A Medieval Tale

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Prithee come hither,
find shelter in my olde pub,
sit for a story.

Legends far and wide
none tell the whole truth like mine
Hearken! My good friends.

A long time ago
in a tall tower of night
an evil wizard

he trapped a hero
with no help; all hope of light
reduced to zero.

With a smile quite wry
he did sent his short message
"Send gold--else...he dies"

Along with a taunt:
hero’s face looking quite gaunt
In an illusion.

The town saw it all
everyone shuddered in fear
except one young girl.

Fire bright in her eyes,
knowing she won't compromise,
She spoke with resound.

"When his bastard men
came to town, stole me away
wanting my nails, hair,

make a strange potion
for a haggard old lady
--a deal quite shady:

'gold for agelessness,
cut her tooth--' near success,
he had saved me then.

If you will not help,
I will repay the favor
with no one braver."

Her own mother, touched,
gave her a sleek steel hairpin
from great great grandma.

Along with a sword
Yet little contact in fight,
she rode her horse on

'cross the closest cavern
clashing 'gainst the colossus
"Carnage Crackerjack".

You must understand,
Ten feet tall, dwarfing all man
eyes filled with power

no other person
could have made her feel worsened
nay, this was quite hard

But the road was short
This quest she could not abort
So she held her fort

Cool gusts pushed them back!
Gritting her teeth in the cold,
Yet rushing quite bold,

slashes could not hurt
With best strength she could exert
one last shout! She fell

Through punch after blow,
bold black blood spilled on the ground
As she laid on snow.

--Then, a winter storm!
Even the monster did stop,
For the wind was strong.

She limps to the cave,
Our loyal horse followed through,
Glad she was not dead.

"ah~~" When she looked out,
the peaceful sun greeted her,
Survived without doubt.

To another town,
She sought rest, food and water,
Then she was ready.

Many days later
she finally reached there,
standing in front of

The Tower of Doom.
"Where is the money, young gal?"
"Let him go right now."

With no gold in sight,
a wicked smile did get blight,
and prepared to fight.

The wizard exclaims--
"You cannot defeat me!" as
our hero worries.

With a wave of hands--
along a ROAR! the room was
filled with massive flames.

He cackles and laughs
as our heroine steps forth
swinging her sharp sword--

The wizard smirked, turned,
Ran ahead, locked doors, said:
“You shall live no more!”

Desperate bashing,
Weakening with smoke rising
Her breath shortening

Head spinning round then--
She suddenly remembers,
And sweeps her hair down

The heirloom in hand,
Fingers fumbling to unlock
--and click! It went through.

Coughing and stumbling,
She surprised her vile captor,
But only for now.

the wizard summons
forth spiders, goblins, and trolls
against brave attacks.

Through parry and block,
the battle was in deadlock
until she spotted--

The Hero's own sword.
With a grab and a quick throw,
the wizard went down,

with crazy mumbles.
"HA HA, they will avenge me...
You had better flee..."

Ignoring the threat,
the girl untied the hero,
who kissed her as thanks

even as she blushed.
The town admitted its fault
and praised the brave gal.

The hero gave her
his hand in marriage and they
then lived happily.

--But, not "forever";
the wizard's threat was not null.
Lurking in the dark,

waiting for revenge,
Wearing a dark robe, she sought
For eternal youth

--Yes, it is the truth,
that was the wizard's lover
she who wanted that tooth.
A haiku complication of an ancient story. Hope you liked it.
This happens to be my most commented deviant. XD
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matarioshka's avatar
Very impressive and very beautiful, you are trully a master of word. I think It should be a book with drawings, I was imagining everything while reading, everything is so cool! :heart:
Sel-Diora's avatar
ColdAmuChan's avatar
This was a really cool read! I really liked the ending :D
Itraka's avatar
I love that ending ovo
Sel-Diora's avatar
yeah, I couldn't make them "live happily ever after", since then that wouldn't be a haiku, so I created a cliff-hanger. Nice, eh?
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how old are youuu
Sel-Diora's avatar
17. What about you.
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