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Hmm... ok. Should I say «Hello»?

I know it's been a while since I last logged in. I don't have any good excuse, though. I just wasted most of my free time playing RO, and I recently started to read fanfics again (due to my sudden anxiety, don't ask). I just happened to choose this day to update all my accounts from other webs like facebook, fanfiction dot net and this one. Heh, it's kinda pathetic, but I had to update my DA account's password too. Why? 'cause silly me forgot the old one, nonetheless. And well, here I am again.

I'm really sorry, I don't know why but everytime I wanted to draw, I couldn't because I was doing homework or any other thing related to that. And when I had free time, my muse happened to leave me and take a break. It was frustrating, really. But I can't help it, though.

I won't promise this, but I think I'll be submitting a new deviation soon (once I get my hands free from some important matters about my carreer). I'm just thinking about what I should draw. Maybe about Edward (my new obsession and love) and Bella, from Twilight. I've read the books and I'm waiting for the other ones to be released soon (Breaking Dawn and Midnight Sun). Perhaps that's why I'm feeling so anxious. I really love them!

Lastly, I have to thank you all for your favs, I'm feeling happy and honored, really. Love you all! ^^

So that's all, take care people :3
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I really appreciate all those favourites on Naruto and Minato. I've just reached 600 and they still keep coming ^^ Thank you so much, people!

Within two weeks I'll be stuck with final tests, so I won't be around anymore (of course, until I finish the period). I have to design a bank now (though I designed a church a few weeks ago, I'm pretty satisfied with the grade I got), so that probably will keep me busy for a while, not menctioning other stuff and works I have to do.

Anyway, me have to go. I hope you're fine, take care everyone :3
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Like the title says, I'm just passing by o.o I just came to submit a new deviation x3U I was a bit bored and well, this little thing came to my mind and there's the result, hoho
I need more vacations, I'm still feeling tired T____T!! And... oh, well, it doesn't matter anymore.

There we go, I just submitted a new deviation and changed my avatar o.oU I need an ID, and I'll be working on it later x3 hehe.

I don't feel like writting more now, I just want to read a few fanfics 'till 4 or 5 am and then go to sleep. Seriously, I need more vacations, haha xD

Well, take care guys =)
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I guess I have no excuse... but I'm back again, anyway.

I know I said I was going to draw something new, I haven't forgotten about it, though. I DID draw something, but I have to decide which drawing I'll color first...  

I'm really sorry, I spent most of the time playing RO and didn't even draw a thing for a while. In fact, I didn't feel like drawing... so I guess I lost practice, hehe.

But I have to tell, Transformers was really AWESOME! And the graphic effects totally fascinated me! Harry Potter was good too, but not as good as Transformers! <3

Hehe, I think I'll write here again when I submit a new drawing. So for now, I'm off.

Take care, people!
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It's already 11:21 p.m right now and I just don't want to sleep. I have classes tomorrow and I recently caught a cold, I'm sneezing madly. My eyes hurt a lot but I just can't close them. And also... I'm hungry xD Well, those weren't bad news, it happens at every moment, I guess.

Anyway, I've been very busy lately. I've just started exams period and well... you just can imagine the hell I'm living now...


Haha, just kidding. Yeah, I've been busy, but not that busy ^^ My inspiration took vacations and it hasn't come back since then. I'm still waiting for it... got me stuck with old drawings and I just want to draw something new. Maybe something about Eldarwen, Naruto, Matantei Loki Ragnarok or Ragnarok Online. Help me, please? :3

Starting this friday, I'll be free for a whole week. At least those are good news, right? Hopefully, I'll be submitting a new drawing next week x3 Dunno about the day, I think it doesn't really matter though.

Finally, I hope you guys are doing well because I'm trying xD lol. My grandma still seems to be awake now, I'm hearing noises coming from the kitchen (Yeah, NOISES, because she's yelling at me because I'm still here -.-U), so if I don't want to be cooked alive, I'm leaving by now n_n

*Turns the computer off*
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I'm soooo damn bored now! I've got something to tell you, I guess...



*still thinking*


*her brain explodes*

Ok, my brain is actually out of order now x____X Gomen!!
Waah!! I was searching for Anna pics (from Shaman King), and I found one of mine's! T_T Unfortunately, it was from my other account _ _U I used to name myself Angel-Hikaru-chan... Here's the link: angel-hikaru-chan.deviantart.c…

Well, I totally forgot the freaking numbers of my password and I really hate that -.-U That's why I had to make a new account and here I am...

