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The Jeans Model 3 - Part 06
“Please Emily, I want it. More than anything, I can’t explain the feeling, but just the feel of your ass, encased in those jeans and letting rip a giant fart…it’s tantalizing.” Tyler pleaded one more time. He didn’t realize it yet that his lobbying had already paid off, Emily was thinking about. The more she thought about, the more she thought about how cool it was. She had already squatted in his face and farted, and the same with Dan, and there was something incredible about that feeling.
“Are you absolutely sure about this, you know I’m packing some dangerous gas this evening?”
“Yes I’m sure. Just once though, I want to see what one is like?”
“Why what?”
“Why do you want to experience me fart right on your face with my big butt on top of it?”
“Well, it’s a little fantasy, it would seem so intimate. More that though, I want to show you how serious I am in hel
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The Jeans Model 3 - Part 05
Emily’s fart was so massive that it seemed to have stopped time, or at least it seemed that way. After a minute or so both Emily and Tyler were sitting on opposite sides of the couch. He looked dazed and confused, she looked relieved….and confused. Around the room, the entire apartment was a fog of eternal stench; the air reeked of the worst smelling gas that Emily could produce. It made her previous barf-inducing aroma seem pretty pathetic in comparison. Of course it was only a mere intensification of that aroma, all of it was generated in Emily’s bowels, her still-bubbling bowels. She knew she had to blow out some more gas but she was now scared about doing any more of it. Tyler was silent, breathing and sitting but still silent. It was a small reaction that she noticed when she looked at his body, having been blasted by such a large and smelly fart. He had a hard-on, an erection that didn’t go away for a few minutes. Sure he was turned on by Emily’s ass
:iconsellcon2762:SellCon2762 38 3
The Jeans Model 3 - Part 04
It took a minute for the chaos of Emily’s latest blast to calm down the both of them. Emily stood around in the kitchen, letting the fog of her smell continued its supreme reign over the kitchen, and the entire apartment for that matter. Tyler calmly walked over to the balcony and the patio door and slid the door open, and leaving it open. He walked back toward his seat and sat back down. A light air flowed into the kitchen, nothing that could seriously dampen the dastardly stink coming from Emily’s latest fart but enough to at least give the illusion of doing so. She stood there with her hands pressed up against the back of the chair, thinking about Tyler’s actions. He had done this all so sternly, she was all of the sudden worried that she might have pushed him back too far, but she still had no idea what was going through in Tyler’s head.
Sitting down Tyler stared over toward Emily and couldn’t help but to be mesmerized by her. Ever since that first tim
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The Jeans Model 3 - Part 03
Tyler hurried back into the living room and picked up the plastic guitar as he quickly hurried through the songs to pick one. All of this was just to attempt showing that he had not just been at the bathroom door smelling the small trace amounts of Emily’s fart. He began playing a song and suddenly realized that he was well over his depth when it came to mastering the notes of the song. It had been even longer since he last played Guitar Hero and more than that he wasn’t that good at it. Playing instruments was not his forte. So what would have sounded like a typical rock song was instead riddles with all sort of missed notes, ringing off-noted sounds that made the song sound horrible. But it was all nothing compared to the sound of music that he had just heard out of Emily’s ass. He was so into screwing up his song that he didn’t notice Emily standing next to him as he had finished up his disaster of a guitar solo. He could smell strawberry from what was his ai
:iconsellcon2762:SellCon2762 47 3
The Jeans Model 3 - Part 02
Walking back into the main seating area of the restaurant she found that her meal had been delivered as well as Tyler’s. She looked back at the Mexican smorgasbord that lay beneath her. Her food took up nearly three quarters of the round table that was designed to seat four people. She had ordered a lot. Tyler couldn’t even believe how many beans were all over her food, she was going to give herself a serious case of indigestion with all of this food, smothered in a hot and spicy sauce. He could only contemplate the possibilities of what Emily’s giant ass might spew out after a meal like this. Sitting down Emily was ready to dig in.
“Don't you just love it when you come back from the bathroom and find your food waiting for you?” Emily looked around the table with her eyes opened up wide.
“You going to eat all of that?” Tyler asked, honestly worried that too much food might hear Emily, but then she began chuckling back at him.
“You kidding
:iconsellcon2762:SellCon2762 46 1
The Jeans Model 3 - Part 01
By: SellCon2762
