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  • Listening to: Lostprophets - Last Train Home
  • Reading: Twilight Series and fanfics
  • Watching: Soul Eater and Vampire Knight
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Hi! :3

Just as the title says, I'm just stopping by to say hello. Again, thank you for all the favs and watchs, I feel honored you really like my art! Love you all!

Well, I've got some news. I think I'll be updating again this weekend, I was thinking on trying to work on another Twilight pic. I know Edward's hair on my first pic was likely blond, and well... sorry about that, but I liked it that way, though I adjusted it a few days ago and made his hair reddish brown, bronze, whatever you want to call it. One of my sisters told me he looked better in comparison to the old one I submitted. What a mess.

I think the next couple will be Alice and Jasper. And then Emmett and Rosalie, and chibi Edward and Bella. I'm not quite sure about this last one, but I'll try. If I don't get so busy with homework or studying, then I will work on those, for sure. I have to color other pics too, most of them about Konoha Next Generation Project (one about my team and the other about my character). I haven't forgotten about that Dx!

Woah, I gotta go now, have to take a bath and start studying, I have a test tomorrow and I don't want to fail, though I know it's going to be hard... I'm not so fond of numbers, mind you. If I don't ever come back, then it means my teacher killed me during the test, you know, I could have my brain stabbed if the test happens to be awfully difficult. Just wish me luck T_T!
itayashi Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2008
bueno nena yu diria q trates de subir tu ninja para q ya la gente se la vaya conociendo X3
lonesomeblade Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2008
goooood luck on the test, dont get killed!! hoping for the weekend to see moar art!
Krymus Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2008
We need you my friend!! I am glad you stay here in DA and support us too XD :headbang: and hello dear ^^ :thumbsup: good luck yay!!
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Submitted on
July 2, 2008