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By: SellCon2762

It had been a month since Nicole and Mark had started dating. He found himself more and more immersed in the world that was Nicole Eckstein and her wonderfully flatulent ass. It was his dream come true, a girl of gassy powers that even he couldn’t come up with. The blond college student was the gassiest person perhaps in the entire world and that made it hard for Mark to believe that he was even going out with her. She could stink up large sections of buildings, shake high rises to their foundation and release a stink bomb of a fart so foul that hundreds could pass out from the sheer magnitude of the stink. But most of this was never seen by anyone other than Nicole herself; she even didn’t share much of it with Amy. While her roommate was at least privy to her friend’s beyond incredible emissions she was not FULLY aware of the true and awesome power of Nicole’s bum blasts. Mark however was more than happy to get a full demonstration and one evening Nicole was able to deliver.

It was a Saturday night and Amy had left town for the weekend to spend some time with her family giving Nicole free reign over the apartment. All her roommate asked of her was not to destroy anything; she knew pretty much what Nicole was thinking of when she invited Mark over to spend the night. They went out to order several food items that would help fuel Nicole’s flatulence for that evening. They got a large Mexican pizza, a small tray of bean burritos and two large bowls of baked beans. Mark was trying his best to indulge in his fantasy of Nicole eating really gassy foods to encourage her farting and she could only warn him that the side effects of eating such food was going to be harmful for him. Not that it mattered, Nicole was naturally gassy. She could fart just about all the time and the fact that she was holding back gas all the time meant that she was actually several times more gassy than she led almost anyone to believe. She had a severe form of IBS that contributed to large quantities of gas being produced within her beautiful blue jean covered ass.

Nicole was lying down on the couch as they pulled up a video to watch on the TV in the living room. She had just finished the entire meal and was feeling full to the max, loaded and armed with the food to produce the gas that she was famous for. Mark sat down on the end of the couch looking down at Nicole as she rested on her stomach with her ass staring at him. She wore a white hooded sweatshirt that was a tad too small for her, evident by the showing of skin between the top of her jeans and the sweatshirt. Her butt on the other hand looked remarkably big, big and powerful Mark observed. He showcased some of his writing by writing an ode to her butt, about its beauty and amazing gassy qualities. She was touched by his efforts. She had seen several guys before in the past and while all of them did have a fond attraction to her ass, none ever wrote poems about it. Even Mark’s own fiction, as mediocre as it was in his opinion, had improved since he started seeing her. Stories started to sound more complete and exciting as he got more of a whiff of the real deal. As he found out writing about farts was very different from smelling them.


“Sorry, that one just slip.” Nicole said laughing as she had a perverse delight of downplaying what were obvious monster-sized farts. The rumbling blast of super stinky wind was nothing short of explosive. The walls around the living room shook with great power as she causally released her first fart of the night. The sound was earsplitting, sending shivers down Mark’s spine as he got a nice showcase of just how powerful her farting was. Plumes of green gassy gas flowed upwards from her ass carrying with it some of the most disgusting aroma ever conceived. The smell was a mix of bad cheese and baked beans alongside the grand sulfuric stink of the broccoli, that stuff was only in a minuscular part of the fart as she knew it was still digesting within her.

“You can fart as much as you like, I want your worse tonight.”

“Oh you are so sweet Mark.” Nicole smiled back at him as Mark began to feel the couch shake, she was about to fart again.


A most satisfied bassy fart erupted from her behind, delighting Mark to no end. The smell coming out of this supercharged bomb of a fart was as intense as the previous one but it was more the show of strength of the farting that had pleased him. She had just farted for nearly 35 seconds after farting another one that went on for almost a minute, with a little amount of time in between each. She explained to him that her condition meant that she could either fart hundreds of times a day or combine her farts to longer releases that were numerically less even with the same effect. He got a kick out of her continuous farting, they walked down a sidewalk one time and she cut fart after fart like a machine, 40 in the span of a few minutes, tiny farts they may have been, it was the number of them that got him going. But tonight, she was farting long and hard.