The sturdy fabrics that comprised the stitching of the denim were working under a consistent pressure. Together the fabrics were expanding and adding more to their length while slowly but surely sacrificing durability. It would be some time before it finally would become critical but now there was an overwhelming consistent on part of the denim fabrics that a tightness was being achieved that was not sustainable for longtime usage. The seams were being stretched; even at their considerate size there was just so much a piece of clothing could do to holdback such power. And not helping matters was the movement, particularly in the upper third of the jeans. There was too much force being applied to the denim, at fast intervals that was slowly wearing it down.
On a normal person the denim would be able to handle the pressure gently, wearing out over a much extended period of time, but around the posterior of a girl like Emily Higgins the pressure was treme
:iconsellcon2762:SellCon2762 46 4
His Mom's Bad Gas
My friend warned the two of us: do not go into his mother’s office. It was a little strange to me that his mother had an office and not his father but the mom was the breadwinner of the household so she got dibs on the office inside their house. In practice both the mother and father did work inside the office but since my friend’s mom worked in business she used the office a lot more. And in general the father went along with that as well. Which brings me to that fateful day, which like all fateful days began with my sister and I visiting Jimmy’s house after school had gotten out. It was a Friday afternoon and we were looking for things to do. After playing video games for a while we got an idea to play a game of hide and seek. With us being in our teens though we thought we could be more complex and find some not-so-easy places to hide. So Jimmy began the count down as my sister and I started hiding. To this day I don’t k
:iconsellcon2762:SellCon2762 155 16
COMMISSION - Odorous Community
The world was in chaos. All over the planet things were happening that was changing everything that we once knew about our planet. This is why being welcomed into this community was supposed to be something special. We lived in our own commune, deep within the bowels of a giant mountain, a community that had the means to support itself, a place where women could live in safety from all that worries us in the world. Deep inside we are able to live productive lives that give us something to live for. All that is required of us is that we put up with the community’s rules. They are all simple rules, the stuff law enforcement would request back in our original communities, don’t kill, don’t steal, don’t do drugs, simple stuff. But there was one rule in particular that was more unusual than the rest.
We have to be farted on, each day and every day. It was a condition for living in this community. The rulers of the community demanded it upon everyone who lived there w
:iconsellcon2762:SellCon2762 55 1
COMMISSION - Under my Sister's Ass
By: SellCon2762
“Dear Diary, it was another normal day at school. By normal I do mean boring. Classes still suck and history class won’t shut up about the War of 1812. They keep emphasizing that it was important to the survival of the country and such, but I’m not worried about a war back then, I’m worried about survival into the next day. At least I have Kyle. He always knows what can help me out; I was feeling down earlier after a couple of girls were laughing at me for still having a teddy bear, like they never had one growing up. Word got around that I still have a stuffed animal, I can only guess as to one reason for that. God what I would do if for just one day she didn’t come home at all….” Sarah wrote down her diary as her wish and hope for the last line of that entry were denied by the loud slamming of the door, it was no secret as to who made that noise.
I could feel the ground around me rattle as my sister
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The Visit - Part 02
Abby’s leftover gas hung strong for a solid five minutes as the bubbly teen sat back down and pulled out her cellphone to check things. Thankfully she wasn’t always a farting machine but they four sniffers could hear more grumbling within her stomach to signal that she was far from finished from letting off her stink bombs. High powered fans were working their hardest as the gas was filtered out into an underground storage facility, a prototype for a power-generation station that could keep the CDC building powered. Abby’s gas had provided the power station with an extra surge of energy. As the gas was pumped out as well they had the chance to analyze her gas, the chemical composition and other biological elements. Mission Control came back with the findings as soon as he ran them through the computer.
“Miss Spencer your flatus is easily among the strongest we’ve ever seen through our system. It’s taking a bit of energy to clear the room of all of it
:iconsellcon2762:SellCon2762 39 9
The Visit - Part 01
By: SellCon2762
Abigail Spencer sat in the passenger seat of the car as her father drove it through the gates of the CDC complex in Atlanta. It had been a long journey from Chicago but the two had finally arrived at the top secret headquarters to the little-known Increased Female Flatulence Project. Which turned out being a good thing since the car was fuming with the remnants of Abby’s own flatulence. The two had begun with a breakfast at a local Waffle House where she ate her fair amount of waffles, scrambled eggs and hash browns loaded with onions. After spending a few hours sightseeing around the city they went to Taco Bell to give her some good old fashioned bean burritos, tacos and a couple of bowls of black beans. All of this was intentional given the purpose of their visit to the Center for Disease Control. Abby had some rather spectacular flatulence issues and her father wanted to see if there was anything that could be done to make her problem less of a proble