Anyway, feel free to look at some drawings I made before and if there's something you like and want to use (like the dress Anna and Dark Selene here are wearing...), you can ask me here, but make sure to give me the credits xDDDD lol

I'm saying this because I read some comments of people asking my permission to use it, but due to my forgotten password... (oh well, my retarded mind...) I couldn't answer them n__ñU hehe, sorry!

Ok, I think that's all D:! Bye! ^^
Hi! ^^ I finally update this... hehe, I, well, didn't have anything better to do, so I thought I could write her a little <<UU

Hope all of you had a happy new year. I did, I think. I'm just getting sleepy, so if I start to write some stupid things, well, don't mind me please ^^U

I just recently started to draw a lot, yeah, I always do, but most of my drawings end up in the trash o.OU to be sincere, it's pretty hard for me to choose a good one.

Gosh, I'm trying to mix coloring styles x_xU did you notice? I don't really like the way the coloring is turning out, but I keep on trying, anyway. Sorry ;_;

I have no tablet, so I do everything I can u___uU Many friends ask me about how I manage to do a clean lineart or what kind of pencils, pens, tools or something I use to draw. Well, if you want to know, I just use what I find in my desk. Sheet, pencil, black pen and eraser. That's all, believe me or not, I don't use special tools or something.

Well, is that a response to your question, Matt? xD I hope so, but if you want, you can ask me via msn or something, you know. Anyway, I think I wrote a lot, since I'm just doing this because I have nothing better to do by now xP hehe.

It's enough, I think, so I'm leaving you now x3

Take care, guys! Bye! :)  
Ok, I finished the game yesterday xD So I'm back again =3!

I really liked Twilight Princess, but Ocarina of Time is still my favourite game! I don't want to tell you all about the game xD It is REALLY amazing. I recommend you to play it, that's all I can tell you for now ^_^ Sorry.
Ok, I'm just here to tell you that I'll be absent for some time... Why? That's easy to answer...

I GOT MY WII AND THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: TWILIGHT PRINCESS!! T___T OMG! IT'S INCREDIBLE!! AND LINK'S EXPRESSIONS ARE SOOOOOOO CUTE!!! *¬* Gosh... I'm really amazed by the game itself, so I'm spending almost the whole day playing it! ^_^ Hee hee.

So, now that you know, maybe I'll come back when I finish the game, lol...


I'm serious ¬¬

See you later, guys! :D
Waaaa, NAVIDAD!! Y QUIERO UN WII!!! ;_; seee, toy obsecionada con esa consola <_< y estoy q' me ahorco por el Zelda Twilight Princess T_____T ow, tb quiero el Smash Brawl!! ;o;

Ahm, de todos modos rezo pa' q' mi papá se apiade de mi y me lo compre xD lol

Subiré otros dibujos luego :D así q' nos vemos en las próximas tiras cómicas ^^


Waaahh, CHRISTMAS!! AND I WANT A WII!!! ;_; yeah, i'm obsessed with that <_< and i'm about to cut my veins for the TLOZ: Twilight Princess T_____T ow, I also want Smash Bros. Brawl!! ;o;

Hm, anyway, I pray for my father to buy it for me T___T ow ow ow....

I'll be submitting some drawings later :D so see you later, guys ^^

Adiós, bye! xD
I'm free!! I'm free!! T_T omgosh, thanks! ;_; I really wanted vacations, I was starting to feel sick <.<U you know, school sometimes makes you feel that way xD lol.

But now I'm here again o.óU Playing RO (more than anything) and drawing xD hehe.  

Enough, I want to sleep now >.< I'll be here later, guys =) Peace and take care.

Bye! ^_^
I'm back! o.o I submitted some of my drawings yesterday. Hope you like them :) As I said, I'm practicing anime coloring style, so most of my drawings will be colored that way.

I know I was lost for some time (in fact... a complete year o_OU), but it wasn't my fault! T_T (well... part of it xDU). I almost had a headache trying to remember the password of the other account u__úU My poor brain... T_T

*sigh* Well, it doesn't matter anyway -.- because I haven't improved my drawing style so much (I guess...). And... um... dunno what to say now o.OU hehe, I think it's enough ^^

So, wish I can submit some drawings later :)!

Ja ne!
Hi hi! n_n I'm back again with another account <_<U I forgot the password of the other one o_oU (Angel-Hikaru-chan). Sorry ^^U

I decided to come with new arts o.0 I'm practicing anime coloring style, so I'll be uploading some of them later ^^

Ja ne!