“I sometimes can’t believe that I’m even with a person like you…..” Mark said before he began to fan the air around him. The smell of her gas was something he could tolerate but only to an extent. They both knew that she was only beginning when it came to cutting her dirtiest cheese. There was a very particular take on her flatus that made Mark cream himself every time he took a whiff. It wasn’t just a fart smell; it was something far different from that, a fart smell on steroids. It was the kind of aroma that Nicole on a normal basis could keep bottled up within her and not expose to the public, as she never really wanted to see the true effects of the gas smell. After all she still had memories of the family’s Thanksgiving a couple of years before. That year she hung out with some of her cousins after eating and the gas was getting to her. She decided to release one of her silent but deadly farts thinking that no one would hear her and that it wouldn’t be that bad. She made every person in the house pass out from the sheer magnitude of the stink for 20 minutes. The gas company had to be sent to the family member’s house the next week just to make sure there was no serious gas leak.

Mark, trying to be a little cute, asked to lay down on top of Nicole on the bed. He laid there with his head resting on her ass, she figured out rather quickly what he was attempting to do. He had the two nicest pillows as a headrest as he could hear the gurgling sounds of gas being processed within her stomach. She was already charging up some rather potent gas, though that was an everyday occurrence really. She remained rested on the couch there with her head on one end. There she was holding up her cell phone as she looked through it. Nicole, despite being a mathematical genius, was quite popular among her friends, few of them who knew anything about her flatulence problem. It was not the kind of thing to share with most people after all. It was only a minute after Mark had rested his head that he could feel her buttocks rise up, only an inch or so but just enough to alert him of what was about to happen.




Nicole farted, long and hard, there was nothing to prepare Mark for the sudden wind change from behind his head as he could feel the temperature right around back of his head rise up with the surge of her hot and pungent air at him. The loud fart was rumbling with great force and power as she continued releasing the deep bassy blast for nearly a minute in full length. Mark had a smile on his face as he continued feeling his head convulse back and forth with the shaking authority of her bum blast. He could feel loads of her hot gas blow across the sides of his face as her toxic vapors were trying to locate space to spread away from his head, blocking the access of gas out of her ass. It was getting even hotter as the fart continued, he almost wanted to take his head off her ass to prevent it from being burned off but he figured that that literally would be impossible. Still, she farted like it was nothing, and then topped it off with a couple of more farts, each in diminishing lengths that were still widely impressive for a person like her to release.

“Excuse me.” Nicole said giggling as she moved her butt cheeks a few times just to get Mark moving about. It was a playful kind of bounce that made him turned on instantly. But Mark was finding out that the thundering release of the fart was only one part of the release that was affecting him, it was the smell too. There was something about this kind of aroma that he couldn’t put his finger on, it was industrial quality. This wasn’t the kind of stench that could be manufactured from a normal human’s bowels, a small fart smell that might travel around a little bit, this was heavy duty. Made for large quantities, his eyes were watering profoundly from the crushing awfulness of the smell. Rotten and despicable, eye raising and alarming, it was not a smell that anyone could just whiff up. Five minutes later and the air smelled worse than any normal person’s trip to the bathroom after eating Taco Bell. And this was the “normal” Nicole fart aroma.

“Sorry Mark.” Nicole said as she got ready to fart some more. He was so taken back by the smell of the previous release that he wasn’t thinking about Nicole needing to pass gas again.


There was one word for a fart like this, ripper. Only in Nicole’s case this was a SUPER-RIPPER! Tiny bubbles popping in a continuous minute-long string consisted of the most consistent pitch of a fart as ever. She had sphincter control that made him cream his pants right there, the first of several times that night considering how she was going. She farted with such power that he could feel the constant rip reverberate all throughout his body, even the couch was caught up in the tidal wave of her ripping fart. It wasn’t necessarily as loud as some of her thundering booming farts, but it was sharp and clear, ripping constantly as the smell of cheese and beans reintroduced themselves to Mark’s nostrils, even as the previous smells hung tightly in the midst of the living room. She farted with such nastiness that he couldn’t even differentiate one smell from the other; he couldn’t tell what smell was from what fart and so on.

“Oh Gawd that stung!” Nicole said as she finished up her fart. While for Mark it was a sensationally experience for Nicole it burned. The fart ripped its way almost as if it was literally tearing up her asshole.


“Oh yeah, it felt like something burning up its way….oh boy here comes more!” She said as she went on with another strong ripper of a fart. Mark was astonished.


“Ahhhhhh!” Nicole cried out, almost as loudly as her farts were, as she finished up another painful ripper of a fart out of her ass.

“Oh God that smells as bad as it felt.” Mark said plugging his nose for the first time, the back side of his head must have stunk like something that a shower couldn’t take care of it from the pure nastiness of the release.

