So...How do you actually Practice Art?
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grrfluudy|Hobbyist General Artist
Wow!! I love that idea of using the reference and then drawing it again from memory! I am definitely going to try that. And I often draw while watching TV. Guess I need to turn off the TV more often and concentrate on what I'm doing. Thank you!!
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Flytron|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you,, now i realized that i'm missing some important steps when practicing.
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BokehGirl12|Hobbyist Writer
You have saved my life! I was so confused on how to practice even though I've been doing art for years.
I'm so happy someone explained how to practice! Thank you so so much you have helped me so much!
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Aer1a|Hobbyist General Artist
Really nice tutorial, full of great advice. Especially interesting the idea of "active referencing". When studying, trying to memorize is  not quite as effective as trying to understand what you're reading. So it would make sense that just copying a image  mindlessly would not be as helpful as thinking about everything that lies behind the picture (how the light works, the shapes...etc.).
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Thank you so much!! I'm a beginner and I never learn how to draw before. How to practice and use reference is really a big problem for me, and This really helps a lots!
Two hours a day is really a good idea. 
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Thank you so much for this. I'm one of those people who had zero ideas on how to practice art for many years. This is very helpful and inspiring, so thank you.
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Merrysol66|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks, very useful! Clap 
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Yanialch|Professional Digital Artist
Thank you so much for your words! This is very helpful and inspiring as well! Huggle! 
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agmassassin|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sounds so simple and close to  the mind ... and it is ^^ i've heard most of these tips here and there but i often forget to apply them. There was one saying "The dummies try to remember while the smart people take notes." or something like that... lol
Thank you for writing this down for us ~ off to take some notes :P
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What an amazing tutorial! Thank you for creating it. Not only is it educational (I've never thought of the idea of drawing from reference and again from imagination! I only drew from reference and wondered how anyone draws from memory.), it's motivational. Thank you so much. <3
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A-Porto|Student Digital Artist
Thank you, that was nice. You are a great artist.
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Amethylia|Student Digital Artist
Thank you very much :) I use to compare myself alot and asking myself how artist can do such amazing art, but I keep learning and I getting better one step at time :)
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Very helpful! Thanks! :)
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This is very helpful, thank you! Drawing from references is one of the things I find hardest, because I just end up copying the picture and not improving. I'll try this. 
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MyMimicat|Student Digital Artist
Thank you very very much
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A-iker|Hobbyist General Artist
thank you so much
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Resennar|Professional Traditional Artist
This is really helpful to me, thank you for making this!
Maybe now I can stop comparing my art to others and actually make my art my own ^^
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Wow, lovely tutorial. I've always been very self-conscious when it comes to drawing and I'm always haunted by the possibility that I'll never draw like my favorite artists, but this has really given me some light on my future with art. Thank you so much! Love 
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What a amazing tutorial! I feel better about my art just for reading it! Thank you! 
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RuiRafael|Professional General Artist
Eheh... lovely tutorial. I particularly love the emphasis on really studying your object of reference, not just copying it.

Visual aid is awesome, and it's quite necessary for us to increase our visual library, no doubt. Some types of exercises even adhere to the random drawing of whatever pops into our heads, begining to give shape to some strange surrealist drawing, but, showing off our own limited visual library. We'll often think of objects and draw them the same and the same, from animals to even chairs (and not to mention clothes our characters wear!).

On the alchemy of drawing, there is also something else we so often throw aside. We have 5 senses, and conveying them into the drawing is as important as it is subtle. The warmth of the tree on the sun, the cold of it's shaded bark, it's rugged & hard surface, the smell of a small patch of resin, the bickering sounds of a hundred of bugs...
This is but one example.
I often prefer life-drawing for this very reason, there is so much that is ignored, and may very well enrich our drawings beyond any comparison. Life-drawing is more than just sitting outside, it's actually "being" there, feeling with all you can!

Your eyes are but one tool that may be used in art!
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Selenada|Professional Digital Artist
Beautifully put into the words! :D
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somisistaA|Student General Artist
omfg you are so amazing and i can't even ughfacepalm 
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Haven-DaSilva|Student Digital Artist
Some good info, but I'd have to strongly disagree about the reference section. Perhaps it is different for everyone, but when I've set out to learn human proportions or complex angles, doing trace sketches repeatedly for practice laid the foundations in my memory, and in turn I'd be able to just sit down and draw figures accurately from scratch, without even sketching much. Traditional referencing was always a much slower process.
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Air-KC|Student General Artist
this is a very nice tutorial, thank you f'or sharing this ideas with us its very helpfulOh, Olaf 
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