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Tainted Blood - 18
The first thing that registered in Ganondorf's consciousness was the cold stone floor. Its hardness grounded him and helped his head to stop spinning. He opened his eyes to see the small boy's hand curled down upon the floor in front of him. Dimly he registered that he was still in his spirit's form, but now back in the mortal world.
Injured as he was, he knew that sheer force of will could keep his spirit alive. Painfully he raised his head from the floor, and looked around. A still form upon the ground caught his eye and his focus shifted to see the battered, broken body in front of him.
He leaped to his feet, life returning to his soul. Running to the side of the woman in Shekiah garments, he pressed his hand to the side of her neck. There was life there still, though he could see what remained quickly leaving her though crimson threads.
The birthing room. There was a sacred spring there, for cleaning the newborns when they first entered the world. Not to mention plenty of supplies
:iconseldavia:Seldavia 1 5
Strange Bedfellows - 8
"Your Highness, I think it would be best if I stood guard by your room tonight," Sir Malcom said as he escorted Zelda up to the sleeping quarters.
"I won't argue," Zelda said wearily. "I am exhausted, and I am unable to think much further ahead."
"I suppose we can't say for sure that Prince Salin is behind the assassination attempt," Sir Malcom said, more to himself than to her. "A master of dark magic would not want to keep to one country anyway, for fear of being driven out. I must say, though, I think that this probably allows us to cross the Gerudo King off the list of suspects…"
"I told you it could not be him. Anything he would do, he would do himself. Besides, he was with me the entire time."
Sir Malcom opened the door for her. "Permission to enter, Your Highness? I think it would be best if I stay as close as possible."
"Permission granted, Captain." They walked through her greeting room, her personal study, and finally to the double doors that led to the bedchamber. After
:iconseldavia:Seldavia 6 6
Master, the Rebel Muse
She has been gone for a long time. I say "she", though I have never seen her. Her presence seems female, and that's all that I can tell. I have sometimes wondered what form she takes, after being introduced to others' muses. Many of them reveal themselves in great detail, with color, shape, and personality all clearly defined. All I can tell from mine is that I cannot bend her will to suit my own.
When I was buried in adolescent angst, she controlled me. Covered me like a blanket, shielding me from the outside world, and I let my mind run wild. A domineering muse, she demanded a sacrifice in return for her services. I first offered up simple friendships, the ones that I had no use for anyway, the ones that require a person to swear some sort of allegiance to the queen bee. If I were to be a slave, then I would serve as one on my own terms.
But paltry, vapid alliances are as thin as they are fleeting, and simple sacrifices leave empty bellies. My muse hungered again, and I stepped up th
:iconseldavia:Seldavia 1 4
Tainted Blood - 17
She could not remember it ever being so quiet.
No sound but the pounding of hooves and her horse's own breath. No breeze whispered through the tall grass, no cry of owls. And certainly nothing close to background roar of roaming monsters, the ground trembling with an undercurrent of malice, as she spent seven long years in exile.
Along with Impa, she rode these fields, fought on them, nursed wounds from tooth or claw from some fell creature as she attempted to sleep on the cold hard ground. She slept uneasily, next to a creature in deep hibernation, fearful that one wrong move would awaken it and send its slithering tendrils straight into her heart.
She had almost grown used to it. Almost.
Hyrule was at peace, for now. It had been this way once before, after the Fierce War had finally ended. But it had not taken long for her sleep, since birth awakened by the cries of the guards, to be disturbed by nightmares of the man from the desert.
And where was he now?
Zelda raced past the Gerudo
:iconseldavia:Seldavia 3 11
Tainted Blood - 16
"Lady Zelda!"
Zelda shut her eyes and sighed, willing herself not to pretend she hadn't heard the voice call her name. She turned, forced a smile. "Hello, Andrew."
"Milady. Have you forgotten? Lunch is ready in the courtyard."
"Ah, forgive me. My mind has wandered much as of late, given recent events."
"Yes, I must admit I never thought the Gerudo King would be of use to us," said Andrew with a wide grin as he offered the crook of his arm to Zelda. She took it mechanically, surrendering once again to the fact that she had been caught. As always. "But a malevolent spirit in one of Hyrule's Temples! That's not something just anyone can handle."
It took awhile for Zelda to find an appropriate response. The official story was that Ganondorf would return after taking care of what, for the Dark Lord or King of Evil, should have been a simple task. Zelda knew that if she voiced any doubt, the Hylian nobles would be jockeying for position even more than they were now. At least the rest of the
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Tainted Blood - 15
Zelda awoke with a start, staring around in confusion as her eyes saw light in the middle of the night. She turned to the source, a fire in the hearth, and saw Antiada's familiar figure beside it. "Ah, Lady Zelda, are you all right?"