“But it felt good!” Nicole said laughing as she wiggled her butt some more, moving Mark’s head a bit as he felt her asscheeks move.

“Well then by all means you can continue farting.” Mark said trying to get Nicole to be more loose in her attitude, which was hardly a problem. The two began talking some more as she had stopped the farting for the moment. She asked him what had gotten him into this fetish.

“What got me into farting?”

“Yeah, not exactly a normal thing isn’t it?”

“No it’s not. I honestly wish I could tell you what it was. I think it was my mother, as weird as it was, she got me into farting. She could release the biggest farts, smelliest, raunchiest, all of it. She could empty out the house and then some, give her beans and she was creating 50-foot radiuses of pure stink around her.”

“Sounds like she should have been my mother.”

“Oh she’s good. But I never found the heart to actually ‘like’ it. I feel wrong of liking anything like that from her, the taboo thing in all, incest. I never wanted to consider myself in love with my mother.”

“Well we do all love our parents, or should anyway.”

“Right, but there you go. As for the fetish, I began looking at pictures of girls online and imagined what was coming out of my own mother coming out of them. Soon I’m watching videos of girls, over 18 of course, watching videos and cutting farts that to my surprise were actually just as big as my mom’s. I wanted to move away from liking her farts to liking someone else’s.”

“Well that seemed to have worked.”

“Yes it has.”

“So why the love for it. Isn’t it nasty how we cute ladies can conjure up such stinky gases. I mean, you fart too, why the love affair for us doing it.”

“Part of it is the unnatural aspect of it. By rule girls don’t normally fart in public, I know they obviously fart but not for others to hear. My mom was an exception but she did it at home so that was never hard for her to do anything about it. It’s just the unreal aspect of someone doing something so foul that is so unlike what they should be doing. I love it. It shatters the expectations of just what a pretty girl should do…..what….what is that….” Mark’s statement was cut off by something disturbingly sinister wafting around his nose. He felt a slow rush of warm air blow up his hair as a gaseous stink bomb was slowly evolving. As indicative of the fact that there was no sound he could already tell what it is.

“I’m so sorry for this one Mark.”

“Sorry, but it’s not….” Typical as it was to claim that he could accept what he thought he could understand, Mark quickly got up from Nicole and found himself in trouble as the smell entering his nose was not anywhere close to what he had experienced earlier, it was infinitely stronger. Nicole had produced and released a smell so terrifying that it easily masked away any stench from earlier, it was only early but it was gaining strength as he looked down at her ass in the jeans and imagined the dangerous vapors blushing out of it. His nose was becoming the primary vessel for the vile detestable and putrid stink she was producing. She was releasing what to anyone else would have been an atomic fart, but of a purely silent variety, imagine the bomb going off without any noise at all. The look on her face was so orgasmic, her eyes rolled as she continued to rip this killer silent fart. It continued to turn into a dirty blast of air so forceful that her jeans were blowing freely with gale-force winds just off of her seat, all over the room. Mark had to slowly back away as Nicole continued to fart away, not only was it silent but it was also long. There was just so much gas for her to release it was insane. Nicole was simply put an industrial complex, producing and releasing more gas than a regular factory it seemed. The gas was potent and enormous and continued as Mark’s heart pounded.

And then, just as if Mark couldn’t imagine the fart getting worse, he heard the hissing sound of Nicole’s silent but deadly fart. She was releasing so much that the supposedly quiet sound was making a little bit of noise. That smell, which was a great magnification of any of her previous farts and of the stew she was fixing in her bowels, was the most profound part of that fart. By rule, her SBDs usually stunk ten times as worse than her loud ones, and if the loud ones overtook everyone else’s in terms of stench, then her silent ones were light years greater in power. Nicole Eckstein was a Farting Queen unlike any other; no one could touch her, ever. The silent portion of the fart had a smell unlike any other, like sulfur and brimstone mixed in with cheese and onions. In truth though, there was no real way to describe it, you simply had to be there to take a painful whiff of it. Mark found himself plugging his nose and waving the air around him to evade it from the worse of the stench of Nicole’s monster-sized SBD fart.  A dense fog developed around the room where he coughed and gagged, showing that he was not strong enough to withstand the power of her nastiness. It was a sign that Nicole had done well in eating her food as she did.  All the while feeling a hot presence had formed in the seat of her jeans, the effects of her bomb weren’t going away any time soon.  She fanned the fumes once more as she began to sample the gas as the valve had finally been turned off. Laughing all the way she looked up at Mark who was leaning against the wall, face all red as he was ready to collapse, the smell was way too strong even for him, he collapsed on the floor as the final touches of Nicole’s latest bum release took hold over the room.

