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Lips Steps

I hope it will be of some help :D

Painted in Paint Tool Sai with cintiq 22hd

Thanks for stopping by!
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Thank you for tutorial!
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Very nice, luscious lips. Thanks for sharing this reference :3
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thanks i need to start praticing my drawing
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Thanks for sharing, I definitely find this helpful. :)
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The color notes that attend each example make all the difference!  Yes!  Very helpful.  Thank you :)
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Those are some shiny lips!:wow:
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beautiful thank you 
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nice, simple, and helpful! Thank you! :3

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Nice! I really like the simplicity in the process:)
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Oh my God, maybe I will start drawing?? It looks easier than I thought but I am sure it won't be easy :D
These lips are so good, I wish they were mine! lol
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Nice ! :D
I'd love to see one in perspective for this ! Because i don't know why but i never manage to get those right u.u
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hey hey just wondering what type of brush you use? anything I draw on sai always looks too smooth so my pieces never have texture >< thank you
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Hey, this is a flat brush, it is a custom one, I downloaded it long time over internet so I can not remember where one can download it from. I will see if I can upload mine in the future.
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That's awesome thank you so much! I love all your work and it's the style that I'd love to move into in the future and yeah, as I said I need texture in my works
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I had a look around net again and this brushes are pretty much same as which I use…
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Wow thanks for going through the trouble! I'll definitely try them out
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