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:DOTW: Asku the Falcon - RETIRED
By SeleneTheWerewolf   |   Watch
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Published: June 2, 2015
© 2015 - 2019 SeleneTheWerewolf

So here is my first Other Creature character. His name is Asku and he's a Peregrine Falcon. Later in Winema's plot he'll be a more important character. For now, he sits and watches. RETIRED

Name: Askuwheteau : name meaning: He keeps watch
Nickname: Asku
Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Height: 20" || wingspan || 40"
Weight: 2 lbs
Build: Asku has the average build of a falcon, yet his body is a bit slimmer and his wings are a slightly shorter than average.

Territory: Home territory: Fellfang || Current: Aryn
Family: N/A
Rank: Self Proclaimed Guardian of Winema


[Faithful] [Determined] [Romantic] [Protective] [Proud] [Resourceful]

Faithful / Determined | Asku does not trust easily, but once you have earned his trust you are friends for life. He has a good sense of those who would try to trick him, those big eyes don't do unused. If you break his trust, prepared to have an angry bird on your tail and watch your eyes.

Romantic | A hopeless romantic, for such a fierce bird. He believes there is a partner for anybody out there who longs for it. Love is not something to mess with. He believes love should move mountains and crumble reality. He is not afraid to play match-maker if he is bored enough. He's also quite nosy when it comes to his friend's love life.

Protective | Extremely protective of the ones he cares for. If he feels his partners are threatened, he's fiercely protective and won't be afraid to take on even a bear to protect those he cares for. Though he'd take on just about anything to protect, he won't blindly rush to the rescue. He's calculating enough to try anything that could rescue his friends.

Proud | Being a male falcon, he takes great care of his feathers and likes showing off his beauty and strength. He knows very well, how powerful and fast he is, and is not afraid to flaunt it. His one downfall is that since he takes such pride in his feathers, he hates getting dirty.

Resourceful | Every falcon has wide, calculating eyes. He's smart enough to use anything he can get his talons on as a weapon, or to help him hunt. He enjoys even teaching others how to use different items around them to help. Of course, if you are his enemy, don't think he'll let you on his little secrets.

Pre-Group History:

Asku was hatched and raised in Blutwald Forest, so throughout the years he has seen many changes pass through the wolf territory. For some odd reason, he was always fascinated by wolf pack lives. It was what made him different from his other hatch-mates. Even his parents thought he was a bit odd, so they gave him his name: Askuwheteau—which means he keeps watch. Asku never even thought about taking a mate when he became the age, even when his other siblings took their mates and made their own nests among the forest of Blutwald. He remained ever watchful. When he became the age, he took flight and left his parents' critical watchful eyes.

When he reached the heart of Blutwald, it was when he had his very first encounter with a wolf face to face. He had just taken down a rabbit for his kill. Feasting upon it on the ground, he was quite oblivious to the hungry wolf that lied in waiting in the shadows. Not a moment when he lifted his head to search did a red she-wolf lunge out of the undergrowth. With a screech, he took to the skies, the rabbit still grasped in his talons.

The she-wolf lunged, grabbing the carcass out of his talons and began to gorge herself hungrily on the meat. He knew there had been a famine in Blutwald, but that was no excuse to steal another predator's food! So in anger, Asku fought back against the she-wolf, grabbing tufts of her red fur. Unprepared, she dove away from the attacks, then with him too busy yanking at her tail, she had grabbed a tree branch and swung it at him. It hit him square in the chest and he fell to the ground, the branch weighing heavily on his body.

The she wolf approached him, snarling angrily. His ember eyes met her moss green eyes and he could see his death reflected in her eyes. She raised her paw as if to strike him down, but it fell just short of him. She said nothing to him, only snarling in his face, then she pushed the branch away and returned to his kill. As she turned around, he noticed her one missing leg. And immediately he knew what wolf stood in front of him. The red Alpha Female, Winema..

Ever since their meeting, he's followed her. And it seems the female was tolerating his company. As it seems, she seemed very lonely in her pack.. He tries his best to get the female to speak more to him about Blutwald, but shes become quite tight lipped.. Maybe with a bit more coaxing..

Other: TBA

Group History:

JUNE: (2/4)
- Joined (+2)

- ART&SS : "Two Predators" (+2)

- RP : "Fall of the Hammer" Part I & "Drums of War" Part II (+1)

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Densetsu-Blood|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omg biiiiird -screams- It's nice to see othe species in the domain specially raptors <3 -loves birds-
Reply  ·  
SeleneTheWerewolf's avatar
Thanks ^^ It'll be interesting to start drawing him, cuz I'm not too good with birds
Reply  ·  
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Aww! Winema needs a ready friend available to her. Also did you get jealous of Aryn's resident fox?
Reply  ·  
SeleneTheWerewolf's avatar
Hahaha, no. Due to some future circumstances, Winema will need her buddy. >3
Reply  ·  
Tazihound's avatar
Awwww I love him! He's gorgeous! :D
Reply  ·  
SeleneTheWerewolf's avatar
thankies :) Glad I didn't do too bad with him.
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WynBird|Hobbyist General Artist
He's so awesome! :la: I love his personality and what a handsome bird. ;u;

Eeehee I also love how Winema and Athena both have little animal friends following them around and nosing into their business xDD
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