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Happy Birthday Jenny!! *Magic Forest*

Dear Jenny! Happy Birthday to you :heart: :party: :tighthug: May your life be filled with all the wonderful magical things that bring you happiness in any given moment!

This picture is a present to my wonderful friend Jenny :iconjenniferhealy:
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… So many fantastic colors, although not absurd. I like it!

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Let's sit down and meditate here.... Oh, I fell asleep. :) Some reason I don't want to leave
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Can i use in my youtube channel banner? I really love this.

I am give credit in my about.
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Think I'll hang a tarp off of those rocks and set up camp there.
lovely  :)
-ancient a.
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What a wonderful present. This has an amazing fairy tale feel so I just had to feature you in my journal.
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Such a beautiful picture, the colours and the style are fantastic...;) (Wink) 
Great work, well done...:) (Smile) 
LOVELY painting
Good blessings .]
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Amazing color use and scene I'm sure she really liked it
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I love how you used all the primary colors very vibrant(ly?) and it doesn't overpower the piece; just gives it a nice mystic glow.
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Kinkade may be the "Painter of Light", but you are the "Painter of Fey Light". This piece, for me, is what a fey crossover/crossing looks like, located deep within a large King's forest. A glowing toadstool ring that when stepped into takes you to the Feywild, land of fairies, sprites and all things winged.
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Me encanta el paisaje, precioso. Enhorabuena!!!
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Beautiful, wonderful colors! :)
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I wish I could visit!
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wow :O this is just beautiful!
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This picture is so brilliant! It is BEAUTIFUL!!! I love it!!! 
I'm working on some characters that are hybrids of two woodland animals and I used this image as a background!

Here's the link:…
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Beautiful scenery.
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You have blessed hands
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