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Follow the Light

Light, Peace, Love! May all have a lovely holiday time and a great upcoming New Year :heart:

Thank you all so much for your great support :hug:
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A very sweet and angelic face. Love the glow effect.

Majestic beauty wow

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Stunning art. 
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I can't follow the light if I'm blinded by it! So amazing.
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Where is that GIF from again?
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You are one of the best portrait artist I know, and I know a lot of artist.

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Is an angel ✨😻
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Похожа на Хоуп Майклсон
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Very radiant, I love it! :heart:
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I have a friend who looks exactly like the beautiful figure here, and seeing that my friend means so much to me, this radiating work further deepened my love and appreciation for her :heart::heart::heart: It's a beautiful coincidence considering my friend is like the light to me, and with the light glowing from behind this figure accompanied by the title "Follow the Light", it feels like everything here is Heavenly and filled with the love that fulfills my life. I can honestly look at this anytime and all day -- and I wish I could fave this more than once :blush: :heart: So stunning...with the nature behind her, everything about this art speaks so much warmth and purity :heart: Seeing this feels like I could watch my friend's face continuously into her eyes, which makes for a memorable and tender experience :aww: :heart: I think this might be one of my favorite artworks of all times :w00t: :heart:
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Absolutely gorgeous! Happy New Year!!
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Great work! I like the bright backlight and how it makes her face and hair pop out (and how it reflects on her face), and once again, you have such a great skill in painting skin tone. I also think that her gentle expression adds a lot to this portrait, and I especially love how you painted her eyes! Happy new year to you! Meow :3 pink heart {big}  
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Oh wow, this is gorgeous! Nice work
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Happy New Year! Very beautiful work
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Incredible work! 

Happy New Year to you too!!
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Its beautiful work!

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Seems to be a wonderful artwork of Faith Seed ;-).

Keep up the good work!
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