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      *Note: Before you start reading, note that this is not a serious piece of fictional work. It is merely a description of a "perfect" dream I designed and wish to have, because of my lucid-dreaming ability. I consider myself quite well, and I have proved to be able to fulfill multiple scenes in my dreams. But of course, this is a challenge; longer than most--ANY--of my previous dreams. I hope to have it because it is awesome and a great accomplishment if all is done well.
         It is complete darkness. There is a timer and a robotic voice in the background gradually growing louder and louder. The display says 300 SECONDS in all red. Then the robotic voice counts down as the clock displays 299. I am instantly aware of my limited time and begin my mission. In a good old underwater bazaar, I'm walking down the streets, with medieval Scottish music playing. There is even a piano there, immovable but free for anyone to play. 270 on the timer I saw; I still had a lot of time, so I decide to play a nice melody that synchronizes and echoes the medieval music well, even though it is more of the science-fiction remix Skrillex style. After I play, the audience applauds, I crack my knuckles, and move on to my official business. 240 seconds left. I had better do things quickly. I am looking for something as a birthday present for my friend Jamie. I wonder what to buy, but nothing seems good. People are selling scraps of metal, paint, and hot dogs among with other foods. Another man is even selling natural rocks, which astonishes me and disappoints me at the same time due to the products' simplicity. 235,          234,            233.        It was almost as if the timer was trying to beat me. With great tension, I search more carefully. Then, I see a man also selling fireworks. Finally, something decent, I think, then go to him and try to haggle for him. Time was running low, so I quickly managed to get a low price. 215. Close call...

       I teleport to a different place where I will execute my mission. Wearing a casual-business style outfit, my heels click against the fancy marble floor as I walk forward to an elevator. It is mysterious and a bit dark but I am only filled with the emotion of curiosity along with interest. A mysterious narrator whispers incoherently, before finally stating: "I will show you... Selcarim." I walk into the elevator and enter a palace of wonders. The art is amazing, along with ultra-realistic scuptures. The air is fresh and the mood is breezy along with being quite relaxing. 196 seconds left. I walk onto a gateway where I see Jamie there, sitting on what looked like a fancy boat polished with yellow and orange flames painted on the metal, and she invited me to join her.

         I sit beside her. The narrative once again whispers something incoherent before stating once again: "I loved taking those rides on the Retsoac." The song "Burn" begins to play in the background. And with a whoosh, the boat rushed forward. 170, 169,168. Food rained from the sky and we took the hot dogs, hamburgers, and mexican tacos, eating them up, the hot salty taste sizzling in my mouth. The flames became real, but both of us only felt a reassuring unharming heat, warm and friendly, almost as if it was sentient. 140 seconds left. The time was reaching short.

          The boat seemed to go off the track--was there any more? The narrator continues his explanation, this time with less whispering: "..And the boat floated up, thanks to its Cigam and our Feileb in it." Lights appeared below, great lanterns floating up to us,the grand sky opening. 110, 109, 108... As the song still playing in the back transitions to its chorus-- "And we gonna let it burn, burn, burn..." -- Blue diamonds dazzle all around us in the sky, flashing from left to right, feeling as if they are passing through us, with blazing fireworks all around the blue diamonds. The diamonds seem to be a sentient being, partying among the fireworks and us! The time even slows down a little bit, stopping at 90....

         After a while we finally landed. I explain that I felt great after working so hard to prepare for everything. It seems that I have--  80 seconds    -- to spare. But suddenly, a relevation reveals-- "Yes, he is--I am--the Rotarran." A blip indicates I was speaking in code all along. Rotarran rewinds to Narrator. Flashing back to the boat, Feileb was belief, and cigam was magic. Even before that, Retsoac was coaster. Flashing even before that, within the market, I had actually bought from every single person there and used all the products. Despite their looks of simplicity, I had managed to make the result very fancy. 50 seconds. I had to wrap up quickly.