“Oh shit. And that one didn’t even feel as strong.” Nicole said with a slick smile on her face.

Mark was out cold for half an hour, as Nicole did her best to clear the air in the apartment, opening windows, running fans and the works, but the drill was such that she knew it was all for naught. When Mark woke up he found himself lying down on the couch as there was a glass of water next to him on the table. When his consciousness was finally back up she was there sitting on a chair nearby, asking how he was doing. He could still taste and smell the burning remnants of that last fart, it was powerfully strong, strong enough to take transcend space and time he felt, so that he could still feel its impact.

“That last one was pretty bad huh?”

“Very bad, but I expected nothing less out of you.”

“That’s sweet of you Mark. You know I once did the mathematical equation about me farting and how long it would take to stink up the world with that?” She said with a statement that got Mark wired up.


“So I determined that I released a fart of that caliber, a silent one that’s beyond deadly, I would have to fart for two full hours at that rate to release a gaseous chemical that could stink up the entire state. To stink up the world, it would take about a day and a half of constant farting. Now obviously I can’t do that in one fell swoop. So I devised another equation. Taking in effect that I have a one-minute break in between silent farts that stink at least as bad as what you smelled, I would have to fart over a period of two days, silent farts of about a half a minute in length with minute long intervals and accomplish the same goal. And that Mark, is possible. I figured it out that if I ate nothing but broccoli for a week I could accomplish that goal, stink up the entire planet! Five times over! Isn’t that amazing?” Nicole said with a voice that got increasingly excited over the prospect of her own power. To demonstrate said power she leaned over against her chair and pushed out another glorious blast of gas.


Her fart was an impressive bubbly-sounding fart, smelling of her trademark rotten-egg aroma and lasting almost 50 seconds. Her farts were still nothing to mess with as Mark had already figured out. It started as a moist, long toot and ended on a deep bubbly note that rattled her chair. Even she began to recoil as she smelled this horrendous fart and she would even gag a little bit. This fart had gone on for an insanely long amount of time for this deep and pungent blast. She looked around the living room and saw the green mist increase in strength as it continued to circulate around the room. Mark started to breathe in the fumes, one after another, he was slowly getting himself to like and truly appreciate the power of Nicole’s farting. Hearing that last statement from her made him realize that he was at the verge of something truly amazing, his fantasy come true times a lot. There was something peculiar about the stench; this was the smell of a fart from a growing Nicole! Not growing in the sense that she was getting larger, but simply growing gassier. Nicole used to fart like a machine back when she was a teenager, but college aged and she could fart at much loftier standards, it was her secret for the world, one most guys would never want to take part in.  Humanity would soon after to take notice of Nicole and her farts. They would find out that her farts reach far beyond what anyone else could produce.

“Oh Nicole. The world should be taking turns whiffing this stinky creation of yours.”


“Absolutely, they shouldn’t be hiding away from you, they should be embracing, each and every one of your farts. You should be able to fart wherever you are, stinking up whatever you want, eating whatever foods you should eat. The world should be your own person fart receptacle, inhaling your magnificent vapors and basking in its glory.”

“You certainly have a way with words, wait a minute, let me get something.” She said as she got up off her chair. This gave Mark an opportunity to get up off the couch and smell the burnt remnants of her fart upon the seat. Of course he wanted a piece of the action of what she had generated. And he was not disappointed. The smell was great; it was everything he could have imagined, far stronger than it should have been. He was there sniffing for a minute before he smelled something else. He got up off the chair and looked back at Nicole, who smiled at him over his sudden show of devotion.

“You just wait till this stuff hits me.” She said as he looked down at a large family serving bowl size of steamed broccoli. Now his dick was as hard as ever, she was already killer gassy and about to make that even worse.

For the next 15 minutes Mark watched what could only be described as the gastronomical equivalent of loading up a nuclear warhead. Nicole ate hungrily the bowl of steamed broccoli, enough to be family sized, and all the while, she would lean over and casually fart some 20-second rippers as if they weren’t a bother to her at all. Mark could only guess as to the potency of the kind of farting that she would do later, even if she farted a dozen times while eating the broccoli itself.

