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I might expand on this picture in the future.

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Is this based off of Pleiadians?

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She definitely has a very Tolkienesque Elf vibe when I first saw this. Beautiful!
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Very nice work.
I saw it long time ago and I like from the first sight.
Have a good day.
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Breathtaking. I have to say.  Your characters remind me some of my OC. 
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Absolutely amazing! I LOVE it!
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when I look at this masterpiece I think of Fleur Delacour from the best-seller "Harry Potter"
This is exactly like I imagine her when I read the book
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Amazing. Did you expand it?
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The most beautiful woman I've ever seen in my life! Could you draw a male for her? Exactly like she, with blue eyes and blond hair and so kind and imperious sight. I swear she's a goddess...
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blond hair blue eyes= nazi's lovvvvee youu
Your work is so amazing :) Thank you for sharing!
This has to be Princess Radia Noora of Tyrnael, the protagonist of my upcoming fantasy novel, "The Princess of Aenya." She exudes all of the qualities that Radia has, being equally beautiful, innocent and powerful. Her name, "Radia," literally means "radiant," someone emitting light, and this is what seems to be happening in the picture. Radia also has blonde hair. I would only change her eye color (one eye, actually) since Radia has a mismatched set of eyes, representing the two moons of Aenya: one is turquoise, the other violet. Also, for whatever reason, you've named this pic "Awakening," and she seems to be dressed in what I can only describe as angelic/Jesus like clothing. This perfectly matches my story, because Radia is killed in the book, and later comes back to life, "awakening" to her true identity as a nature deity.

Of course, none of this means anything if I do not have your permission to use this work. I am prepared to pay $200 to name and use this character, and would only go so far as to change the tint of one eye. Please accept this offer.

Nick Alimonos
I will pay good money to buy the right to use this for my book cover. What say you?
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she reminds me of Susie Salmon from "The Lovely Bones"
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This is gorgeous *.* 
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She's Galadriel?
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Very nice! Has a true 'Galadriel' feeling to it! Would love to see you expand on this!
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Very nice1 Looks very 'Galadriel' like!
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This is so beautiful!  Might I ask if you looked at any references to draw her face?  You seem to draw faces so nice from every angle, and I'm wondering if you have any reference photos in particular you look at, or if the face is completely from memory?  It's lovely!
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Can I use your art as a reference? :3
I'll give credit :D
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