realized. On her hands and knees, over what must have been the largest sleeping bag every created, Jade had just ripped a powerfully pungent fart.

“Oh hi there Mikey. Get in before too much of it leaves. I’ve got plans for you!” Jade looked at me with her emerald-disc looking eyes. She was dressed in only a thick pair of white panties and a white lace bra, and if I thought she looked big before, she was practically a giantess…if it weren’t for that barf-inducing aroma of hers. I suppose a big tent was required for a girl her size. Jade had slipped out of her clothes and I could feel the heat inside the tent already go up as this massive teen stripped before me. She wasn’t the least bit shy about how big she was. She proudly announced to me that she was wearing her biggest bra yet, and yet her boobs were becoming too large to fit in her white-colored cups. They swelled out from the top, underneath and the sides of the cups, threatening to burst the clasps as the weight on the shoulder straps became noticeably heavier. I remember ogling over all the other girls in my school over their busts; they had nothing on Jade’s size. These breasts were larger than anything I had ever imagined. Jade laughed as she lifted their heavy mass, and push them together to produce a deep, massive cleavage.

“Yeah…they have to custom build these things for me. I just can’t help getting bigger and bigger.” She laughed as she fanned the air around her. It smelled of nothing but her fart. Everything was fart, ripe, foul fart.

“Just think of it, my breasts getting bigger and bigger, warping through the alphabet as I make bra after bra my bitch!” Jade laughed as she wobbled her big gelatinous breasts in front of me. I was a male after all, who could resist breasts of such size?

But as amazing as her breasts were, they were still nothing compared to her ass, I was in big trouble it if was as big as I was seeing it here. Jade’s bottom had also grown rounder and much more plush; her white panties were riding up each cheek as it became too large for the sheer material to cover. The panties, which would have been normal underwear on most women, was lost in a thong between the biggest, hardest pair of asscheeks I'd ever seen on a female. Jade’s gigantic white ass was a sculpted work of fleshy art, thick pads of rump meat that twitched in muscle as she moved. These were freaking curves! What the hell happened to this kid to make her this massive and big? Her cheeks had to have weighed ten to twenty pounds each; they were bigger than my head, by a lot. I could shove my head in between them and still have room to spare. I suddenly worried that she was about to test that assumption. But first, she had gotten on her hands and knees as she opened up her book bag, looking for something. It already STUNK in that tent; that one fart of her’s was BRUTAL! The aroma was painful to take in, a true chili fart in every sense of the word. And there was lots of fart fuel bubbling up inside of her and she was more than eager to let some of it out.

I was looking up at a titanic pair of thighs as big around as I was, soaring up to end in a thick pair of white panties. Screen pressed on them was her name written out in green letters. Her ass was as high off the ground, even with her on her knees, as my face. I was looking square in her luscious, massive, muscular buttocks, which exposed for what seemed like an excessively long period of time as I simply stared at the sensuous expanse of smooth bare flesh. And hanging in the confines of her industrial-strength creamy white bra were two breasts the size of bowling balls, wobbling at the same time as she moved around. I had to give it to her, Jade was so gorgeous... and I was completely mesmerized by her gigantic size, and exotic beauty.

“Yeah, my panties are custom made too. Can’t you believe that no store carries something my size? I think it’s size discrimination. I mean, some of us girls are just big boned. What’s the crime in that?”

“Jesus, they’re bigger than one of my shirts. Probably two of them put together!”

“Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised….oooohhhh…I felt that one…” Jade looked at me, now she was starting get a little serious on things, the smell was only getting worse, my eyes were watering and my mouth was breathing in something just plain toxic. You’d be in serious trouble if you created aromas like this in an industrial setting.

“So yeah. Anyway, it’s time that put you to some use. I believe I am to oversee your punishment for your stupid decisions. Spiking your sister’s water with a laxative, causing her to stink up the court and crap herself and then filming the damn thing for all to see. I mean, my brother would never resort to that kind of behavior.”

“I’m sorry about that. I already apologized to her, my parents already grounded me, they even took my phone away for two months. Isn’t that enough?”

“Enough? Your sister was crying when she came to see me after all of that. Now to see a wonderful girl like Cassie said because her brother pulled a mean prank on her, well my heart was broken. I remember her from when we played volleyball. Oh yeah, I was a volleyball player, perhaps you noticed?” I hunched my eyes a bit as I tried feigning ignorance.

“Once I got a little too big I couldn’t play much anymore, but Cassie and I were good friends.”

