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The Tree of Wishes

In the deepest magical forest grows the tree of wishes, come make your wish if you find the way!
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Wow! Just enchanting and majestic artwork! :D

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Your welcome :)

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A true work of godess kynareth herself!! This is so prettyyyy!! (Sorry for the silly reference hahaha)

*It makes me mad that someone posted this on their gallery as if it was their own work....

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Beautiful colors

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What a lovely and serene place~! The lighting is really nice, and I love how the pink shades into purple for the shadowed areas. The little flowers on the lower left make a nice addition to balance the overall composition~!
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Hello! I really love this piece, would it be okay if we used it as a banner for a group of mine? Just for a theme picture? <3 Thanks!
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Beautiful colors😃
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Very good workHeart La  , can I make a half-remake in oils? do I have your permission?
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So pretty! I want to go to there.
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Yellow-Tulips by KmyGraphic     Hello by KmyGraphic
your beautiful Deviation is such a   Excellent by KmyGraphic Deviation of the group :iconeyecatchart:  and I have chosen it to deserve a special Feature here Jassys Faves Feature

Bravo ! by KmyGraphic   AND  Have-a-great-Day by KmyGraphic
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Now that's beautiful.
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I am a 3D currently focusing on environments and I saw this piece and I would love to make it into a 3D environment for one of my portfolio pieces. I would credit you for the concept art of course. 
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Sure, as long as it's not for money profit use.
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so beautifull! Teach me <3
nhwife's avatar  please share thank you
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This is lovely! Well done!
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well, it is pleasant to me.
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Oh wow, looks very similar to a traditional painting I did for a friend last year. Not the background etc, but the tree itself. Very nice <3 Love cherry blossom trees!
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Beautiful and Relaxing :)
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Imma chop it down :D
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