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I can see my old friend in the dark coat, it will be such a foolish end. 
I'm suffocating and I'm barely breathing. 

I can't move, rusty blood filled my throat. Oh dear Death, how to understand,
Deal with the emptiness of human being?
I don't feel anything, humans. Who would knew? Now I'm the one of you.
My despite carried away all the pain.
You'll pass by, walk away, looking through,'cause I'm weak now too.
You don't see, I'm for you just a gore stain.
I was pecking life, dug my claws into souls. I was looking to hollow eyes,
carried the smell of decay on my torn tail.
I was watching, exploring with no control - superstition ghost from the skies,
laughing, hid myself into a fog veil.
I was curious what it's like not to fight. Now I'm the one of you.
My black feathers are matted with blood.
No deny with that moment I ended my flight. I'll arise, I'll cut hell's pit through!
Ugly creatures, keep crawling in mud!
Well... I wanted to do an art for this poem I wrote but  I never will: it's a bit hard for me, cause it's personal. It's an old poem of 2011
Yes, sometimes something is happening to me and I wrote poems... But mostly I'm destroing them in 1-2 months after I wrote it XD And never show these to anyone.
But this one was "approved" by the person I trust, and I'm not scared of showing it here
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BigZhiro Featured By Owner Mar 18, 2015


No one lives there anymore
Empty spaces hind the door
Broken glass lay on pane
Empty nest, nigh the same

Once this place, called it home
Now this place, memory

Tears like glass lay on pain
Emptiness, I the same

by BigZhiro 3/19/2015
Dedicated and written for the most beautiful "Crow" I have ever seen. You are complex, beautiful, and brilliant... take me with you!

Tatsu-Shiro Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2015
What I find most refreshing about art, like this piece in particular, is the humanizing effect it has on us. We see borders, boundaries between us as humans. Me from the USA, I see Russia, and someone from Russia sees the USA. We never see each other though. We never understand that we all dream the same dreams, think the same thoughts, and laugh the same laugh. The constant, bracing shock of now keeps us separate. But then we see art. We read it, hear it, touch it and we remember. We remember we are all human. 

I really like this piece. It made me feel. I know you aren't on here very often (I've been following your page for a few years now) but I hope you see this. This poem is fantastic, and I anxiously await for you to write another. 
selfOblivion Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2015
Btw, I'm really surprised people actually read poems here XD
Tatsu-Shiro Featured By Owner May 25, 2015
All I've ever read on DA is poetry. I stopped reading for a long time because the people I followed left, then I started using DA for cosplay. It seems it has lead me right back to poetry, though. Which I am thankful for. 
selfOblivion Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2015
Thank you for your words.
Yeah, I don't visit my page often ^^; sorry it took too long to read this.
I actually have more poems. I'm just not sure if I want to show them, 'cause I always doubt about them.
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February 15, 2015
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