“I see. And I am sorry about what I did; my parents forced me to take the video off. I even deleted it off my phone in front of them. Besides, Cassie seems to be doing better now and I won’t be doing that again.”

“Well, it doesn’t matter! I need you tonight. Normally I have my brother with me on these trips but he’s taking the weekend off. Need time for the lungs to recover and all that jazz. So I need someone else, someone who can be behind me….more specifically behind my ass. Just…kind of get used to it…I had chili tonight and that gives me a very unique kind of gas. I’ve sent dozens of people to the hospital with this stuff…and as for all that milk. I’m actually very lactose intolerant, so milk has a very bad effect on me. So I’m going to have to have to sniff of few of these out for me tonight, or else I won’t get any sleep.” Jade snickered as I heard her stomach gurgle again, she was loaded on fuel.

“You put your sister through hell….so it’s only fitting I return the favor!” And with a girl the size of Jade I was in no position to leave. I whimpered over to her ridiculously beefy backside. I could already smell what was coming out. But then, she unloaded her weapon. Everyone in the campsite heard this one!





“FUCK YEAH!” Jade cried out so loudly the whole camp heard her. They also felt it too. My face was burned and blasted at the same time with this Goliath of a fart. My face was caught in the crossfire of Jade’s first really big fart of the night. And there was no mistaking it, the powerhouse of her bowels were open for business. Bomb was the appropriate word for the over one-minute long gas monster that left my Jade’s behind. To say nothing short of amazing was the power of her fart, she had released a fart so devastating and so large; few words could describe it other than amazing. The fart came out with such a deep bass that her fart could legitimately be used for warfare. The fart sounded like an honest-to-God explosion of gas, so large that the tent was shaking as a minuscular earthquake was being created within the seat she had turned out of my face. The rupture of gas coming out of Jade’s ass was louder than a subwoofer set to the highest level; it produced a sound that was reaching 100 decibels of nothing but pure funky ass bass.

“Oh Goddamn Jade?! What the fuck is wrong with you!” I recognized that voice from afar, it was my sister’s, coming from a tent a good 200 yards away from where we were. I also heard some laughing coming after that. My sister’s revenge was coming along very nicely.

“Ahh…much better.” The Asian teenager cried out in laughter as I began to smell the all-too familiar smell of rotten beef and beans waft into my head. We had only begun and already my world consisted of nothing but the smell of Jade’s fart. But then I felt the entire tent shake around me and soon there was a much more intense aroma filling up the tent.





Out came Round Two and not even a minute after that last fart. I didn’t have the time to recover and Jade was already dishing out more of the gas. This was a bit more of a soggy sounding bomb going off in my face; I could hear bubbling come from deep within her crack as I pressed my nose in there and took in everything. Needless to say there as only so much that I could take in. Jade was running with efficiency like a machine, churning out the right amount of gas every time. I didn’t yet understand the impact that chili had on her bowels. Apparently it turns her farts from something incredible to something unworldly. There was a night and day difference between her farts after just eating beans and Mexican food and her farts after chili. And with BOTH chili and beans resting in her stomach, plus the milk, I was in deep trouble.

“Yeah, I bet you’re surprised a girl like me can fart like this. Especially a woman like me…can you smell that one…fuck that stinks!” Jade laughed out even louder. With the zipper closed there was nothing to release any of the pent up air inside the nylon structure of her enormous tent, subjecting both of us to her personal Dutch oven of gaseous death.





Jade’s next fart was an impressive display of her sphincter’s power. It was long, loud and deafening. The ear-piercing sonic blast rung in my eardrums as her fart released this booming noise that shook my body vigorously. She was pushing out a gastric windstorm of unmatched proportions. Billow after billow of gas blew out from her ass as waves of her pungent gas pounded my face. I began crying as I could do nothing but take it all in. And I thought those farts on the trail earlier were bad, this was beyond words! My lungs were flaring with this new and improved burst of methane piping into my system. And yet, another plume of gas began to flow down out of her ass as she bubbled out the last remnants of her deviously powerful release, reinforcing the strong gas that dominated the air.

“OH MAN! THAT’S FUCKING RANK!” She gagged upon smelling what had just come out of her ass. I was already coughing loudly from the stench of that last fart, and yet she was about to deliver her fourth explosion right in my face.