:iconsellcon2762:SellCon2762 43 3
Emily Higgins
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Height: 5’8
Weight: 160 pounds
Breast Size: C cup
IFFP Rating: 5.8
Appetite: Her appetite is only as big as the food she’s given. Living relatively poor outside New York City she often has to eat light so that she can afford to pay the bills. Her job at a Mexican restaurant allows her the ability to eat leftover food. This has introduced a heavy amount of beans into her diet that have radically affected the potency of her farts. She’ll eat just about anything she’s given but has given preference to Mexican-style food more.      
Gas: Emily doesn’t back up the records for longest farts or most farts, but makes it up in a big way in terms of smell. Emily pushes out the perfect kinds of farts with her heavy bean-based diet. Growing up her farts were already above average but since moving to the New York area their power had exponentially gotten worse. She is currently in a phase where her farts continued to
:iconsellcon2762:SellCon2762 22 1
Stephanie Jones
Age: 40
Gender: Female
Height: 6’11
Weight: 200 pounds
Breast Size: F cup
IFFP Rating: 5.0
Appetite: As a bigger older woman Stephanie has a generally large-sized appetite. Growing up as a taller girl she could eat plenty. A big vegetable eater she uses broccoli and cabbage to fuel her potent farts.    
Gas: Stephanie’s farts are enormous by the standards of those around her. They may not compare to most of my other girls but as an older woman she is an impressive farter nonetheless. Easily the worst farter of anyone who knows her she was one of the very first females to show signs of having increased flatulence. Her condition was such that no one was able to diagnose it early on, which allowed her tremendous gas to continue getting worse, even as a mother.
Dumps: Her dumps clog toilets but again don’t break any records compared to those around her. She loves messing with her son by stinking up the bathroom and leaving messes in the toilet. C
:iconsellcon2762:SellCon2762 19 2
Katie Williams
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Height: 7’3
Weight: 220 pounds
Breast Size: E cup
IFFP Rating: 8.6
Appetite: Katie is required to eat more than usual due to her two stomachs, as she is in a condition that requires her digestive system to always be churning. No particular food item gets her going to much but the usual suspects gets her bowels working up something fierce.    
Gas: Before the Day of Reckoning and Jade’s Chili Farts no one could hold a candle to Katie and her powerful farts. They were considered so devastating that Section 26 preferred to work with “less gassy” people such as Christina and Jade. Katie farts are simply put massive and even after the events of the Day of Reckoning and Jade’s Chili Farts she still punches her weight with bigger-than-big farts that can bring down entire buildings at full strength. Her K.S.B.D. farts are among the deadliest in the world and can cause major systems damage to the human body if inhaled
:iconsellcon2762:SellCon2762 19 1
Kelly Haynes
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Height: 5’6 (500 feet as a giantess)
Weight: 160 pounds (55,000 tons as a giantess)
Breast Size: D cup
IFFP Rating: 5.6
Appetite: Normal for the most part. Her eating habits are not too significant compared to her peers. Of note she loves eating Taco Bell which gives her the worst gas.  
Gas: Another sufferer of the Haynes Syndrome, a condition among females in her family which induce large bouts of gas, Kelly is blessed with the gassiest of gas in her family. Outdueling her sister on many occasions Kelly is now the gassiest in her family by leaps and bounds. As a normal sized person in college her farts are without a doubt among her female peers. She can clear out churches and her whole family house with some of her worst farts. Of which her SBDs are considered weaponized versions of death-by-fart among those who smell it. As a giantess her farts become supercharged to levels that outdo all the other females outside of giantess Megan and
:iconsellcon2762:SellCon2762 12 1
Ashlee Winters
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Height: 5’9
Weight: 170 pounds
Breast Size: D cup
IFFP Rating: 8.0
Appetite: Her appetite is pretty much normal, slightly above average though. Unlike other people though it doesn’t matter too much how much she eats, she’s bound to be producing loads of gas. Once demonstrated an ability to release several deep farts after eating only a ham and cheese sandwich. She can turn simple meals into massive gas episodes.  
Gas: Ashlee’s farts are on a different level from most people. She can throw her weight around with louds bursts of farting that impresses her own singular admirer John. She has a biological condition that effectively enhanced her gassiness a hundred times over. An attempt to cure Ashlee of this affliction at her father’s laboratory backfired and made her farts even stronger. The smell of her farts is impressive to the point that they kill trees and can knock whole classrooms out. She keeps the gas to he
:iconsellcon2762:SellCon2762 27 2


