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Mugen Alucard by Seliex Mugen Alucard by Seliex
The official art of my newest character that is Mugen.
I should probably put info about him here huh?

Name: Mugen Alucard (Yes. It's VERY original.)
Age: Appears to be around late 20's early 30's.
Race: Vampire
Realm: Demon realm, with occasional visits to the human realm.
Height: 6'10"
Loves: Being feared
Likes: Chasing things, playing with his food, making things suffer, and tormenting Kakumei.
Dislikes: Being bored, being scolded by Kakumei, having his meals escape, pain, things that overload his senses.

Mugen is a vampire. He's very playful and impatient. He was born in the 5th demon realm. However, he doesn't like it there very much. He often complains that it's too hot and all the other vampires are too uptight. He often leaves and resides in his mansion in the human realm near Josh's house. He is looked down upon among his race because of how young he is. He often makes bad decisions, even if he knows in his heart (or lack there of) that it will cause trouble. He has earned a reputation, however, for his ruthlessness.

Mugen's best trait is his speed. Compared to a human, his strength is unimaginable. But compared to any regular demon, he's only moderately powerful and can be easily taken down if his speed is overcome.

Like any other vampire, Mugen is deemed an attractive male and uses those looks to attract prey. However, Mugen very RARELY seduces his prey like other vampires. He lulls them into a sense of security on most nights, and strikes when he deems right. Depending on his hunger and the abundance of blood, he may keep his prey feeling secure for weeks before killing them as long as they keep him from becoming bored. Should his true motives be discovered, or if he is seen while in hunting mode, he will not hesitate to feed on them. So looking him in the eyes is a death wish. If you possess blood that is.

Mugen is commonly seen with his eyes closed. He never smiles with his teeth as doing so would reveal his multiple fangs and scare away any prey. When vampires look calm, serene and human like this, it is known as being dormant. Mugen, however, has a tendency to give off a creepy aura if he is impatient for food while dormant. He also speaks in a very soft voice and his words are a bit more elegant. Although his eyes are closed, he can still see fine. Though the world is blurred a bit and his senses are very dull. When hunting his eyes are open and revealed to be quite large. He also smiles completely and reveals his large mouth that extends almost completely across his face. When he's like this, his senses become heightened, helping him find prey easily. If seen in this stage by a human, he will go after them immediately.

However, because of his heightened senses, he becomes very vulnerable to overloading his senses. Things like bright light, during the day, will cause him immense amounts of pain. The sun's light will blind him, as his eyes are too large. So he must finish hunting by dawn.

The Jewel on his chest is his most prized possession. It is embedded with magical powers that allow his body to take on a different form to blend in. Without it, his claws are easily visible, and his voice isn't as calming. Nor is he able to make his eyes and mouth seem to be a normal size. In this picture, he has the jewel in his hand.

Though Vampires usually live in covens, they never get along and only cooperate when hunting. And interaction between demons of the different realms often results in death battles. Mugen refuses to be in a coven and often goes to torment Kakumei who was born in the 6th demon realm. She is the closest thing Mugen has to a friend, as they haven't killed each other yet and will tolerate each other, or even fight together if need be.

Mugen thinks of Kakumei as grumpy, and often tries to get her to lighten up. This has backfired many times resulting in Kakumei cutting off one of his limbs from time to time and although they would regenerate, it hurts like hell.
(LOL PUN. -shot-)
Regardless, Mugen finds enjoyment in her anger and will try to provoke her often. Lately, he has taken an interest in Bubbles, as her blood is different from humans. He is eager to taste it, but Kakumei threatens his life if she catches him in the act.

Fun Fact:
Mugen has no reproductive organs. As vampires are born from the souls of the damned.

WOW that was long.
I hope I didn't forget anything! I'm probably gonna do this for all my OC's.
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Yuki-V Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2010
Seliex Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Mugen expects nothing less.
But I am flattered. :D
Yuki-V Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2010
How does Mugen's bite effect his victims should they survive?
Seliex Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh shoot. I forgot to write that! Dx

Well, Vampires in Mugen's realm have a natural venom that replaces their saliva. If he bites a person anywhere other than their neck, that area will burn and sting like a mofo. It's not crippling pain. But it hurts bunches.

It's basically like a much more acidic version of our saliva. It tries to spread and take over the victim's body. But it's about as strong as sperm would be and can be taken out fairly easily. But not without doing a bit of damage. Hence, the lasting pain.

However, if he bites the neck, it's just close enough for the venom to have enough time to reformat the brain and cause rapid changes to happen. Resulting in another vampire.

Granted, they're no where near as powerful as their creator, but... let's just say they'd rival Josh's abilities. Josh can hold off a vampire for a while, but he can't kill one. Plus, the ex-human vampires don't have the same traits as Mugen's kind. Their nails become a bit sharper and stonger. but no claws.

They're more sensitive to the elements like the light, but they can bear it unhindered. Unlike Mugen, who must dull his senses in order to do so.
And they have smaller fangs.

But the chances of becoming a vampire like that are the same as getting pregnant. Depends on the human, their genes, blah blah blah.

Transformation is painful though. Cause your body is changing fast. Transformation can last from 3 days to 2 weeks. Depending on a person's will power.
Yuki-V Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2010
I'm just thinking with Taro's already impaired immune system, what would her likelihood be? I guess if we wanted to she could vamp it up, but I don't knowwwww. That's fancy though. :3
Seliex Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Well the distance between her brain and her hand isn't short enough for the venom to make it there in time. It's life span is very short unless it finds a host fast enough. At worst, it would spread to her torso and cause severe abdominal pain for a few days as well as extreme hunger. (since the venom's acidic qualities would burn what she eats faster than usual.) But no transformation.

But, if you ask nicely, when Kaku arrives, Mugen may turn her if she likes. Haha. There is an antidote to return human, but it's much slower than the turning into a vampire process. Though it doesn't hurt as much. And during that time, if you drink blood, it will make you sick... but that's really all you hunger for until the last stages of turning human again. So it kinda sucks.

Yuki-V Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2010
I'm cool with Taro not being all SPARKLESPARKLE. xD That's cool though. :)
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