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First Snow

Today we had first snow in Switzerland! It was so beautiful, so I wanted to paint something with snow :D trying out new tablet at the same time <3

Thanks for stopping by! Winter is on the way, yay.

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This is so pretty! I think I saw a few of your pictures floating around the web. You are amazing!
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I love this! So beautiful. 
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I'm a roleplayer and I've discovered your piece, it's so beautiful! Would you mind if I used it for character referance? I'd give you full credit and links♥
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The detail is stunning!
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Your model is clearly a real beauty, and you have done her full justice here.
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Impressive! I love it. :-)
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Hello, I'm a art student, since I'm still a starter my teacher asked me to paint a copy of another drawing, and I picked yours.
I'm not gonna sell it and I don't recieve money for this, I'm jusy learning.
I wanted to ask if you give me permission to submit this paiting to my DA of course I will give you credit, thanks for reading
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Love the snow particles! so pretty:D (Big Grin) 
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Absolutely beautiful! The strands of hair, the flakes, the subtle details on her skin are all so vivid and lifelike. :)
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May I use this painting for my book? I will give you the credits. Will be waiting for your answer!
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If you wish to have this painting for your book you will need to licence it from me. If you are interested let me know and I will send you the price details.
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Beautiful and natural to look upon! <3
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 This is SO adorable! Wink/Razz 
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realy greath job!
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captivating. (just want to comment something. can't say anything newer than great.)
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Such a beautiful picture, it looks wonderful, well done...Clap 
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Beautiful lighting and texture this one.
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it seems like realistic Clap Clap Clap Clap ,,,whats your tablet kind 
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Beautiful~ Reminds me of smth cosmic.
And love her hair, they seem so soft and luxuriant)
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