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scarab figure snapdragon face

ok so scarab, the exotic asian assassin :ninja:, was topic at :iconbattle-artist: this week-threw in a snapdragon :ninjaplot: for fun :boogie:.
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Damn you and your mindblowing ability to make such damn friggin' beautifull faces ! :shakefist:

Anyway, and humour take away : clap: ^^
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:D have to say was pretty happy here with the big face...really cool makeup and of course skin tight costumes ftw :w00t:.
schlagazoke's avatar
"skin tight costumes ftw" :XD: exactly.
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thanks again rick :dance:...really had a blast drawing this.
RickMays's avatar
Easily one of the best I've seen so far! You've just made judging that much more difficult. BTW, tell Tigerlilly The Crow called and he wants his vibe back!
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thanks so much for the kind words :boogie:...i was definitely going for a bunch of attitude here-characters seemed so cool and strong-glad it worked out well :w00t:.
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Yeah dude, that headshot rocked the isht. You're a serious quake just waiting to happen.
*backs away slowly*
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Wow you have great drawing skills, i mean you draw faces amazingly and realisticly
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i appreciate it :highfive:...drew scarab then knew i had to have a big headshot-those characters really are cool :boogie:.
P1Y's avatar
yeah i like this one as well like you poses
Selkirk's avatar
thanks so much...had some fun with those faces-very cool masks :boogie:.
metanoia00's avatar
Very nice! Hey, I once drew a scarab mini from a Heroclix starter set I bought years ago. I must have it here somewhere.
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yeah really cool characters-had to do some research to find images for costumes...characters really have a nice design-and of course ninja babes just rock :horns:.
RubberLink's avatar
Wow, very cool character bro :D
Selkirk's avatar
thanks bro-yeah these ninjas(there are 6 :ninjaplot: :D) really have some awesome costumes-fun draw indeed :w00t:.
will-1066's avatar
Hooray for hot ninja assassins!
Selkirk's avatar
:nod:...indeed-sexy and dangerous ftw:D.
Shouten-Samurai's avatar
hot ninja assasins always make my day =D
Selkirk's avatar too-hot babe with a sword works just about every time :dance:.
Shouten-Samurai's avatar
hehe =D
well just make sure ya keep up the good work ;)
gwdill's avatar
Great work, bro!
Selkirk's avatar
i appreciate it bro :highfive:...yeah i was really digging these :ninja:-great costumes too :boogie:.
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nice! I hope I could squeeze in my own Scarab in time :D
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