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Published: July 31, 2014
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edit: Tis the season for character updates. With the help of SpicySpaghettio I was able to choose a bit more realistic colors for Bloom.
edit2: Bloom is no longer part of the Domain

Name: Bloom
Age: Young Adult
Gender: Female
Height: Current height: 32" // 34'' adult
Weight: Current weight: 70s lbs underweight due to captivity // 95 lbs adult
Build: [Juvenile] Fur is thick and legs are lanky. Body is slim.
[Y. Adult] Broad chest and small hips. Thick coat and think mane-fur with slim legs, her body takes mostly after Stallion.
Scars: A torn, bite wound on her left shoulder from Rhaegan.

Territory: Aryn

Father: Stallion

Mother: Winema


Sylus [brother](missing), Sava [sister] (missing), Estella [sister], Polaris [sister], Sparrow [brother] :skull:, Caspian [brother]


Thea (aunt), Riley (great-nephew), Skins (2nd cousin)

Rank: Delta Vicar


[Adventurous] [Inquisitive] [Playful] [Stoic] [Mercurial]

[As A Pup] Bloom is quite the instigator and loves to coax her siblings into playing. She likes to play tag along to older sister, Sava's adventures, if she is not on one herself. If she senses a wolf is in a foul mood, she'll stick to their side and try to cheer them up. Her curiosity often gets her into trouble and she's quite clumsy which also gets her into trouble.

[As A Juvenile] Bloom has calmed down quite a bit, but not by much. She still likes to wander from the den and goes a bit far from the borders. How else is she supposed to meet new and fascinating wolves without leaving? This is all a secret though, unless one of her siblings finds out, then she begs them not to tell daddy and mommy. Her inquisitiveness guides her to new adventures along the way and learning new things, especially on how to hunt. She's also getting quite good at climbing trees.

As of late Bloom has become a bit isolated from new wolves. She still is a bit close with her siblings and the other pups in the pack, but they could tell something is off. No longer is she quite so happy-go-lucky, or overly rambunctious. Still, she can have her moments of playfulness, but they are quite rare for now.

[As A Young Adult] TBA

Pre-Group History: Her parents, Stallion and Winema met when Winema was accepted into Blutwald when Roman ruled. Stallion was Roman's trusted guard. While Winema a lowly healer—though her mother never thought herself lowly, she herself tended Roman's aches and pains as his age caught up with him. Stallion was the first wolf Winema allowed herself to get close to and she gained his friendship quickly. Friendship soon turned to love. At first, it was only one sided; since Stallion had been in love with another she-wolf. After proclaiming her love, Stallion found himself growing more attached to the healer. In the end, Stallion returned Winema's love and after the take over of Blutwald they've become inseparable, her mother now ruling by her father's side as Alpha Female and head Shaman. Their union blossomed and Winema was soon expecting their first litter. Before & after the loss of one of their pups Stallion is extremely protective over his Winema and their remaining litter.

Group History:

- Joined (+2)

OCTOBER: (3/6)
-RP: "The Dawning of a New Era" (+1)
-ART: MSE: Other Creatures (+2)

-RP: "Mothers Day Out" (+1)

- Aged to a Juvenile
- Gained Guard Task
-RP: "Playing With the Black Wolf" (+1) takes place in the Fall


JANUARY: (2/6)
RP: "Heirs" (+1)
-ART: "The Two Heirs" -collab with Wybird- (+1)

-RP: "What Did You Do?!" (+1)
-ART: "Famine In Blutwald"
-RP "Trapped!" (+1)
-RP: "Blutwald Intruder" (+1)

-aged to a Young Adult

-RP: "An Enemy's Heart" with Alexandro (+1)

-RP: "Its Not Blutwald I'm Worried About" with Alcatraz (+1)

-RP: Charaka's Interrogation (+1)

JULY: (1/6)
-ART: "Bloom Waits to Come Home" (+1)
-RP: "Horizon" (+1)

AUGUST: (5/6)
-RP: "The Great Escape" Part I (+1)
-ART:  Musical Choice "This is Halloween Aryn" (+1)
-RP: "No Escape" Part 2 (+1)
-RP: "Aryn's Secrets" (+1)
-RP: "Fall of the Hammer" Part I & "Drums of War" Part II (+1)

~Bloom joins Aryn~
-RP: "Outbreak" Part III & "Denouement" Part IV (+2)
-RP: "Slow Recovery" (+1)

- 14 bones (7th character slot)

Art of Bloom:
- "I'll Support You"

Total Bones: 11

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florafudouHobbyist Writer
Would Bloom be open for a rp with Alexandro?
He is sick worried for her after the war D':
SeleneTheWerewolf's avatar
Sure :3 send me a starter when you're ready :)
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L-YoungProfessional General Artist
She and Echo must be friends!!
SeleneTheWerewolf's avatar
I think they will be :dummy: She'll definitely still be jumpy and distrusting of some wolves for a while
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L-YoungProfessional General Artist
Well Echo will win her over. She will treat Bloom just like anyone else since she never really had a clue about what was going on with the war, lol. Echo will just see a new friend :D
SeleneTheWerewolf's avatar
D'aw :D I'll let you know when she's ready. I'm gonna try to redo her app next week after work.
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L-YoungProfessional General Artist
Sounds good :D
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KestrelRaptorHobbyist General Artist
PURPLE, well this is interesting!
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swittHobbyist Digital Artist
What's this? She's in purple?!
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>:3 When I get time it'll be explained XD
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swittHobbyist Digital Artist
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swittHobbyist Digital Artist
Now that she's official a member of Aryn, would you like to rp her with Lawson? It should be interesting since he was one of the ones to stop her when she and Crash tried to escape :3
SeleneTheWerewolf's avatar
Sure :3 When I get caught up with my projects we can definitely RP
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swittHobbyist Digital Artist
Great! I'll send you a note so we can discuss. :)
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swittHobbyist Digital Artist
Fine. I demand answers later xD
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Psst! Guess who wants another rp with Bloom! I promise this one won't end in a fight again.
SeleneTheWerewolf's avatar
XD YES PLEASE! Have anything planned?
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Well, I'm also working out other details with Crash. But I would like Charaka to at least say she doesn't hate Bloom.
SeleneTheWerewolf's avatar
that with me :3 whenever you feel like it send me a starter. I'll try to get to it tomorrow but it depends on how i feel after work. so either tomorrow or at the latest sunday
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Cool! And I also want Char to ask if Bloom even got the message she gave Gypsee.
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If you are up for RP we can do it now since the plot rp is moving
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