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For this long holiday weekend, for those in the U.S. and Canada anyway, I have posted the last two parts to The Jeans Model 3. So I have the whole story up now for those who want to see it. I hope to hear back on how this story worked out for you, it was a nice story to write in terms of telling a more complete story that isn't all about farting, but mostly about farting.

Not on the same subject but just out today is this newest rendering from bn432 of Samantha Fernley farting it up in a library.

Samantha in the Library by bn432

And on that note, I'm off to California this long weekend so I hope everyone stays good until later.


United States
For several years now I have been writing stories primarily of a fart fetish nature. My characters usually tend to be strong in some capacity, bigger than most other people. I tend to like Amazonian-sized girls or giantesses farting, but I can write about more normal females with tremendous farts.


-I normally do not do requests on a general basis due to time constraints. That and I'm usually particular about the story topic, it has to be something that works for me. I want to enjoy writing it as much as you may enjoy reading it. But if your idea is unique enough that I actually may want to write it then I can always consider it.


-If you have an idea for a commission for me, SEND ME A NOTE and explain your idea, however I do have some ground rules below.

-Starting in February 2017 I am opening up myself for commissioned work. Unlike with the requests I am more willing to write stories that I may not write otherwise as a request. As long as they stay within the themes of what I usually write. Read any of my stories and you'll have an idea about what I can write.

-Pricing is roughly $10 for 1,000 word story and up from there ($20 for 2,000 words, etc.) This pricing can be up for negotiation however. However much you offer will depend on how long and detailed I can make it. I can be flexible in this account.

-I will write almost any story idea given my way, however I do draw a line at characters from various forms of media. I will politely decline such requests, although it probably isn't in my best interest in terms of accepting commissions but I would rather not have to worry about being right about a character from a show or video game I've never heard of or played before. I do apologize ahead of time if this is a deal breaker. All other characters though (including my own or some other fictional character out there on this site) is fair though.

Which one of my characters is your favorite? 

71 deviants said Jade Lee
65 deviants said Samantha Fernley
34 deviants said Christina Lopez
24 deviants said Ashlee Winters
22 deviants said Megan Williams
17 deviants said Kelly Haynes
15 deviants said Katie Williams
12 deviants said Stephanie Jones
8 deviants said Emily Higgins
3 deviants said Britney Rogers


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