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I miss some time to thank you all as you deserve, so I'll put it here : THANK YOU A LOT for everything : your favourites, llama badges, or watches. It is always a pleasure to discover that when I connect <3 !

I do drawing, photography, and I test everything I can (sewing, origami, etc). I love Arts !


I'm also on :

- S p r e a d s h i r t - S h o p :

- S o c i e t y 6 - S h o p :

- All my social links are here :


Beginner ? Some useful links :

1) DA Community Tips,

2) Connect & Share Guide on DA

3) Welcome Wagon

Nota :

- I do not watch anyone on demand.

- I do not fav on demand. I fav when I really like a lot something in your creation, and I really want "faving" to be a meaningful thing to me.

- I do not speak about me and my private life on demand. It's not against you.. I'm just a shy & private person. I'm here to share Art-related items. I do hope you understand.

- I have no idea what llamas are for, so I usually give them when I really appreciated a lot a deviant and/or its art (when somehow it speaks to me alot), and when I was given one (to return the favor).

- I try to limit the number of group I join - otherwise I'm never going to be active at all in them :/. And I may leave a group if I finally feel I don't fit in it or will never be active in it.

- ⚠ Do not use my art for commercial use. For personnal use, please at least do credit me.

- If you want to ask me a drawing request : I'm sorry. Until I change my mind, it's a No for everybody.

- If you want a commission, I might consider, but please be sure to appreciate what I do (have a look to my gallery) before to contact me. I'll do no porn, no fetish, no violence.

- Other DA question ? Ask me. I'll try to reply asap.

Favourite Movies
Rogue One, V for Vendetta, LoR, Interstellar, Equilibrium, BR, SW, HP, Disney&Pixar'S, Ghibli Movies, Serenity.. Series : Firefly, Scrubs, Friends, BBT, Kaa..
Favourite Books
Tolkien, Rowling, Hobb, Sapkowski, Pratchett, etc. + manga (spe. CLAMP & Fruits Basket)..
Favourite Games
Mass Effect Saga, Dragon Age Saga, Final Fantasy & KH Saga, Fallout Saga, Skyrim, Minecraft, Portal, DeusEx Saga, Dishonored Saga, A's C I & II, The Witcher Saga, Chrono Trigger, & so many others...
Favourite Gaming Platform

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Your style is so unique and pretty, I love how you do expressions and shading!

That's so sweet of you, thank you !!

Have a lovely day :aww:

Long time no talk! This is Roanalcorano feom DeviantArt. And I returned here in Instagram.

I announced that there is a new art website that will be released on October 30th in 12PM PST. This is just like the missed classic DeviantArt. Mark your calendar and alarm clock because those who made their account in the website will receive a free premium membership.

Hi Roanalcorano ! =)

I hope you're fine ^^

Thanks for thinking about me for this. I can't promise I'll sign up, but I appreciate the thought a lot. I'll have a look.

Have a nice evening/night :aww:

Thanks for faving! :)

Mon plaisir ^^

Hi do you take request