The tent shook and the sound traveled throughout the campsite. And back in the tent my nose was trying its hardest to smell this fart up, but there was no much use since Jade was on a feverish pitch with her wind breaking. Every fart she had ripped since I had entered the tent had smelled like roses compared to this heinous aroma. It was a killer aroma; strong enough to produce a green fog inside the tent that was going through a new redecorating effort as the vinyl canvas was slowly melting, burning away under the corrosive nature of the fart. Jade’s smile was turning to disgust as she caught a foul whiff of her masterpiece and even she knew that she had overdone it. But the most terrifying part of this massive, ultra-foul smelling and long fart was that I had a bad feeling that she was going light.

“Oh man….oh man….oh man….that stinks!” Jade panted as she was short of breathe following the eruption of that fart. She pulled her smoldering ass out of my face for a moment. And even then, she was feeling her stomach churn with even more gas. She felt her stomach grumble as the gas she had just unleashed produced a deadly green fog that steamed the tent up like a sauna. Mind you, I could hear this grumbling. She was so gassy that it was impossible for anyone not to notice the gastric discomfort this gigantic teen was feeling. Rotten meat and refried beans and rotten eggs fused together to produce the most putrid smell that any human had ever produced. Her fart had been so explosive that she tore right through a large portion of her underwear that had become a thong in between her butt cheeks. Now her underwear consisted of a piece of elastic on the top with two pieces of white cloth hanging down her backside and her front. The underwear was dirtied beyond repair even compared to some of her most weathered pieces of underwear in the past. And this meant I was going to receive even more of her gaseous power. A quick rumble in her stomach had given us the realization that she had more gas forming. I was not looking forward to this.

“You’ve got to be kidding me!”

“You know, I probably should have brought this up…but I think your sister poured something in my milk…ever heard of Ex-Lax?” Jade snickered at me as I felt her push her ass back into my face, forcing me to fall back on my feet as she erupted with yet another fart.









My face was blown with the windiest explosion of gas I had ever encountered. I felt as if my eyes were being pushed deeper into my skull and my nose was flaring up with the stingiest whiff of gas I could have ever encountered. The tent shook, the whole region shook as Jade’s fart carried with it such a loud booming sound that it was very likely to be heard in the nearby campsite. The sound was ringing in my ears as there was a gigantic amount of wind pushing out of her asshole and through her massive buttocks. I could feel the heat of this fart coming out from her and brace myself for its power. Jade farted like I had never felt or smelled a fart before.








And then came the smell. The smell was getting worse….fast! Her fart had both bark and bite and it was on a scale that I had not encountered before. It was a lot smellier than even I was expecting, it stunk as if garbage had been poured out on the entire floor of the tent, on top of some sewer and a truck load of eggs, and probably some other things as well I don’t have time to divulge in the details. All that I know was…it stunk. My lungs were burning as I felt the stink wash through my lungs and with that I started to gag and cough. All of that food inside Jade’s bowels had torn up my insides and my face was on fire from having to take it all in.

“THAT’S FUCKING RIGHTEOUS! DAMN DOES CHILI DO MY BODY GOOD!” Jade took her right hand and started to fan off the back of her massive rear. I fell back on my own butt as I looked up at her giant booty. Jesus was that thing even bigger than before and now I was beginning to fear its gaseous power. Jade was joyous in her conversation, yelling loudly the pride she had in her gas.

“And I have a little fart sniffer for it too. I hope you’re ready to step up your game handsome. I’ve got a ton of gas to release tonight!” Jade snickered as she looked back at me. What did she mean she had a ton of gas to release tonight. Wasn’t she ALREADY releasing a ton of gas. What was left to come?

Well, you know the answer to that one.

This is the first part of a two-or-three part story featuring a boy who's forced to share a tent with Jade after an evening of her eating chili. This is a canon story that takes place before Jade's Chili Farts.

The idea of this story is based on a commission I wrote for someone with a similar premise, but the circumstances behind the boy and his involvement with Jade are different in this story.
© 2021 - 2022 SellCon2762
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can you make a 3D Comic of The Farting Giantess. Just as Butre3004?

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Good to see you writing again and it seems this one's set far earlier in Jade's canon. Great story. I am interested to see where this goes next!

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Will you be opening up commissions any time soon?

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I'm afraid not. I'm way too busy to do any commissions.

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Aww rats okay I appreciate you responding.

Why are they mostly teens?

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I usually don't like the Stories where Jade is a slightly more realistic height but this was pretty hot

Nice story as we see Jade punish someone. Cool.

the king is back !! another amazing story !!

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good job¡¡¡¡

I love this story! one of my favorite scenarios, having to share a tent with a super hot but super gassy babe 😍.

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