“So broccoli makes you fart a lot?” Mark asked, remembering that she had brought up the subject a while ago but never spoke much more on it.

“Fart a lot, yes. But it’s not the frequency that’s the problem, it’s the smell. Let’s just say I create aromas that you have to smell to believe after I eat broccoli. I’ve shut down school before due to eating broccoli at lunch.” She said as she ate another batch of the green food into her body.


“I was ten at the time and I had some broccoli, I didn’t really know what was going on with me yet or that I was dangerously gassy. So I sat in class and looked around and leaned over slightly, cutting this silent fart that went on forever, and for a girl my age that was something else. I was stunned at what was happening, this thing tore through my jeans and soon stunk up the entire classroom. There were numerous boys who this was blamed on but no one ever suspected it was me, the perks of being a female farter.” She said leaning over and dropping forth another steamy hot fart bomb.


A bassy penetrating fart went straight into the chair cushions and shook the entire chair with another proud display of her flatulence, but the odor to come out was something that had burned Mark’s eyes. A smell was slowly growing around the room and Nicole was able to take a quick whiff to realize that the broccoli was beginning to work.

“Whoo! Smell that one Mark, that’s the broccoli, or the beginning of it anyway. What’dya think?”

“That’s insane, it smells dreadful in here.” Mark said with his nose underneath his shirt, he tried changing the amount of times he breathed; the less he could breathe the better. Nicole, fanning the air around her playfully continued her story.

“So back when I was ten, my fart didn’t just stink up the classroom, it traveled, that thing slowly filled up the entire school, or just about all of it, someone turned off the fire alarm and we all left the building. And even outside, I could catch passing whiffs of my creation. I was smiling the whole way, I didn’t believe that I was generating something so destructive before, this thing fucking stunk like nothing else, and my farts are now tens of times worse than that one. I mean, just whiff that bad boy now.”

“Oh I am, I am.”

“No, not that one, THIS one.” She said as she lifted her butt off the couch with her hands and began cutting forth her proudest and stinkiest thunder of the night.


This fart had all the hallmarks of something truly special. It was louder than anything she had cut before and it burned out of her jeans with a smoggy green air that was far more copious than what Mark had seen before. Nicole began blowing out of her ass the hottest, most putrid gassy wind that she had yet come up with. Mark was ready to barf nearly a few seconds after this monster fart had begun, but he was building up a strong constitution that allowed for him to keep himself from doing that. He still had to keep up with the powerfully noxious aroma that was generated from Nicole’s bowels. As the fart continued, he started breathing more of it into his system; inhaling the fart for all that it was worth. It was like breathing and smelling in fire, only it was a fire produced in the most sinister of forges, created by the production of bacteria within a girl who had the capacity to churn out record amounts of flatus. Even if he was still a few feet away and not breathing this fart in from the source he could still inhale with great pain the nastiness of her blast.

Each breathful burned the inside of his mouth, as if he were eating the spiciest food he could come up with. He could taste the broccoli that was within the bowels of Nicole Eckstein. The fart had produced some a masterful creation that it was able to recreate what she had eaten, only mixed in with a generous dose of sulfur and methane. But it was around the 15 second mark that the gas began to overwhelm him. He was breathing in and eating all of it, and there was still more of her stinky air to take in. As the final five seconds of the fart finished itself, she pushed out the rest of her rectal gas as Mark slowly drifted into unconsciousness. As every second passed his eyes began to close further and further until they were shut. His nose had been on sensory overload from the raunchy stench he was smelling and mouth could taste nothing but shit, or at least airy shit. He was a trooper for having dealt with her gas for that long of a time, but there was simply no way that he could handle it. Nicole’s powerfully broccoli fart was on a level that he had never experienced. She smiled as she finished her fart, looking at Mark whose head was lobbing back and forth as he drifted into a darkness. She started pinching her nose as she giggled around the room, waving her hand around the green fog that was being formed. The green fog floated out as she started coughing from the aromic stench that she had created. She looked over at Mark’s lifeless body as he lay there, unable to take in anymore of what she had created.

“Oh man, can’t be doing this all night.” She said as she stood up and pushed out a squeaker of a fart, only 20 seconds in length.

“Well, I might as well release this while he’s out.”
Commission for bjoemiller. This story picks up on the budding relationship between Nicole Eckstein and Mark Dearing. For the first time Nicole gets to show Mark just how big her farts can get.
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