Settling back into bed, Zelda replied, "Yes, I'm fine. Just a…nightmare…" She spoke the last word with uncertainty, having no memory of what started her out of sleep. It was more of a night terror, some nameless fear that brushed her consciousness and demanded her attention.
She turned to the side, surprised to find Iso and Mara sleeping on a pallet nearby. Antiada's children had never spent much time in her room, and had certainly never slept there. Not that Zelda minded. "Did they have nightmares too?" she asked, knowing that there was probably little chance a Gerudo mother would bundle up her children and shelter them over something so trivial.
"No, no…" Antiada dipped a long, thin roll of cloth into the hot water over the fire, and Zelda
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Sibling Rivalry
An age upon an age ago, before Nayru started time, the Golden Goddesses entrusted the land to their two younger siblings, a twin brother and sister. Both wanted to rule a world of their own, but their older siblings insisted that they must learn how to care for one first. And so each of the Three left one small piece of their power, to breathe life into the land and keep it alive. Since these pieces each contained the Goddesses' force of will, anyone who laid hands upon it could shape the world however they desired. But the Goddesses told their siblings that there could be no easy way of running a world, and so the Triforce was to be merely guarded by them, never used.
The girl twin's name was Hylia, but her brother's original name was lost to antiquity. From the very start the two of them quarreled; who would make the sun rise, who would change the seasons, who would scatter the seeds of life and who would extinguish their flames. Each one grasped half the world, and each one began co
:iconseldavia:Seldavia 2 2
Tainted Blood - 14
"I accept the Council's challenge."
The preparations took no time at all. The women dispersed quickly and came back with food, his horse's tack, but not his armor or his sword. Zelda followed as he walked to the stables, paying no attention to her even though she was the only one that shadowed his steps. The rest of the Gerudo gathered in the throne room and milled about as before, but with darkened faces and somber expressions. Small children stayed close to their mothers and older siblings; the Council sat together quietly, awaiting the verdict.
He paid no attention to Zelda as he prepped his horse – not the demon creature of her nightmares, but a real flesh-and-blood war horse, with a coat as black and shiny as obsidian. But once he mounted he turned to her, as if he'd known she was there the entire time. "Lady Zelda, I would have a word with you."
She stepped out of the shadows. "And what would that be?"
He frowned down at her. "Did Antiada explain things to you?"
"She transla
:iconseldavia:Seldavia 4 5
Tainted Blood - 13
"Good heavens," Zelda exclaimed upon seeing the scuffed-up, dirt-stained young man tied up tightly with bramble and vines. The bramble dug into his skin, leaving long bloody scratches, but he seemed less concerned about that than the Gerudo who had dragged him into the castle. Taking note of the bindings, Zelda bent down and asked the young man, "Were you poaching in the forest?"
He gave her a pleading look. "Begging your pardon, Lady Zelda, but the old woman who makes potions in Kakariko offered me some rupees if I got her a special kind of mushroom. I haven't done anything…" here he glanced up in disgust. "Anything the Gerudo wouldn't do."
The woman kicked him. "Enough!" Zelda snapped at her, then turned to the young man, frowning. "The old woman offered to pay you because her last hunter was turned into a Stalfos, with permission from my father." The young man's eyes widened, and he began to tremble. "The new King has ordered that poachers merely be brought here for a lesser pu
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WW: A Future for Hyrule
Wind Waker Alternate Ending: A Future for Hyrule
((This story is actually a snippet of something I've been working on... hope you enjoy it ^_^ There is some Zelgan and Zelink in here...))
The time drew nearer for the boy to arrive. He only had one piece of the Triforce left to find. Ganondorf was fairly sure he would have victory over the boy this time. It was only logical he did so, unless some divine intervention occured. After all, his enemy was only a child. He felt a pang of regret as he talked to Zelda. When he had planned this final confrontation, he had been fully aware he might have to kill the children. But he had not expected to become so attatched to the Princess. They hadn't been as friendly the last time around, he thought grimly.
He subtly questioned her about her life as it had been, what she knew of the boy. Zelda had prattled on about how reckless Link was, unintentionally showing her fear for his safety. She explained about her dead mother and bumbling crew, what she
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Creativity at Nintendo must have run dry.

Paper Mario + Link to the Past = New 3DS Zelda game.

Also, if it's a direct sequel to ALttP as I've Ganondorf.
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