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The Great Thunderbird

Holy goodness it's finally finished :faint:
I really think this was an ambitious piece for me, and I'm glad I challenged myself despite all the procrastination haha :giggle:

I did this for the #TheIllustratedWord contest; I had to illustrate a scene from a story, poem, myth, etc. I chose the Thunderbird, a mythological creature from Native American tales. (Thought I'd go back to my "roots" haha)
The Thunderbird has been portrayed as many things: part human, part animal, or all bird. Sometimes it's big, sometimes it's smaller. I chose to represent it this way :)

Here's a little excerpt from a story:
"Thunderbird is a very large bird, with feathers as long as a canoe paddle. When he flaps his wings, he makes thunder and the great winds. When he opens and shuts his eyes, he makes lightning. In stormy weather, he flies through the skies, flapping his wings and opening and closing his eyes."

Edit:Added a little progress thing for anyone who might want to see how I made it :lol:

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this bird is kinda cool
it's just pride
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This beautiful! Will use it for a book I'm writing on magical beats!
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Please give credit if you are planning to use it online! If you are publishing a book I require compensation (or other agreement) for its use.
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Oh no! Don't worry! It wasn't for online use! It was for a book I'm writing for my own pleasure! I doubt it will ever be published! I could try to send you a link if I manage to create one :).
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Not a problem then! Thank you for asking :)
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You're welcome, and, once again, the drawing is beautiful! :)
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bi-bagami-ayaa gichi-animikii or the great thunderbird comes.
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Thuderbirds rock. Also, I like your picture.:) It's outstanding.
This is just so beautiful. My favorite depiction of thunderbird by far. I would love to use this as inspiration for a tat...
Different position, but I just love the colors and the face.
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I feature your wonderful deviation here
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Thank you so much!! I'm very honoured! :blowkiss:
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Those are fantastic touches.
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this is very cool!
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Thank you! Sorry for the late reply!
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no prob. and its okay
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Very cool. You've certainly captured that sense of awe and power... or something. I'll just leave it at 'very cool'!
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its so awesome and I love :heart: the storm and the lighting
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