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[PixelArt] [GIF] Silent Night - big version

I spoke about this drawing here :…
and now theeeere it is, the other version !!! Less contrasted BUT animated !

I had the occasion to test Photoshop and its animation option.
Took me almost one month to get a bit used to it and create something with it but totally worth it !
I've had so much fun (and frustration xD) on this realisation !!!!
I had to cheat a little : I added white color so it's not anymore a 4 colors creation, but no regrets :D

The test is unfortunately over, but I'll really have to look for an option to buy Photoshop (once and for all - not their location that I'll never be able to afford) or another software, 'cause I'd like to try more and more !
I've been adviced about "Krita". I think I'll test it too, hoping this is as intuitive and powerful as toshop was during my experience.
If you have other options, I'm interested, animate this was sure complicated and long but damn it was fun !

Anyway, I hope you will like it ! I wanted to do it so much !!

Happy Halloween everybody.
And hold on confined people !

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C'est.... BEAUCOUP TROP BEAU ?????????

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Merci beaucoup <3 :aww:

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HOLY HECC Sel this is super prettyyyyyy!!!!

This could be straight out of a video game, I love it so much?

Oof yeh, I don't like the monthly subscription of the adobe stuff either. I can list a few more options for you to look into if that helps :D

It ofc always HEAVILY depends on what you want to do.

For pixel art and animated pixel art like this, I can really recommend aseprite! It costs 20bucks once, and you can try it out first

It's however for pixel art specifically. You can always use krita for normal art, and aesprite for pixel art though~

You mentioned krita already, which is a good free software for you to try out! It has both nice drawing features and an animation feature.

I personally use Clip stuidio paint EX; You pay once for it only, and its very good for 2D-frame-by-frame animation, but its tweening tools are rather weak. I would recommend it if you also look for a comic tool, but for animation you might wanna look elsewhere.

The industry standard is toonboom, which can also be a monthly subscription or one time payment, but it's a big investment? I'd only do that if you are seriously thinking of doing animation professionally

And if you want to do puppet-animation, that's a whole different kind of software you are looking for. Hope that helped!

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:aww: Thank you *soo much* for your lovely reaction and answer !!! :dalove:

I've heard of aseprite before, I'll have a look on it too ^^

Clip Studio Paint, I tried, but I'm lost in the software, I just don't understand a thing... I'll probably make other tries later if I got enough time, but aseprite & krita looks like more interresting options so far.

At the moment, I'm only learning thing to see how much fun it is for me. I'm just being curious :D

Thanks a lot for your help ! Have a great day ! :dummy:

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You too!!! U really hope you have a nice weekend <3 And you can always DM me if you need help with anything, I can't promise I'll always know things, but I'll try!!!

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That's very kind, thank you very much :3 <3

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This is very nice. I love dragons and I love pixel art, so this is right up my alley :love:

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Thank you !! :aww: I'm really glad you like it !

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