        "You don't always have infinite time," 40 seconds, "You have to manage your resources carefully." With flashbacks, we see the original producers of the product had very ingenious ideas to obtain the things necessary to build their products.  "Even furthermore, it's not about what you have. It's about how you use them. Selcarim does not exist without persistence or hard work," I explain in my narrative voice with 30 seconds left, as we see the workers doing their best to craft the iron, talking with teamwork and efficiency,  "It is even harder to conserve the time you have, and that is why we must continue to do our best every single day. Even little moments that are not considered Selcarim must be treasured." With family members in front of an old man, and others grieving over their dead relatives, this quote is accentated....20 seconds, "... Because, in reality, Selcarim is..." And as I kiss Jamie with a meteor shower flying over us--  10 seconds....the title in fancy font appears.

         SELCARIM -- The timer quickly counts down the final seconds, as the landscape shifts around us, flowers growing, anticipating reaching a higher level.

         Then it is reversed, with the result being...



0:00 SECONDS. Perfect timing.

The kiss lingers on my lips as I wake up.

        THE END
if you didn't read the intro-- this is merely a description of a perfect "dream" I hope to achieve to surpass even my favorite dream. 
Why this could have potentially succeeded:
-Romance, tension, music, all in one dream
-A nice "plot twist" or revelation at the very end of the dream
-Lesson/moral that connects to real life

Why this might not have worked:
-Timer could get messed up
-five minutes is probably not actually enough to beat my favorite dream
-I would have to had known about the plot twist in the first place to execute it
-The visual effects described are incredible but may be overwhelming and difficult to see in a dream
-I was definitely not close enough to Jamie for this dream to have the definitive impact for it to beat Oz&SHIOM

Elements from other five-star dreams incorporated in this writing:
  • Companionship Focus. In no 5-star dream have I been completely alone (In contrast, some one star nightmares give off the mood of being lonely).This is further supported by the fact that in one-star dreams, I am either alone, or those that surround me always give off a negative impression. In fact, companionship is so important that I actually seem to need more than one person most of the time, because more than about 80% of five-star dreams focus or feature on more than two characters.
  • Fantasy element. While I have had a lot of realistic dreams overall, 44 of my 5-star dreams are impossible and wacky, while only 14 are somewhat plausible.
  • Conflict. Only 14 5-star dreams have no conflict of any type that needs to be resolved. This makes sense: problems must be overcome to feel achievement.  In fact, even these 14 exceptions have some type of advancement of relation involved or a fun activity within them.
  • Light/dark balance. While there are some five star dreams with scenes in the dark, none of them are entirely located in such a situation. They always have a bright setting to contrast against this to represent hope and joy. In contrast to this, the vast majority of one-star dreams are in a gloomy or dark location.
  • Novelty element. There are lots of five-star dreams where new things are introduced. For example, My heroine (the first five-star) had the first suggesting romantic interaction, as well as finally saving me from the flood in my nightmares long ago; Out-witting the robbers had some character lying for the first time; SLEIGHT OF CARDS was highly unpredictable; SOAR was one of the only times flying had succeeded; Action! Romance! had a unique combination of two genres; and most notably OZ&SHIOMhas three goals accomplished in one dream, a very rare accomplishment.
  • Vague locationAdmittedly, most dreams are not very clear, but even with lucidity assisting in this dream, views seem to be secondary--the interaction and feelings are key to having a five-star dream-- despite photo realism being possible at times (albeit never in a 5-star dream). The times the view is clear, it is most often extremely fantastical.  (OZ&SHIOM one of the major exceptions to this theme, with most of the part after being lucid being quite clear in contrast to usual 5-star dreams)
  • "Softened ending"Only one 5-star dream has ended on a cliffhanger in a conflict, and others have rather wrapped up decently nicely with a touch of emotion (kisses are the most obvious one, but music is key too). Usually, this touch is not the focus of the dream (in other words, it is not the best part). The only exceptions where the ending ended in an emotional climax rather than a touch-up were SOAR; ACTION! ROMANCE!; Space Adventure and SERENDIPITY.
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